Six Crimson Cranes: Elizabeth Lim

I started this book, “Six Crimson Cranes”, and it is a kingdom based in the town of Kiata. Shiori, the princess of this kingdom, the only girl of 7, has special magic she can tell no one. Magic is sacred in this kingdom, and if you are found to be using it, you get sent away to a school that reduces your power, and soon causes you to lose it.

Shiori and her 6 older brothers, have a step mother, she doesn’t talk much, and doesn’t involve herself in the kids lives. Shiori’s mother died when she was little, she doesn’t remember much of her, only her brothers do.

Shiori is 17, and forced to marry a prince from another kingdom. Her father and step mother are very persistent to this happening, and Shiori will do anything to stop it.

“I’m not going to enchanter school” I said, the bitterness whether Father would actually exile me, or have me executed, if he found out about my abilities had kept me more nights than i had wished to admit. (pg. 47)

This book is very interesting and I like the storyline to it. It keeps having surprises that I don’t expect, and I do not get bored, which is really important to me. I am excited to keep getting farther into this book, and learning new things.

Calla Eastgaard-Zaharko


This summer I went to Whistler. I don’t usually go to Whistler in the summer, I usually go in the winter to go skiing. But, when I went with my dad after coming from my golf tournament in Prince George, it was super hot. We got there, got our hotel room, which I believe was the Four Seasons. And when we were checking in, the reception guy that helped us, told us there was a shooting, and two people died. Most of the restaurant’s were closed because of it. So, for dinner me and my dad had to go to one of the only places open by the time we started walking to the town square, which was a Japanese Restaurant. It was actually really good.

The reason for the shooting was apparently a couple people that came up from Surrey, Vancouver, and tried to take money from a store, and held two people at gunpoint, and continued to kill them.

It was kind of scary to hear, knowing that I was going to stay in that place for the next 2 days. Anyways, the next day we went for breakfast, which was. amazing, and we went on the gondola that took us to the peak to peak at the top of the ski hill.

Other then the first day, it was a good trip, and I love staying at Whistler, it was just very different then from being there in winter when its snowing and cold.

IRJE: Wilder Girls, by Rory Power

I am still continuing Wilder Girls, as I have been getting farther ad farther into the book, it is getting more interesting, and more things that surprise me. One of the main girls, Byatt, goes missing after she had a flare up from the sickness that plays a big part in this book called “The Tox”. Her best friends Hetty and Reese, the main characters, go looking for her, but the only reason that they are “allowed” to leave is because Hetty is on boat shift, the schedule she has be assigned.

Hetty and Reese are terrified to think that Byatt is dead from her flare up. One of the nights they were out looking for her, they see the headmistress, and the head nurse of the clinic, carrying a body bag. They think it is Byatt, but as they wait for them to leave the body bag to go check, Hetty is terrified. They run to the body bag, open it up, it is not Byatt, it is one of the other students that died from one of her flare ups. They are relieved and continue to go back to the school that night.

“My body remembers the shake and the fear as I ran for my life that first time I was out beyond the fence.” (pg. 141.)

This book has a lot of gore which is why it is entertaining to me. It is busy, moves quick, and has different things then i ever could of imagined in a book.

Start of Winter

As we all know, it snowed this week. I love snow, but who doesn’t. I live on the Malahat, so I seem to get more snow than most people in Langford, but i’m not complaining. But when it snows, it snows a lot.

During the snowfall this week, I got about 6-7 inches. Now, I have 6 dogs, and they LOVE the snow. They would stay outside all day if you could, but they would get too cold. My dog, Hank, he is a small French Bulldog, and when he goes in the snow he disappears, and then all of a sudden he will just pop up out of no where in the snow. All my dogs, at the same time, play in the snow.

I have a 2km driveway, so obviously it is pretty good for sledding. So when I want to go sledding, my dad takes a side by side, which is like a big quad. And we attach a sled, or a GT snowracer, and he drives down the driveway, while i’m on the back. But while we are going down the driveway, all 6 of our dogs are following us, because they think we are going somewhere, so they follow. But when we get to the bottom of the driveway, they cant run back up, because they are all too tired. So, I take the 3 small dogs we have and I put them on the sled with me, which is not easy, but we make it work. And than the other 3 big dogs have to either run or walk back up.

Calla Eastgaard-Zaharko

Independent Reading

I am still continuing the book I wrote about in my first IREJ, Wilder girls, by Rory Power. Since I have gotten farther into the book, it has started to get more interesting. The virus that goes around is called the “tox”, and there is a new girl named Reese, that got introduced to the story, she came out of quarantine, after being in there for months. The tox really effected her, and when she came out of quarantine, everyone was surprised to see she was even alive. Continuing on, Hetty, the main character, got a role called Boat Shift. Everyone in the school wants that shift, because you get to go outside of the school. Originally, you are not allowed to leave the school because the head of Raxtor school taught the girls thats its “dangerous”. There are roles that the girls are given like it’s their “education”, they learn how to do that certain thing, and every month the roles change.

” Oh my god” Byatt says, colour drained from her face.

I can’t move, hurt hollowing out my chest. We’ve fought before, but only over rations. It always ends there. Thats the line we stay behind.

Reese blinks, clears her throat. “She’s fine,” she says gruffly. “She’ll be fine.” (pg.45)

Overall, this book is starting to get more interesting, and i’m starting to enjoy reading it. I am excited to see what happens, and if Hetty has any issues with her new role, Boat Shift. Lots of new characters are coming into the book, and things are starting to get kind of creepy.

Golf Achievements

I have been golfing for 2 years now. I played a little when I was younger, but not competitively. Golf is a sport that takes a long time to learn, I have been practicing as much as I can for the time being. I have learned that it takes a lot of precision, technicality, and time. The game is very mentally draining, frustrating, and you want you quit at times, and I have been there and if not, I still am. But since I have been playing, I have had 2 coaches, and the coach I am with now, has changed my game a lot. Since I have been training with him, I went up north to Prince George, and participated in the BC Summer Games. And by the end of the games, I finished second, which was a super big accomplishment for me, and I was proud that I was even able to qualify and compete in this tournament. Since I started playing golf, I have been competing in local tournaments called Callaway Junior Tours, in these tournaments you don’t win anything, and you are pretty much just learning the environment of tournaments. 1 month ago I also won first, at a club championship at Highland Pacific. This was also a highlight of my golfing career so far, because to be thinking I have only been playing 2 years and have completed these achievements, is pretty cool. By the end of my golfing career, I want to try and get a golf scholarship to UBC because they have a super good golf team for girls. I will be training as much as I can to achieve this.

Calla Eastgaard-Zaharko

Comparison of WW1 pieces

In this unit we have been studying the back story about soldiers participating in WW1. And the pieces we either read or watched, all had a lot in common, but also different in their own ways. In all the stories, they talked about the disaster of the war, and how hard it was to actually have to witness the things the soldiers did. They all felt forced to have to serve in the war, and go into combat, just because either their school told them to fight for their country, or they thought it would be “fun” to do with friends, which obviously was the wrong idea. In the 2 texts we read, All Quiet on the Western Front, and Soldiers Home, they had a lot in common with the going home experiences. Them being home, they felt trapped and it feeling different than leaving post war. Overall, these pieces have a lot in common, just depends on what they focus on.

Calla Eastgaard-Zaharko

IRJE: Wilder Girls

The book i’m reading is called Wilder Girls, by Rory Power. As far as I have gotten, and what I have understood so far, the main characters names are Kat and Byatt. And it is based off an all girl school that is placed in the woods. This school that is called Raxter, is an all girls school, and all these girls have grown up to learn that the outdoors is a dangerous place, and if you step outside the fence that is surrounding the school, you are in danger. Which is ironic since their school is literally in the middle of the forest on an island.

The thing that makes the book interesting, is that there is an infectious disease that goes around Raxter school, and is highly contagious. This virus is painful, but not quite deadly, but causes your body to do crazy stuff.

” My first flare up blinded my right eye and fused it shut, and I thought that was all, until something started to grow underneath. A third eyelid, thats what Byatt thought it was. It didn’t hurt. But itched like hell, but I could feel something moving. Thats why I tried to tear it open.” (pg. 15)

These couple sentences stood out to me because you really get the moral of the story behind the disease that goes around. But they also don’t think about it a ton, and it doesn’t seem to bother them enough to care and be worried. They kind of are just used to it and accepted it, which is kind of a sad way to live. But that also reminds of me how we kinda of grew in the past couple years to just accept that fact that COVID-19 was going around. Overall, I am actually excited to get farther into this book, and learn more about the story that is going to happen.

Calla Eastgaard-Zaharko

Soldiers Home Comparison

These two stories are based off the First World War, on individual soldiers that survived to war, if not survived it to an extent. Even though these stories are based on opposing sides of the War, their arrival home is very similar.

Paul Bäumer who died a month before the war ended. Was sent on leave mid war to go and visit home. But he didn’t feel at home. Nothing felt the same and society itself felt different.

Harold Krebs who returned home from the War and survived. As he got home it also felt different. Nothing felt the same, only the simple things, like the placement of objects.

These two soldiers either survived or didn’t, they shared the same emotions towards home. “Nothing had changed in the town” from Krebs, he didn’t feel at home, he felt different. Socially, it felt like no one would listen to him, same emotions shared with Paul. They both did not want to talk about the war, regular people would not understand how awful it really was, and the things that they saw in front of their eyes.

It was tough for Krebs to get comfortable at home, “Had been able to make him feel cool and clear inside himself” Said by Krebs on the first page. Krebs secretly enjoyed fighting in the War. But he couldn’t say that to anyone, he had to stay quiet. When coming home, he felt un welcomed, and people were not interested in hearing his stories.

Krebs started to share false stories, and lies, that other soldiers experienced, but he personally did not. He did this because he wanted people to be interested and thankful for him, and did that by lying.

Paul and Krebs both share the emotions of coming home. Krebs missed being in combat, and didn’t like being back home, and Paul was out of place and damaged emotionally. They both shared a reaction that was similar, but different meaning, stories, and causes behind it.

Calla Eastgaard-Zaharko

All Quiet on the Western Front

The writer of this book used many things well, but to me I think the one that stood out was setting. Even though it is very different to us, and how we live now, it is crazy to think that this event and disaster actually happened.

The part I enjoyed about this book is that it was very realistic. It really gave me a perspective of how horrible of a tragedy the war really was. It was neat to learn how people lived and how everything worked, because I never really learned any of this before.

When I thought of the setting, I didn’t really know what to picture. But when we talked about it in class it made a lot more sense. It is kind of hard to understand what setting they are in, because we cant exactly see it. So, you need to picture it in your mind and just go with the story that you come up with.

As I was saying about the perspective and realism of the story, this book gives you a great perspective on how the war had happened. The book uses the setting to introduce new things and explain how it happened. But it still is difficult to understand how it is to really face the tragedy of the war. They talk about it in the book, on how Paul went home, and people would ask about the war and wanted details about it. But he just can’t or won’t explain because its hard to answer if you weren’t actually there.

At the beginning of reading the book it was kind of boring because I did not really know what to expect. But after reading a couple chapters, it started to get more realistic. It then made me engaged more, and I actually wanted to keep reading it, and not knowing what comes next.



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I live in Victoria, and always have. I mostly live with my dad, step mom, and step sister. And with my mom i have one half brother. In my free time i play golf competitively, work, hangout with friends, and watch shows.

In this upcoming year, i would like to learn how to improve my personal writing. And i know i have to read more, even though it’s not my favourite. But i want to learn how to enjoy reading, and how it will help me with the outcome of my work.