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War reflection

The war hurt many people. The war produced many problems and consequences that would last forever for people that participated in the war and had to see what they saw. People that were in the war had to see many horrific sights that we couldn’t even imagine, this would leave to many soldiers with emotional disorders and impact their states of mind permanently. soldiers would come home from the war and their families would say that they were never the same person.  For example in all quiet on the western front when paul comes home he says “that he wishes he never came back to this place on leave”. The reason for this is because the war had permanently scared him and he could now not relate to anyone. The war did not just hurt the family’s and soldiers but would turn nice towns into ash and mayhem. in honor of the soldiers that fought for us, we have remembrance day to recognize the soldiers that sacrificed it all for there country. Preventing war has been many world leaders’ goals for a while now. But everyone has there opinion on how we should stop wars. But if you want to stop a war you have to know that all of our past attempts have failed miserably. We need to all come together as one whole and work together to create peace, this will take lots of negotiating and hard work though. now at first glance when I look at remembrance day I don’t see anything wrong with it or anything that could potentially offend anyone. But when I look more closely I start to realize how some people have a problem with it. For example, why would we want to celebrate something that soldiers spend most of there lives trying to keep out of there minds? Furthermore, we shouldn’t celebrate something that has caused so much pain, grief, and destruction. I understand that commemorating soldiers is incredibly important but maybe we should just change the way that we do things just a little bit, thanking the soldiers are important but the war is general overall just set us back from world peace. Now if I were to design my own remembrance day ceremony it would start on the 11th day, at 11 am, on the 11th month. Then there would be an explanation of why we are commemorating the soldiers from me. Then the moment of silence, 2 minutes. Then after the moment of silence, we will have the wreaths put up to the monument if there is one. After this, we will have soldiers or family that would like to have a word spoken on the mic for everyone. There will be no requirement on what you have to say. After that for the end we will have hopefully a world war two plane fly overhead if possible, I got this idea from the ceremony my family goes to every year in Cobble Hill, where there is a plane form the war that flys over. The people then may exit if they will or thank the soldiers for there service. 



All Quiet on the Western Front

All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque, is a story narrated by Paul Bäumer, about a group of young men that have signed up for the army voluntarily after listening to a patriotic speech about joining. The book talks in great detail about how the war treated men and the backlash that it gave them afterward.

she pleads with me gently: “tell me. You must tell me. I know you want to comfort me, but don’t you see, you torment me far more than if you told me the truth? I cannot bear the uncertanty.tell me how it was even though it will be terrible, it will be far better than what I have to think if you don’t.”

I chose this quote out of the book because it made me think about not being able to tell your mom something. I tell my mom just about everything, if I couldn’t tell her something that was so immense like pauls situation I wouldn’t know what to do. It also made me think about if paul was doing the right thing, it’s hard to know because sam does not want to try to remember the things that he has seen but his sick mother is sitting there begging him.


My first job

Last summer I got my first real job, this job was at a construction company called pacific homes. The reason that I tried to get a job here was because I had heard good things about the company and how they are a very good place to start making money at. I handed in my resume and got hired right away. The next week I started my first shift there, on the first day I was expecting in advance to be a sweeper boy for the first couple of days, and I was right for the first week I was told to sweep the floors and I was fine with doing so until they ran out of things for me to sweep. Eventually, I would just be told to sweep the same thing over again and again till I was just sweeping concrete. This went on for two weeks, and by the end of the second week, I was just frustrated with waking up incredibly early each and every weekday to go do something that I just hated going to every day. by the time it came to the third week I told my mom that I do not think I would be able to work there much longer, and my mom understood but told me to be careful and think about what I wanted. So I worked half of the third week and on Wednesday  I told my boss that I appreciate that he hired me with no experience but think that it wasn’t a good fit for me.


Behind enemy lines

At this point in the story, Sam is still being held captive inside of a concentration camp in Germany But is on his second day being there. They wake up to go get served breakfast, breakfast that day was the most dry dusty bread ever and soup with worms in it. sams friend James suggested that they go look around at some factories that they saw around the camp. But, when they went over to one of the factories and sam, peered over the window to see inside he saw a massive pile of dead bodies and tried not to puke. They met a man walking out of the factory he was another prisoner he warned sam not to go inside. The only reason that man was in there was to see had died because it was the only way to know.

It was quite easy to get to the back of the building we wanted to find out about.There was a small brick building attached to attached to the larger building with the chimney. We looked through a window.that when I saw at least fifty naked bodies stached on top of each other. I turned away terrified.”we’re in hell” I muttered allowed. This must be hell.

This quote overall I just thought was disgusting, and it popped out the most to me. It shows how some of the images that these soldiers had to see wete so awful and probably stuck with them for the rest of there lives.



Behind Enemy Lines-Carl Matas

Sam Fredrickson is still being held prisoner but has gotten off that old boxcar with the other hundreds of other prisoners and were being held in a quarantine camp. When they first arrived at the camp they were asked they’re age, name and service number then put into lines and to wait. At the front of these two lines was a chair and at this chair was a barber, This barber was not very friendly though, she would shave each prisoner’ss head bald but it was more like ripping the hair out of its roots instead. Afterward, they were all sent to go sleep on the ground outside in a somewhat courtyard. the ground was very rough and had many rocks and was incredibly uncomfortable.

We were handed out blankets but there was only one every three men. I lay down but there was no way to get comfortable. the ground was made up of hard, lumpy rock and stones. It was a warm night at least I hoped we wouldn’t be here in a month through the fall and winter weather, it would be impossible to be outside.

Thus quote shows how rough and brutal the conditions were in some of these camps that they held prisoners at during world war 2 in Germany.  It also shows how rough and gruesome the prisoners were treated by the guards.


My Summer Trip To Pender Island

This summer I went on a trip with my family to pender island in august for a family reunion. The first day we got there we unpacked everything that we had and got settled in, then we visited with family and I got to hang out with my cousins from Vancouver, this was very short lasted though because I had to work the next day all the way back in mill bay at 3 in the afternoon so me and my mom had to take the ferry back to victoria the next morning and drive all the way back home. we stayed the night at home then went back to pender island the next morning to meet back up with my Dad, cousins and everyone else that was there. Once we got back to pender it was mid-afternoon and we all went kayaking to this rock that sticks out of the ocean in the bay and is called seal rock because many seals live on it. There were two baby seals on it but quickly went into the water because we startled them by getting to close. On the third day, we didn’t do anything but sitg around and wait for something to happen. when the fourth day came along we did a couple things, the first being we went and played golf with my uncle and holy crap I suck, whenever I would hit the ball I could hit it super far but I could not hit it straight. every time it would just go 1000000 feet to the right. after sucking at golf we went out for dinner at this restraint by the shore it was very pretty but I have forgotten the name of that restaurant. On the last day, we went paddle boarding which was a first for my mom and she loved it! we did that for about am hour then had to go catch our ferry to go back home.



What will the world be like in 50 years

Over the course of fifty years many things will be different and will have changed drastically. Predicting the future can be very tricky besides we can barely predict our next week but we do have some ideas of what the future will look like and what will have happened. I will be going through some of the changes that will have happened and explaining them in a simple form. Alright, the first thing that we are going to be talking about is how large the population is going to be now my estimate is that the population is going to be around 9 billion. Everybody will be much more close to each other and food shortages may happen more often. over population may start to be more of a problem and many more homes will have to be made and cities will become much larger than they are now. As far as global warming goes the forests will be smaller in size, ice caps will be much smaller and wildfires will spread much easier. Majority of people in the future will live in city’s as they become much larger in size and start to cover country’s much more. These are some of my predictions for what the world is going to look like in fifty years. There will be many new problems but we will have answers….. Hopefully. 



Behind Enemy Lines

Behind Enemy lines, by Carol Matas, Sam fredriksen was being held as a prisoner in Germany after having his plain shot down about a week before he was arrested. He is being transported from the prison he was being held in with thousands of other solders to what he predicts to be a pow camp. They are being transported in a boxcar on a long railway.

It was so packed that once we were in there was nowhere to move from my  spot near the door and I almost fell out of the door again. And then the huge door was shut and bolted tight and immediately felt like here was no air at all. So many unwashed bodies in such close quarters.

In this quot it really explains how rough and gross being a prisoner in Germany during world war two was in very great detail.