Me: Jood

Hello I’m Jood Abbar I live in Victoria BC, I’m orginally from syria. Im also a new student at Brookes Westshore. Some of my main intrests are sports. Im into basketball and some mixed martial arts. I’ve played basketball since grade 4 but unfortunatley stopped at grade 8, but its good to be back now eh? Ive also had some experience with musical instruments, I played the piano in my younger teens and the clarinet on my middle schools band. I often enjoy gaming which I’ve also been doing for the past 5 years of my life, has some cons but it’s worth it because all of the fun and the dopamine you get out of it. I enjoy swimming too which I used to practice a lot back when I lived in Toronto, still do it to this day (for fun) because whats better than being in water.

I enjoy reading on my own time when I feel like im in the mood to because reading isnt my favourite thing unless it has to do with work. My favourite genre is mystery because I enjoy reading it. I also am really passionate about reading book series for example harry potter or the lord of the rings.

When it comes to writing I also enjoy it a lot espacially when its personal. I can keep going on and on with the writing. If I’m writing something for someone to read, I have the ability to connect with my reader on an emotional level. When I write I give it my 100 percent because I either write perfectly or I just don’t do it. I also like writing diaries daily, keeps me reminded of what I did through out the week or even the month.