IRJE #3 – Ripped my heart out

The book I am currently reading is called “Cinderella Is Dead” by Katlynn Bayron. So far in the book, the main character, Sophia Grimmins realizes that she does not want what her town has to offer her. They live in a town that is ruled by the king who forces every lady to attend to the ball so they can get married to a wealthy man. Sophia realizes that she wants to be free and run away so she can live freely with her best friend Erin, with whom she is in love. Erin rejects her offer because she thinks the idea is too risky. 

The ballroom is as large as a field. Dozens of crystal chandeliers hang over the space, their light washing us in a warm glow. I can see my reflection on the ice-like surface of the polished marble floor. The smell of fresh-cut flowers permeates the room. An entire orchestra sits readying their instruments, and random notes float through the air as they prepare to play.

I can hear Erin sucking in quick gulps of air beside me. I want to comfort her even though she’d all but ripped my heart out. “Try to take a deep breath,” I say, quickly glancing at her.  (pp. 82)

I chose this quote becuase the phrase “I want to comfort her even though she’d all but ripped my heart out” really demonstrates how in love Sophia is with Erin even tho she broke her heart, and how pure her love is even if it is not mutual. It has been difficult to engage with this book because it has taken it’s sweet time to get really interesting, but it finally did so I am happy about that.

How senseless can you be? PR#2

All Quiet in The Western Front is a powerful book that explains the experiences during World War 1. As I was reading the book, I realized that I was completely intrigued with what was going to happen with the story and the characters. This book made me understand how soldiers were feeling the pain, fear, and the dissaponitment as they were struggling to survive in the brutal war.

What stuck with me the most about the book was the constant potrayal of the horrors of war, from the deaths and injuries to the mental and emotional trauma that soldiers faced. This books gives us the chance to understand and imagine the devastating impacts of war on the soldiers.

At the same time, the book has also a sense of hope and humanity, as the soldiers found comfort in their friendship and their shared experinces. It also shows us the importance of empathy, and human connection, even in the worst times.

In conclusion, I found All Quiet In the Western Front a moving and profound story. It is a book that I would really recommend to anyone who wants to know and  have a deeper understanding of the realities of war and its reppercussions.

PW#3 Destiny Called

Destiny called

I told her I have some mixed feelings

I want to be, and I want to leave

I cannot decide if this is what I want

But I can’t wait to figure it out.


Destiny called

Asking me if this is what I really want

I froze, not knowing what to say back

Is everything alright? She asked

Yes, I am starting to figure it out.


Destiny called

And she asked again; darling, are you okay?

Yes, now that I know what I want

All thanks to you, I love you.

They are broken from birth IRJE#2

The book that I am currently reading is titled Red Queen, by Victoria Aveyard. In this part of the book, the main character, Mare and the royal family go to visit all of the other provinces. Then they visit the poorest province in the kingdom and this is eye-opening because then Mare realizes that she needs to keep fighting to change things for the better.

Beneath such a smoky sky, I doubt the workers ever see daylight. They walk between the factories and their homes, flooding the streets during a shift change. There are no officers, no cracking whips, no blank stares. No one is making them watch us pass. The king doesn’t need to show off here, I realize. They are broken from birth. (pg. 285)

This quote shows how divided society is in this alternate world. But it also allow us to see how it is also so similar to the reality we live in, where people work non-stop and get paid nothing. I am entertained by this book so much, I love the ups and downs and how it is an eye-opener.

How could I? PW#2

My life changed in ten minutes

I went upstairs and my boy was gone

I already know it is my mistake

Even if he is still here, he is lost.


I do not want to admit it, but I saw it

How could I ignore it?

Why did I turn around?

Pretending he was not waiting for me to be around

And all I did was walk out.


And now I hold his hand

Trying to erase him from my plans

Knowing it is my fault

I let the sun take away his shine.

IRJE #1 “Mare’s Real Power”

This is a fragment of the book, Red Queen, by Victoria Aveyard. In this chapter of the book the main character, Mare discovers the thruth about her power and what she is really capable of doing.

Exhaustion comes over me in waves, starting in my muscles and sinking into my bones. I am only human, and humans are not supossed to deal with days like today. With a jolt, I realize my wrist is bare. The red band is gone, taken away. What could that mean? Tears sting my eyes, threatening to fall, but I will not cry. I have that much pride left. I can fight the tears but not the questions. Not the doubt growing in my heart.

What’s happening to me?

What am I? (p. 79)

In the book society is divided in two sections: The Reds, normal humans that don’t hold any power, and The Silvers, who are nearly gods who have powers and enjoy watching the Reds die of hunger. The book represent society at its finest because it shows how putting labels depending on your economic sitution has affected people.

They Shall Not Grow Old

Personal Writing 

After being actually able to see how war really was, I was speechless and I was even more shocked when I heard the tone that the soldiers were using while telling their story. They were talking with such calmness and some of them were even telling jokes about it, somehow they managed to make it sound so normal and for me that is terrifying. The way the government persuaded men and also teens to join war is so heartless. They tricked them into believing that by joining war they were showing how manly they were and the thought of them getting excited, of having an illusion and even the dream to serve their country after being told lies is so inhuman. 

War changed these humans, it doesn’t matter if they were one of the men holding the weapons or a woman taking care of those who war left injured, it just changed the way they saw the world, the meaning of life and even humans. While watching this documentary I noticed that war is not how I imagined it to be, I quite never understood how it happened and after this documentary I realized that the idea and perception that I had were so far from reality. My struggle to visualize the war helped me understand and in a way empathize with those who were also not able to understand it when the soldiers came back.

PW#1 Decide

Growing up is the scariest thing you’ll ever face. You are born and for a quick second there is nothing, next second you have the whole world waiting for you. You grow up and throughout your childhood you are being taken care of, you basically can have whatever you want!
But then… the moment of realization, I am sorry for disappointing you but turns out life is not as easy as they told you it was going to be. You are now in school and you are lonely and depressed. Now your parents don’t seem to understand you the way they used to when you couldn’t even talk. When you were a baby they understood what you wanted by just listening to the way you cried. Now a hundred words are not enough to make them understand. And that’s the way it is and you can’t change that.
Now… another moment of realization, you have to figure out your next move by yourself, they expect you to know yourself so perfectly and have everything in your life planned so you can choose the right career. Like how come the rest of your life literally depends on what you as a teenager decide? You’ve made incorrect decisions throughout your life, what if this one becomes one more? Or what if this is what you were made for? You don’t know it yet but you will figure it out, all you have to do is decide.

I do prefer to be called Dalia :)

Hi! My name is Flor De Dalia but I prefer to go just by Dalia. I am from Mexico so that means that I am a dorm student and I will be here for a short time. Back at home I live right next to the beach so I love swimming, spending time with my eleven dogs and traveling!

I love reading and I spend a lot of time enjoying novels, romance, sci-fi, thrillers and my all time favorite: dystopian fiction. My favorite trilogy is The Hunger Games and my favorite book is “Love Letters to the Death”.

I wouldn’t call myself a writer but I enjoy creating poems and sometimes songs when I feel inspired.