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The Best Food

So, I have officially run out of ideas for personal writing, by this point, I’m just writing about anything that comes to my mind randomly. When writing this I’m currently very hungry, well I always am but right now especially.

 Now my favorite meals are probably pancakes for breakfast, a smoothie for lunch, sushi for dinner, and then cobbler for dessert. Now rarely ever end up eating lunch I just end up snacking on things throughout the day, but if I had to choose those are what I’m choosing.  Ever since I was younger, I could eat a ridiculous amount of pancakes every Saturday morning.  when I was 9, I remember eating 11! Now for lunch recently I’ve just been doing smoothies if I do end up eating lunch, but I will say it’s my new favorite way to eat.  It’s so easy to eat so many good things at once, it’s amazing. Another thing I have loved since I was a kid is sushi. Sushi has always been my favorite as it is for many people. After I eat sushi, I feel refreshed I don’t know why but it just feels new in a sense every time. Finally, it is my mom’s cobbler. This stuff is basically edible gold. It has a nice fluffy inside and lots and lots of blackberry sauce which is a dessert by itself. Now we rarely ever eat this but when we do It will be for someone’s birthday or something along the lines of that.  



The catcher in the rye so far to me has enraged me at the main character Holden. I have said this before and my mind still has not changed, but I did come across a section of the book to redeem himself in a way in my opinion. Holden enters a hole that is filled with many interesting characters, he spots a man and women squirting water into each other’s mouths.

I think if you really like a girl, I think you should not horse around with her at all, and even if you do like her, then your supposed to like her face, and if you like her face, you ought to be careful about doing crumby stuff to it, like squirting water all over it.

Now, this quote I enjoy because of its one of the first signs of respect from holden that I have seen from holden. When I read this I get a sense of disgust of two people squirting water on each other. Now people can do what they want if they enjoy it but, Holden explains his opinion of this sight and shows how he respects women. Sor far in the book I have never seen Holden fully respect someone and even in this quote he still does not if you keep reading but its a start.



 During these times we find ourselves becoming incredibly bored very easily. This has forced us to come up with new ideas to try and keep ourselves productive and busy. Since most of us are locked inside of our homes coming up with new ways to stay busy has become much more of a challenge. We have things that we will automatically do without thinking when we are bored. For example, just about everyone when they are bored naturally will gravitate towards their fridge. They will open it, then it will take them about five seconds for them to realize, “why am I here and what am I doing”. Everyone has there habits of what they do when they’re bored. 

So throughout quarantine, I have been trying to find ways to be active to stay in shape, or just to feel useful for something or someone. Two weeks ago I asked my parents If I could build a halfpipe in the backyard. After an hour of trying to convince them that it’s a good idea, they finally gave me the green light. I made sure to never tell them the dimensions of the ramp I would be building because I was gonna make it 16 ft wide, which we did. So after I got permission I texted my two older brothers and within the next day, we started building. The ramp ended up being double our budget but was worth it. We went into building it with no plans, but it turned out amazing. I have been riding the ramp with my friends every day while trying to stay within six feet of each other.

Another thing I have begun doing to stay busy is working out five times a week. Before I started working out I rarely did just due to not having enough time an when did I was just too tired to try. But since quarantine began I have nothing but time, So I wanted to try to see if I could try to challenge myself, mainly just to see if I have enough discipline to do it each of those five days. So far I’ve only missed one of those days but I’m betting that number will get higher knowing me.

Overall I’ve just been trying my best not to become bored easily. Through these two activities, they have been effective but I still do find myself starring at the ceiling wondering what life is right now.


John Anderson By Robert Burns

Jon Anderson, My Jo, by Robert Burns, is a poem written in a Scottish dialect in 1796. This poem is about a beloved and a lovers relationship slowly coming to an end. The speaker describes life as a hill, the top of the hill being middle-age and the slope down is headed towards death.

This poem differs a few ways from the other poems that we have reviewed in the poetry handout we were given. In this poem, the beloved is speaking about the lover instead of the lover speaking to the beloved. The speaker throughout this describes there love sadly coming to an end due to age and death. This shows that they had a good and healthy relationship with each other. But so far the poems we have reviewed are about a lover trying to achieve this long everlasting love with the beloved, this tends to come off to me as rather desperate, annoying, and sounds like a crying puppy. But in this poem, instead, it shows the rare case of true love.   You can see this on (ll-2) “We climb the hill together” this shows that they go through life together and shows there love for each other. 

This poem has a mixed rhyme scheme, this is different compared to the previous poems we have seen with a very simple rhyme scheme such as ABAB, or with no rhyme scheme at all. When I read the poem overall it seems like a reflection of a happy couple. This also is very different from, for example, e.e cummings, Since Feeling First” Where the speaker is trying to convince the beloved to stop thinking and hurry up and just be together, but she is playing hard to get. The speaker in this poem is a woman but the writer of the poem is a male, this is something I found interesting because it may be a challenge for the writer to understand the perspective of the opposite gender in these kinds of poems. 

Throughout this poem, it will express the sadness of separation and happiness of everlasting love that will live on forever. This to me is very enjoyable to read, it is nice to hear someone who was actually happy with there other lover compared to all the other sad poems we have had. 


Writing to me

 Writing and I have a love-hate relationship. Half of the time I find I enjoy writing, and then the other half of the time I always end up finding myself stuck or, out of ideas. Now it’s not like I have just run out of things I could technically write about, it’s just whether or not who I’m writing to or about will care about what I’m saying. I don’t think that it’s me being worried about how people think or judge me when they read something I write but if I write about something very specific. Such as a certain car motor, which I have. Then I’m almost hoping that someone reading it actually cares or knows about what I’m talking about to be able to understand it better. This is one of the reasons I always find very little motivation to write for long or even short periods of time. Being lazy also definitely plays into that issue as well.

I do notice that once I do start writing I find it entertaining if it’s about something Relevant and meaningful. Another thing I enjoy about writing is trying to make it sound like yourself. Sometimes when I’m reading someone’s writing who I know personally, I’m able to relate what they’re saying to real life since it sounds just like something they would say in person. This makes the writing so much easier to understand and relate too. 

If I’m honest about my initial reaction to a writing assignment it’s usually followed by a sigh. Once I start I enjoy writing, but most other times I just feel like I’m producing garbage with zero meaning. I hope that my writing improves and I become more gravitated toward the idea of doing it. I do feel some progress this year in the feeling of looking forward to writing. 


April 15th, IRJ

In The Catcher In The Rye by J.D Salinger, Holden’s character comes off as incredibly negative and tiresome person for others to have to deal with. To his friends, if you could even call them that,  they probably see Holden just as annoying as a baby Huskey. Constantly barking at you about every little thing, and then getting even more loud and irritating when you give them the attention.  Holden is also constantly lying and making up stories about others or just himself. This shows that Holden has a very shallow personality and that he cannot be trusted with just about anything, other than guaranteeing that he is going to get on somebody’s nerve sometime soon. Holden will lie to just about anything to just about anyone. 

“May I ask your name dear? “Rudolf Schmit” I told her. I didn’t feel like giving her my whole life history. Rudolf Schmi was the name of the janitor of our dwarm. ” Do you like Pencey?” she asked. “Pencey? It’s not too bad. It’s not a paradise or anything, but it as good as other schools. Some of the faculty are pretty conciencious.” “Ernest just adores it” “I know he does” I said. Then I started shooting old crap around a little bit.  “He adapts himself really well to things. I mean he really does. I mean he really knows how to adapt himself.” “do you think so.” She sounded interested as hell.

This quote is from a conversation with one of the Holdens classmates mothers on a bus.  Now holden could have gone about this conversation with honesty which is not a very hard thing to do in a regular daily conversation. But instead, he went ahead and lied about what his name was and that he thought Pencey was an alright school. he carries on lying about other things such as the reason he is leaving. He is leaving because he is going to stay in a hotel instead of school. But he told her that he was going to have a surgery on a brain tumor he has. Reading about this makes me frustrated. I find it hard to understand why Holden makes life so hard for himself in just about every way possible.


My Average Day

Everyone has a morning routine that they repeat every day and usually rarely changes. Now if I’m being honest I’m running out of things to write about for personal writing,  if this seems random that’s why. So I’m going to tell you guys I do when I wake up each and every morning. 

I set my alarm for 7:45 every night. When I wake up at that time I usually just lay in bed for ten minutes debating the meaning of life, or something to do with food. Then at around eight o clock I’ll get out of bed and go have a shower for about 7 minutes. After I get out of the shower, I go and use some skin care products for my face. I use skincare products every morning, and it very important. If I don’t use it my acne flares right up within a couple of hours. I’ll walk downstairs around 8:15 for breakfast. I always have the same cereal but I put fruit in it every time such as Strawberry’s, Mango’s and banana’s. I always eat a banana after the cereal to keep it healthy. 

I then run to the bathroom once again, to dunk my head in the water and put the tiniest bit of gel in the front of my hair. I just started doing this at the beginning of spring break to keep my hair curly. I noticed that when I grew my hair out it would start to get curly, I just didn’t like my hair in front of my face, due to the fact of it being so long. Now its no surprise my hair gets curly. If you have ever met mom you would know. But when I just put I little gel in the front it stays curly all day, and it doesn’t get all crusty like some gels. 

Once done getting ready I go upstairs to my desk. School starts at 8:30 and ends at 12:30. School nowadays is weird since its all online and never in person.some classes don’t work through Microsoft teams and we just do the work that’s posted on manage bac. So we have to teach ourselves almost in the way sometimes. Now we can get in contact with teachers for help but still, it’s not the same. Although overall I’m surprised at how smooth it is going for most people, I mean it’s not ideal but it could be a lot worse. So we just gotta keep our heads up. 



I have come to the conclusion that’s Holden is the most stubborn human being on earth. I have said it before but, all holden has been doing is complaining about others and how much he hates them. He does this while he is socializing with these same people and probably being more of a nuisance to them then they are to him.  I find this incredibly immature and ignorant. Why be an incredibly grumpy person with a rude attitude and then complain about others, it makes no sense. this quote from “page 44\45” shows this perfectly.

He said it again. “Holden. If I letcha, up willya keep your mouth shut?” Yes. He got up off me, I got up too. My chest urt like hell from his dirty knee’s, “your’re a stupid sonuvabitch moron”, I told him. That got him really mad. he shook his stupid big finger in my face. “Holden God damit I’m warning you now. for the last time. If your not gonna keep your yap shut I’m gonna-” “why should I?” I said- I was practically yelling. “That’s just the problem with all you morons. You never want to disguss anything. thats the way you can alway’s tell a moron. They never want to disguess anything intelling-” Then he really let one at me, and the next thing I knew, I was on the od damn floor again.

This quote shows perfectly how much of a bad fiend Holden is. I understand how feeling can get the best of you, and how you can end up doing some pretty ridiculous things. But all I see coming out of this quote is Holden being the definition of a hypocrite. people are allowed to be mad at others but when you’re doing the same thing they’re doing to you straight back even worse then they did, you can’t complain.  Holden keeps on teasing Straldlater even after he warns Holden to stop. All Holden is doing for himself is digging himself into a deeper and deeper hole constantly.



Love Poetry

From the love poetry hand out, the poem that I found the most sentimental was “As I Walked Out One Evening,” by W.H. AUDEN. Throughout this poem, he describes his love for a lover who he hears singing near the river. And how his love for Him or her has no end. He does this by comparing his love for this lover to many different things that will most likely never happen. 

I found this poem sentimental because the man whoever he is, throughout the entire poem is just ex[ressing his love in the most absurd ways. Now for some, this may come off as desperate or pathetic but, If your madly in love like some may say happens, what your saying most of the time is basically nonsense. When he says The years shall run like rabbits, For in my arms I hold The Flower of the Ages, And the first love of the world.’ now when I first read this line it confused me the most. What I think means by this is when the other lover is in his arm’s, time becomes meaningless and will fly by like hopping rabbits.  Another odd yet very grabbing line for me personally is when he says “You cannot conquer Time. this is him saying, hey but we aren’t here forever even though my love is everlasting for you so tick tock. 

This poem for me was overall hard for me to decipher but once I starred at it for a while it started to make sense and chunks of it started to fit with others. And once I understood what it was saying I found it very creative and well thought through. 



Since reading Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, you can clearly see what Shakespeare wanted people to understand from experiencing the play in the 1500s. Shakespeare wanted people to understand love better and what it meant. He wanted you to understand what love can lead to if taken the wrong way and how it can heavily impact people. Shakespeare does this by having two lovers, one being Romeo and the other being Juliet. Romeo and Juliet both come from two very different backgrounds, the family that Romeo is from has never approved of the family that Juliet is from although they share the same wealth. 


Immediately when reading Romeo and Juliet all that I can think of is disbelief and stupidity. When I look back on the balcony scene where the two confess love towards each other for the first time, I cannot understand what there thought process was to come to the conclusion that they should get married in the following days. I do understand that these were to fairly young kids, but even when you are a teenager you should still be able to distinguish what going to fast in a relationship is. This whole scene and really the entire play just makes me not be able to take the play seriously since it’s so out of the ordinary and unrealistic. If you were to put this scenario in society today everyone would think they are crazy. Nowadays we see relationships lasting up to ten years, before getting married. One more thing on top of this crazy love story is the use of Shakespearian language. Now I understand for some people that Shakespearian is easy and well worth learning. But for me on the other hand, I had trouble figuring out what most of the sentences in this book meant. Even when I thought I knew what a sentence meant it would come out meaning something else crazy. 


I think that the Capulets and Montagues should have welcomed the relationship between Romeo and Juliet and used it as a stepping stone to becoming two allied families rather than rivals. We also as people should notice our conflicts and see what we can do to resolve them if possible if there’s no need for certain forms of negativity in life why have them consume us. 



This spring break, our communities, and the entire world has gone through many large changes. These changes have changed the way we communicate with others, socialize, get food, etc. Now for some people these changes ave not been applied for there families and friends. But for others, these changes have been fully engaged. We now have o socialize through the screen of your phone, and it’s not like we already do that a lot but, now we have to do it to get in contact with anyone for anything. 

Going out and doing regular daily things have changed as well. Grocery stores different departments have to sell everything pre-packaged from now on. You cannot sit in fast food restaurants they only offer drive-through. Many people are in self-isolation after coming back into Canada from other counties. Some close friends of my family just came back from Israel, they have to stay in their home and cannot leave for any reason for two weeks. SSO what me and My mom and I have been doing is going out and buying their groceries for them. We aren’t even allowed to hand-deliver it to them we have to leave it on there front porch then text them to let them know we dropped them off. 

There is a positive to all of the changes that we have been having around the world. Pollution has gone down immensely in heavily populated areas where the air is filled with fumes from cars and other forms of transportation. Water has become much cleaner is certain areas Italy in specific, the channels in Venice are now much cleaner then they have been in years. Just sad nobody can experience it since their on lockdown in their houses. So even though there are so many stressful and haywire things going around us right now, there are some really good things too. So when we are going through this world epidemic and you’re watching the news and hearing all of these frightening things happening. To try to calm yourself down think about how



The Catcher In The Rye I have found to be one of the most descriptive books I have read. The entire book revolves around Holden describing every little imperfection or perfection, in anything in his line of sight. It makes the book interesting to look back on previous pages and realize how you got to the scene that Holden is describing. Every person or thing seems to have a long backstory behind it. 

He was terrifically intelligent. All his teachers were alwasy writing letters to my mother, telling her what a pleasure it ws having a boy like Allie in their class. And they Weren’t just shooting the crap. They really meant it. And it wasn’t that he was the most intelligent member of the family. He was also the nicest, in lots of ways.

This quote is of Holden describing his younger cousin’s baseball glove. this then leads to him describing his cousins’ personality, physical features and what he meant to people. Holden is constantly relating people to different scenarios, and how they would act in them.



Holden is a kid going through school and is having trouble finding his place in the world. Holden is an incredibly observant character in this book and you can see this on just about every page. He is constantly judging his surroundings and the people around him. He is constantly noticing the small things about people that make him mad, but at the same time, Holden loves getting on people’s nerves. This makes holden in my eyes a little bit of a hypocrite.

“Cut it out, Holden for chrissake!” Stradlater said. He didnt feel like horsing around. He was shaving and all. “Wuddya wanna make me do cut my Goddam head off.

Stradler had been shaving in the washroom for some time, and holden had been sitting there just pointing out all of Stradlater’s annoying mannerisms to himself. Stradlater was being a little arrogant, this just really gets on Holden’s nerves.  So Holden decided to choke Stradler as a funny joke while he was shaving, which is much more annoying.


SKI TRIP, 2020

The ski trip this year was such a fun experience. We woke up way too early though, I had to get at 4:30 in the morning to catch the bus.  I was being picked up from Mcdonalds in Duncan since I live in Shawnigan Lake. Once the little bus had picked me up, I basically passed out the rest of the way to Mount Washington. We arrived at the mountain and got all of our rentals such as goggles, boots, and a helmet. Then we were free to go out and ride unless it was our first time snowboarding or skiing, then you had to do lessons for the basics. It was my second time snowboarding so I just went up the lifts right away. On my first few runs down I was pretty shaky and was struggling to keep up my speed and balance. This was mainly due to the fact that I couldn’t turn on the tow side of the board and was always using my heelside. So I made it a goal for myself to learn how to turn on my two edge by the end of the day. 

So I went and found Efosa who also snowboards and we started to try to learn how to turn on the tow edges of our boards together. I found that if I learned more on my front foot it would start to throw me sideways on my tow side which was good to figure out. So I began just putting more and more wait on my front foot, I found the right balance. If you put to much wait on your front foot, your board will dig in too much and you will smack your face on the snow. I eventually got the hang of it and it made such a difference. I was now able to carve back and forth much easier and keep my speed. By the end of the day, I was going down the runs much faster then I was at the beginning of the day which felt nice knowing that I progressed. After the ski trip, the next day was very painful and filled with doing a lot of nothing. But all the hard falls were worth it, in the end, I’m glad I went and had such a fun time with all my friends. 


IRJ, March 1st

The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger Is about a kid named Holden who describes his day to day life in a very relatable way. The way the book is written is almost exactly how kids my age talk to each other. This makes the book relatable and easy to read.  The way Holden describes people can remind me of how some of my friends and people do at school. a good example of this is when holden is describing his friend Stradlator.

He always looked good after fixing himself up, but he always was a secret slob anyway, if you knew him the way I did. The reason he fixed himself up to look good was beacuse he was madly in love with himself.

I love this quote because you just tell how obviously jealous Holden is of Stradlator. I can relate that to so many different situations I hear on a daily basis. It is natural for humans to naturally start to compare each other and begin to notice the pros and cons of others.



Procrastinating is one of the worst habits that students and humans, in general, bring on themselves. I almost always leave homework assignments until the last day. there is no reason why I do this, its only a matter of laziness. but sometimes I will do the work in the class and finish, but that’s only when its something that I am interested in and want to gain more information about. This rarely happens. although I know that when I do the assignment immediately I feel better and much less stressed about the idea of still having to go home at the end of the day and do homework till 11 at night. Sometimes it’s not even me procrastinating that makes me have to leave it till the last second to hand in. It can just be not having enough time due to the fact that I play soccer three days a week and work on Saturdays and Sundays.

Even this assignment I am doing in design before English class due to procrastination. Now I am trying to improve this problem by setting reminders to do the work and writing in my notes what homework assignments I received that day. Both of these tactics have worked only to an extent but still helped.


PW, January, 21st

People are willing to buy just about anything at this point depending on what it is. Nowadays we have countless overpriced products that are made for cheap and sold for 10 times the price. Or the product will be pointless and not satisfy any needs other than saying that you have it.  

For example, some people every year will buy the newest iPhone when the existing one they own works fine. Now, why is the reason for this? Well, the fact is there is no reason in my eyes. It’s just the fact that the product is the latest and greatest, and the fact that your friends will not have it, so you can spend your time flexing on them with your new 1000$ phone. This same thing goes for clothes, cars, and just about anything that a person maybe passionate about. And I’m not saying that having a passion is bad, but I do think that people do get swept up with the materialistic items and will just buy whatever it is instead of choosing.  

Although all of this is not our fault. We are always seeing some type of add from some company trying to convince us to buy their product. It’s like we are animals being told to sit and roll over on demand.  

I find that this problem is an interesting one because having a passion is what makes people happy and that’s important so we should not limit them. Although we should be aware of what we are spending our money on.  



IRJ, The Catcher And The Rye by J. D. Salinger

The Catcher In The Rye by J. D. Salinger, A boy named Holden Crawford is going to school at Pencey preparatory school and is failing. On his last day before he leaves the school, he goes to say goodbye to one of his teacher’s old spencer.

But I just couldn’t hang around there for any longer, the way we were on opposite sides of the pole,and the way he kept missing the bed whenever he chucked something at it and his ad old bathrobe with his chest showing, and that grippy smell of Vicks Nose Drops all over the place.

During this scene, Old Spencer is trying to help holden by giving him some advice. This is hard for Holden to listen to because of how both of them have very different views about the school and life in general. Holden describes Spencer as very sarcastic for his age. Holden seems to be very easily angered by this and leaves after bearing it while talking to him.


personal writing, January 7th

  Drifting, drifting is one of my personal favorite motorsports to watch in my spare time. The sport of drifting a car originated out of Japan, but when you try to find exactly when and where you realize that the idea of skidding your car sideways through a corner has been around since the 1950’s. It started to gain attraction from rally racing when you need to go around tight corners as quickly as possible. The crowds started to notice how just about every driver would go through a corner by swinging the car into almost a 90-degree angle by pulling the handbrake to go through corners. This was exciting for people to watch and that was how it started.  

The Japanese play a massive role when it comes to the origins of drifting competitions. The reason for this is because of the type of cars that the Japanese had access to. You see when the rally started one of the rules that the manufactures had to follow was that the car, they were racing had to be in production to the public too. Where most of the best cars were created were in Japan, which meant that consumers there got a hold of the technology very quickly and it spread from there.  

Drifting has now become a world-renown motorsport; many drivers dream of becoming professional drifters and competing in Formula Drift the largest and most well-known drifting competition. The way that this event works is there are two drivers one driver is the lead driver and the other is the following. The lead driver sets the pace and can go as fast as he likes around the set course. Drifting si different from other motorsports because it’s not a race to the finish. Instead, its judged on how sideways you can place the car going through a corner while keeping a good consistent pace. You are constantly remaining out of control but in control at the same time. You’re basically doing the opposite of what you want to do on a regular road. Personally I find this sport incredibly special to me because my two brothers compete in it together so I grew up hearing about it and watching it in person.  


Rotary Engines-Personal Writing

The rotary engine also known as the wankle engine was created in 1954 by Felix Heinrich Wankel. these engines were used from 1954 till 2012. In my opinion, people who still drive rotary-powered cars are the pinnacle of car nerds. when you compare these engines to piston engines, the rotary engine is worse in just about every way possible. These engines are so much worse in fact that there is no company that still makes them in a stalk manufactured car.

here’s a quick rundown on how these engines work. The rotor itself is shaped like a triangle with rounded sides called a “rouleaux triangle” and it spins around a centric crankshaft the runs through an oval-shaped housing. But its that housing is not a complete oval though, it squeezes inwards on each side of the oval. Now back to the rotor being shaped like a triangle, when it spins it creates small and big gaps depending on where the rotor is with things called apex seals on the tips of the triangles to compress air. When you have a bigger gap air, and fuel is injected into the gap and compresses by the spinning rotor. On the other side of the housing, there is your spark and combustion which gets pushed around into the exhaust port. for every three turns of the crankshaft, the rotor makes one rotation inside of the housing.

Now the main difference between this engine and almost every other engine is that it has zero pistons. other car manufacturers rushed to grab these engines and start making there own because they were nice and simple compared to the existing engines at the time. Mazda was the first manufacturer to create a successful rotary engine that was reliable to the customers. Mazda used this engine in all of there models. They even made a truck with a rotary engine. But this was ended due to low torque.  Mazda was the only company that stuck with the rotary engine. Their reason why was because these engines could rev higher then piston engines could and where smaller due to fewer parts needed. This meant that they could fit the engine into smaller cars and place it lower into the engine bay which lowered center gravity and gives it better weight distribution around the car. This all equals you having a fun, fast and agile car.  Mazda won many races using these exact engines in their infamous  rx7 and won many racing titles with it. But this was discontinued in the early 2000’s.

Now there are many reasons why this engine should have failed. But there are still a surprisingly large amount of people that will pay big money for a rotary engine in good condition for there 1999 rx7 which is understandable. The rx7 is a legendary car that I personally want sooooooo bad. So the rotary engine is a perfect example of how different can be good because in the end everyone now wants these engines it seems.

watch this if you did not understand anything that I just said.


Idrje, DEC 1st

Sam has lost track of time but assumes that it is his third week stuck in the concentration camp. Sam woke up to the guards doing a bunk check. Security was extra tight that morning for some reason. But it wasn’t long till they figured out why.

It had to be the Yanx! They were fearless and always flew the daylight missions. I judged the bombers about thirty miles away. I also counted hundreds 

This quote stuck out to me because This was the tiurning point for many other soliders that were stuck inside of Germany. I can’t imagine living in the circumstances that they lived in for three weeks. The amount of joy that the soliders must have felt when they saw this view must have been imence. 



It was Sams fourth day in Buchenwald. And it”s starting to get hard for Sam to even imagine a friendly world that exists beyond the fences of the camp. every day he is beat and worked to almost death, by this point he belives we will maybe be able to last only one more week before dying.

I was filthy, itchy and finding it harder and harder to belive in a good world with people in it like Mom and Pops and Jenny.

It has only been four-day sand two Sam it’s felt like four years. At this point, it is like the camp is brainwashing him and making it seem like this is all there is for him. This quote shows how the concentration camps heavily took a toll on the prisoners being kept there.



Kaelin is one of the best people I know. Why? because she brings the best out of me every day. We meet this year going to Tim Hortons she said she thought school was stupid and I agreed that was the beginning of a beautiful and drastically overwhelming friendship. Kaelin and I have similar interests and disagree on many topics. for example we both love to watch stand up comedy, and love laughing. although she likes horror movies and I, on the other hand, hate them. Kaelin is fun-loving and will always be making jokes around her friends. Kaelin is incredibly extroverted and is always wanting to make new friends. I and Kaelin have only had one class together which is probably a good thing because we would never get anything done ever. Something me and her have in common especially is procrastinating about things until the very last second when whatever it is needs to get done.  sometimes I find her to be a little crazy but she would probably say the same about me. whenever I and Kaelin try to do work together nothing ever gets done even though we try not to get distracted, it’s really sad. I’m really glad that I and Kaelin became friends this year and I hope that we can finally figure out how to get work done for once.


the new skate park

my local skatepark near my house has been the same every since t was first mad about twenty years ago. the skatepark has practically been my home away from home for about 6 years ever since I first started going there when I was about eleven to ride my bike. when I first started getting into extreme sports I was riding my BMX bike, after a while of riding my BMX bike for about two years I started to lose interest in it and started skateboarding. Skateboarding was very fun at the beginning learning how to do all of the basics fairly quickly, but after a while learning new tricks just was not happening for me and I felt as though I had hit a barrier in which I just could not advance my skills any further. So after a while, I lost interest in skateboarding and the[n started scootering surprisingly. Now why this was so surprising for me was because I was going to start riding bikes again but race downhill instead of the skatepark, so one day I decided to go ride the little cheap scooter that my mom had bought for me for Christmas. When I showed up to the skatepark a kid who was also on a scooter told me to keep at it because I had learned how to tailwhip in that day in only a couple of tries, this kids name was Caleb and is now my one of my closest friends. So I did decide to keep scootering going and still am riding to this day. But back to the skatepark, last year in September we had a public meeting about an expansion being added on to the existing skatepark. It was originally supposed to be finished by Christmas, but that did not happen. the skatepark did not start being built till the next year in September. Now the park is being made and we are all super excited to be able to ride something new that isn’t the same.