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PW Kung fury

Kung fury is a movie out of the 1990s written and directed by David Sandberg. It is about a cop who gets struck by a lighting and gets bitten by a cobra, which turns him into the best Kung Fu master in history. He is basically  an unconventional cop with super human abilities. He is about to quit his job, because his boss is not happy with his way of handling things and he is forced to work with someone, Tricera cop when a stranger fires bullets In his own phone injuring multiple police officers.(The gun shots were fired into his phone and come out of the phone of the police) The for the cops still unknown Hitlerwanted to kill Kung fury because he wants to become the greatest Kung Fu master himself

That’s when he meets a harder opponent that usual. Hackerman wants to help him try to find the unknown murderer and it is Hitler, who returned. Hackerman finds a way to hack kung fury back in time to defeat the self named Kung führer before he becomes a threat in the future. But something goes wrong, the cop gets hacked bak into the Viking times and immediately gets attacked by laser raptors. Luckily two feminin Vikings Save him and give him a T-Rex ride to Thor, who then helps him to get into Nazi germany. Landing there he seems to actually get close to Hitler but after defeating good 30 germans Hitler shoots him with a Machine gun and the protagonist falls to the ground. But luckily Thor arrives and with him he brings, Tricera cop, Hackerman, the two Viking ladies and the T-Rex. They kill all the remaining Nazis, but then see the Kung Fu cop on the floor and soon realise he is dead. And even with the help of a giant golden eagle of Hitler they easily win with the T-Rex throwing him into a corner.

We get an inside view of his head where he meets his spiritual animal telling him he is dead. He wants to arrest the cobra, but while jumping towards him Hackerman hacks him alive. Now the crews attention goes to the remaining Hitler pathetically trying to convert Kung Fury to the German side. Thor has enough and slams his Hammer onto the pure evil, the eagle jumps over his leader trying to protect him before the Hammer slams them both into the ground. He lifts the Hammer and finds both the eagle and Hitler completely gone. They don’t think twice about it and decide that that’s better than nothing and assume Hitler is dead.

The final shot is in the future. The eagle lands in Kung Furys city embracing the still living Hitler gently, and then flying the devilish laughing Führer into the sky.


IRJE One of us is lying

The book, One of us, from Karen McManus is about a highschool with expecially much drama and an app to update the entire school about the news. One day in detention a student collapses and later dies in the hospital, the 4 teenagers who were in the school simultaneously are all suspects. The fact that every single one of them has something to hide makes every one suspicious.

A sex tape. A pregnancy scare. Two cheating scandals. And that’s just this weeks update. If all you knew of Bayview high was Simon kellerhers gossip app, you would wonder how anyone found time to go to class.

This is the firs sentence of the book, and it perfectly sets the scene to get into. Not only does it provide the first hint of a lot of drama, it also lays the foundation, for me at least, of a high school atmosphere.


PW cursing

So basically a few moments ago, one of the dorm parents came into my room and caught me cursing about the weather. I apologized but he immediately told me to write an essay on why not to curse again. Now I have already written one of these texts and knew the reasons, that’s when I realised that the points he told me about with no excuse didn’t apply in this situation. I confronted him and after making my arguments his only response was to compare cursing to taking drugs and smoking, which I believe to be a complete exaggeration. He sent me off after that response without giving me the option to argue or at least reply.

Coming to the reasons, which I agree on by the way, the first one was my image. He told me that people might think my knowledge of vocabulary isn’t good enough or im too dumb too think of other words. The friends in the room all knew me and were also aware that my vocabulary isn’t terrible or that im too incompetent too use proper words.

And finally, since I don’t want to explain all the arguments, He made it clear that swearing in front of younger students is not acceptable. This is because, many of them see older students as an example for them, so if we swear we teach them that its ok to swear. This is of course not the case, as mentioned above but also because of a generell sense of manners and respect. Everyone in that room was older or the same age as me so that shouldn’t count.

As I am writing this PW the responsible parent just took me outside to apologize for his miss behaviour, but made it clear that outside our rooms this will not stay unpunished. This made the whole point of my essay utterly useless, but I have written all of this so I will upload it anyway.



Why i would rather live in Aldous Huxleys dystopia than in a world with total freedom or even our present day society.

First of all I want to make clear what my main interest, in a world i live in, is. My top priority is to be happy, to have the warming feeling through recent events for example good grades, a nice day with my friends or a new album of your favorite music artist. Now there are many points why I put so much pressure on being happy but mainly it is because of a book i read, in which the author basically says that, humans lives are completely pointless we live just to die again. Now the main point was that people fill their lives with, in their eyes, important things like children or becoming religious and that mainly serves the purpose of bringing meaning into your life.

I do not agree with that being the highest priority, do not get me wrong i want kids, and probably for the same reasons, but i also believe that you have to enjoy the life you have been given as much as possible, because it could end any day and I accomplish that by doing things that interest me or make fun because that is how I enjoy, in the moment, not in the long run.

So to finally get into the novel of Huxley, the society is always happy and that is what i dream of. There is no need to be scared of anything because the world is exactly like every normal human wants it to be. Now a lot of people would decline the offer of living in that world, because the lack of freedom, but i would rather give up my freedom and live happy than unhappy and free. And i do not think this is a point to argue about, because the ones would live free the others would not. The only thing i will say is that you should take a look at the world we are living in and the dystopia, and now tell me in what world is more suffering more injustice and more unhappiness.



Black boy

The protagonist Richard was sent from his family to tell his uncle that his grandpa had passed away. But his uncle was sleeping and he had just woken him up, instead of being shocked or sad, the uncle just tells him that he needs to learn how to bring news to people appropriately.

I walked home slowly, asking myself what on earth was the matter with me, why it was that i never seemed to do things as people expected them to be done. Every word and gesture I made seemed to provoke hostility.

This paragraph is an excellent example for the main purpose of this book, demonstrating how he never really felt comfortable because he never truly belonged somewhere. He sees the problem in himself, although his problem only lies in his innocence, not recognized by parents and other main characters in the novel.



PW axe throwing

So, last week the school took a few of the lucky dorm students out for a little trip to an axe throwing store. This Saturday was apart from the good breakfast a usual one. The bus was leaving at 2 p.m. and we were about 15 students.

Now i did not know what to expect from this trip I did not pick it because i like axe throwing I picked it because it was the shortest mandatory activity and the least painful. But after arriving I realized that I was actually really looking forward to this, it seemed like a good opportunity to let some of the aggression out and combine that with a healthy dose of food. But I underestimated how much technique the art of axe throwing requires, which eventually lead me to not letting out any aggression but focusing on the throws.

Another good aspect was the kindness of the scottish  employees. They really hepled us actively and made an excelent company. All in all this trip was the best so far, which was also caused by the delicious beaver tales afterwards.



Brave new world is a novel, written by Aldous Noxley. It describes an ideal future world we could live in and all the very explicit details of it.  In this new world there are many differences all caused by the nine year war, which has shown the main cause of all troubles and conflicts, diversity. In UTOPIA babies are not made naturally anymore they are being biologically bred in masses and are being prepared for their predestined places in society, mentally and physically. And one of those preparations is sleeping to a voice repeating this text.

Alpha children wear grey. They work much harder than we do, because they are so frightfully clever. I am really awfully glad I am a Beta, because I do not work so hard. And then we are much better than Gammas and Deltas. Gammas are stupid.

This was played to Beta children in their sleep. For me this perfectly represents the amount of control and influence this world has over their citizens and how they use it. They adapt the people in their young ages so they grow up thinking like this and never change their minds. This might be a shock but i fully support this world and their methods. I will explain why but first of all, for me being happy is the only thing I want to have in my life because our lives are actually completely pointless. We live only to reproduce and die again. Now the best thing I think we can do is enjoy ourselves as much as we can for as long as we can, or we bring meaning into our lives that we believe in. And this world does both of that with the methods they use. They influence the people to be happy in what they will do, and it gives them a goal, a meaning because they will be contributing to society with the jobs they will be signed up for.


Why I love food and it is my hobby

It is a simple answer. To really understand it, we have to look at different aspects of it. Let us start by looking at the basic definition of food.

Food is any substance[1] consumed to provide nutritional support for an organism. It is usually of plant or animal origin, and contains essential nutrients, such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, or minerals. The substance is ingested by an organism and assimilated by the organism’s cells to provide energy, maintain life, or stimulate growth.

So as you can see food is an unbearable factor on how to survive. Now this next part might seem a bit random but I will make sense out of it later. Many people have hobbies, to stay active, spend time with their friends or just  doing something they find joy in, like sports or board games. Now to combine these two points, all of the hobbies people have are fun and may even be healthy but you usually do not need to do any of these necessarily. And this is where the food comes in, because combing something you need with something you love doing is not just more efficient it makes it that much more enjoyable, for example, eating. And this is why eating is such a great hobby it is not only fun it is necessary which, at least for me, makes it genius making eating a hobby.


Blog WW1

War is known as, armed fighting between two or more countries or groups. With many different types of war, like the nuclear, religion based and civil war it is important to make clear wich sort of war you are referring to. In this Blog post I will be writing about world wars, specifically WW1.

First of all, lets talk about the consequences of war. For the people directly involved in a war, like WW1 the biggest problem was the mental health and stability of the usually young men. With books like, All quiet on the western front, a primary source of the first world war we have proof what the war, no matter what kind, does to these men. The first sentence of chapter 11 in the novel

We count the weeks no more.

demonstrates this. They have given up they don’t even believe in time any more or when they can go home, the war has broken them and their will to live. This was mainly caused by the constant fear to die, suffering losses in your own lines and even the killing of the enemies. All these and even more factors caused all these, mostly innocent, soldiers to lose the life they had and be put in a different one, where everything is empty and there is no future. In the short story ~In our time~  by Ernest  Hemingway we join a soldier after the war who is unable to connect to society and who cannot feel human motions anymore.

Now why did so many people go to these wars, if they were so horrible and cruel. This was mainly thanks to the peer pressure the countries applied to the young folk.  Who ever didn’t want to risk their live for his Country would be abandoned from the social scene and even your own parents. On top of that, with most older citizens telling them how glorious and honorable the war was, most men didn’t know what they were getting into. And looking at poems like ~Dulce et Decorum Est1 ~ telling the truth it is not hard to tell how broken most of the men were, directly through the war or indirectly. But it was not only the elderly the whole world was thinking in these patterns as described by Cecil Woodham-Smith in ~ The reason why~.

Now it is not hard to see why we should NEVER repeat something as horrible as WW1 or WW2 again. But how could we achieve this? Now to let all people see how horrible those wars were, we can simply show them all the photos,poems and short stories. We have the chance to learn from their mistakes and do better should it ever be considered an option. War has to always be the last was to settle differences.

Remembrance day

I would refer to the end of the short story of Hemingway, in which he says that we should not just thank them and pray we should help them and stay on their side since they have sacrificed their entire life for this cause and ultimately us. So i would not organize a big orchestra or a group of dancers, I would kepp it raw, just a microphone and our respects.

All the war heroes would have the chance to share their pain and say what lies on those hearts. I would also let all the participants pay their respects to all the ones who have fallen, no matter under which circumstances or which age, because we have absolutely no right to judge them and their actions.

Finally I would have some readings. Poems like ~Flanders fields~ and passages out of books like ~All quiet on the western front~  which represent the war and its terrible consequences to show once again why events like that should never be repeated.



Black Boy

The book ‘Black boy’ is about the life of Richard Wright, who grew up in the woods of Mississippi. He was raised suffering from poverty, hunger, fear and hatred.This particular scene is about how he burned his house just wanting to see how the curtains would burning.

“I had done something wrong, something which I could not hide or deny. Yes I would run away and never come back. I ran out of the kitchen and into the back yard. Where could I go? Yes, under the house! Nobody would find me there…. I was beaten out of my senses and later I found myself in bed, screaming, determined to run away, tussling with my mother and father who were trying to keep me still. I was lost in a fog of fear”

This scene perfectly representes how his life is ruled by cruelty and poverty “I was lost in a fog of fear”. It also shows us how his innocence gets him into more and more trouble, with lines like “I just wanted to know how the curtains looked burning”. Finally it makes his relation to his parents clear “Yes i would run away and never come back”, which wasn’t very good because he just lived in fear of them beating him.


Why i think people are not responsible for their acts

Now this might not be the best way to start a written thought but it is important to keep in mind that it is just a thought, nothing more. To begin with I think we can all agree that humans are influenced at least partly from their surroundings. So what if every human being is just a slave to his experiences and the impact others made on him. If that’s the case than our whole life we really never have the control about anything it is just others. To give u a better picture u have to imagine an individual as a vase. We all have a slightly different form in height,length or thickness but we are a vase. So this vase is going to get filled up with experience, others treatment etc. and we might interpret it differently because of our different shapes but in the end those things build our personality. All our decisions are based on it. And now thinking, that we can’t decide our outer appearance and seemingly not our personality what is left? Nothing. So what gives us the right to punish people through court or police just because their were born in the wrong circumstances.


Why I love Wendy’s

Wendy’s. This fast food restaurant is usually known as a good place to eat, alone or with friends. During my time at the IB school Brookes westshore I have made several experiences with this place.  And that is what this Journal is about, it is about the fact that Wendy’s is so much more than just a common eating place. First of all I want to point out that after my experience the food is better than at places like McDonald’s or Burger King, but that is just one opinion out of many so I will start with the people. The first time I went there, I instantly made a friend, Sarah, she was so nice so we started talking and we came along quite nicely, and now every time I visit I have someone to speak to. At this point you might have already noticed that I am talking about a specific Wendy’s so all the arguments shall not be generalized. Another reason for my love is the place this Wendy’s is stationed. It fits in perfectly between my visits to the gym or my after school activities, and if, after I eat there I still feel hungry I can just go to the near by Tim hortons or London drugs. These and more are the reasons for my love for this place and the explanation why i spend too much money on it.


Quality land

Quality land is a novel published on the 22nd of September 2017 by Marc-Uwe Kling a Songwriter, Author and Entertainer. The book tells us the story about  the frightening future, in which humans loose the control over the machines because they are so realistic that they have characteristics like being shy, afraid of heights or depressed.

In this future all the countries of the world have been transformed into one “QUALITY LAND”. And of course with this kind of Geographic change there are also some changes in the community. For example are baby’s second names the current jobs of their parents which creates names like Paul teacher or Sarah singer. This new country is so important that they even have a new time system quality time which started when Qualityland was started. But the most important change  is without doubt the human ratings. Each individual in Qualityland becomes a rating from 1-100, depending on your rating your life will be influenced. If your level is beneath 10 you are a so called useless and will be treated like one from everyone, but if your level is high enough you get certain benefits like presents, faster shipping of items etc.

This is where we meet our protagonist “Peter homeless” he is a level 11 scrapper who absolutely hates this new world and faced the troubles and problems of it.


Language struggles in another country

When i decided to go to another school, I didn’t think about my german or my English, I thought about getting a really special experience that’ll benefit my learning and personal growth. But after arriving and seeing there are almost no Germans, my views and options of how this year was going to go quickly changed. The problem wasn’t that my English was not good enough, it was that I wouldn’t talk german at all. Now I thought about my future in 11th and 12 grade in germany because not only am I getting worse but my friends are getting better. So what could I do to not fall behind? First of all I would have to stay in touch with teachers and students to be updated. Further more I feel like reading ten minutes everyday would just be enough to be able to read fast and increase my vocabulary. And finally we have language support which will hopefully prove useful, Although the only other german student isn’t in my class.



Animal farm, by George Orwell is about the dangers of  communism using animals as an example. Major, an old boar, has gathered all the pigs on the farm.Before his death he wanted to share his  wisdom with the other pigs, and translates them into visions and prophecies.

-“These comrades, is the answer to all our problems. It is summer up in a single word – Man. Man is the only real enemy we have.”

-“The man is the only creature that consumes without producing.”


I picked this quote because even though it is in the beginning of the book in my eyes it is one of the most aesthetic moments.  I really enjoyed  the truth behind these words. Why are we standing over pigs, chickens, and cows? What gives us the right to destroy their lives like we do.