Independent reading (girl in pieces) IRJE #4

In Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow  her life is entering a new chapter, a better chapter. Yet we still don’t know too much about her we have found out her name is Charlotte/Charlie. She’s trying to explain how she got to this point in her life and she put it in a poem that she reads. In one point of the poem she says

Girl listens to radio. Girl finds music. Girl has whole other.               world.

Girl slips on headphones. World gone

Girl draws and draws and draws. World gone. (Pg.82)

In this specific part of the poem I felt very touched sort of understood. Not only was she stating how music and the arts as a hole can affect your life, personally she was talking about the things I love. I listen to music 99% of the time and when you really listen to it it feels like the whole world can disappear, it’s an escape from reality. Not only that but art is a way of expressing your emotions. Sometimes explaining how you feel it’s too hard to put into words, and in this book she has mentioned that before for example.

I wish my eyes could tell her sorry because I had no words (pg.19)

For meany girl such as Charlie and I instead of using your body or your eyes to tell someone what you’re trying to say we use art. This book portrays arts not only as a pass time, Or a creative outlet but away of communication and within it’s a hole world.

Independent reading girl in pieces IRJE #3

At this part in the story we have almost no backstory of the character. She barely talks and we don’t even know her name. She’s going back to how she ended up here and talking about her family specifically her mother. She says

my mother was like a crab: she tucked every thing inside and left only her shell. (pg.28)

I know a lot of people deal with emotions differently and this quote specifically stuck out to me because showing your emotions can be a very vulnerable thing. Being open and honest about your trauma in your past makes you very vulnerable to another person. So I think it’s sometimes seems easier to “tuck things inside”. I believe that she is just describing small part of who her mother was, but it helps you understand the character a lot better. And how the way she coped with things shaped her as a person.

Independent Reading Girl In Pieces IRJE #2

For my independent reading book I am read a new book named Girl in Pieces By Kathleen Glasgow.  It’s about girl who is trying to cope and has been though the most painful things. In this quote she talks about how she is in the hospital and she genuinely wanted to say something but couldn’t.

I wished my eyes to tell her sorry because I had no words. (P.19)

It connected to me specifically because there’s some things you wish you could say but hope they just understand by the way that you’re looking at them. I think facial expressions especially what you’re saying with your eyes can sometimes mean a lot more than words. Sadly many people are scared to use the words, due to the vulnerability they feel when speaking. I think this quote tho it is small it sends an extremely powerful message.


Overall I enjoyed both the book all quite on the western front and the video they shall not grow old. Although I believe they do have a lot in common they both deglamorize the war and give more of a real perspective. Although I think the book was more real and Honest about the true pain and suffering in the war . I personally felt like the video was more impactful even though they were actors being able to view it  made more of a picture in my mid. Imagining it made better understand happened and tell what they were truly going through.

Independent reading IRJE #1

For my independent reading book I have been reading “Emma” by Jane Austen. The book is about Emma a young woman who is very bright and very beautiful and about her coming of age. She is so beautiful and so smart things are just hand it to her it’s about her being able to see things truly. There is one quote in the beginning book  that spoke to me. In this part of the book Her dad and his friend are having a conversation about how she’s becoming a young woman and should find  the right man. Throughout the whole Conversation they discuss how being smart is not enough for a young woman of her age and she needs to settle down. He says,

At ten years old, she had the misfortune of being able to answer questions which puzzled her sister at seventeen. (p. 29)  

It spoke to me because by saying it was a misfortune she was that smart is saying she is not good for anything but her looks. Now although that is disrespect towards her. The fact is she’s never been the type to take it personally she would never get offended. She knew that most people are jealous of how she was smarter than them or prettier than them. She wouldn’t take it to heart because at the end of the day she knew she could be both an independent strong woman and have a lovely and caring man.

All Quiet On The Western Front

    Overall, I enjoyed the book, I thought it was a good read, it deglamorizes the war and shows you the real struggle. To be more specific I paid very close attention to the language. The way Erich Maria Remarque was able to use eloquent and old-fashioned language and gorgeous metaphors. For example, in (chapter1 pg9) He says “Around us stretches the flowery meadow. The grasses sway their tall spears; the white butterflies flutter around and float on the soft warm wind of the late summer.” His writing perfectly displays a picture in your mind of what that exact summer day looked like. His language contributed greatly to the effect the book had on you. The old-fashioned language transported you almost like you were there in real-time.  

   The second thing I noticed well reading the book. Was the plot Erich had a very realistic plot. But at times it was somewhat confusing. And at times I found often I was having a hard time keeping up, whether he was on the front line on leave or where he was along the timeline. For example, in (chapter10) when they found all that amazing food and the two pigs the timeline of when and where they were was not very specific and I had trouble keeping track. Overall, I did very much enjoy the book and it made me feel many different emotions. I would deftly recommend it to a friend. 


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