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Personal Writting

Write about your favourite childhood toy.”

My favorite toy when I was a child was a little pink bear. It had white ribbons attached to both of their round ears, it was really soft that I always slept with it, and I was always hugging it.

It didn’t had an actual name, I just called it “Osito” which is little bear in Spanish. I always took this little guy evreywhere,I couldn’t be 2 seconds without it.

Every time they washed it, it took like 1 day, so I that day I just cried and cried. I

One time I left it at a restaurant, I was so sad and I couldn’t stop crying, that my parents went to back to  the restaurant to pick it up.

When I turned 5, it started to look quite old, so my mom decided that it was time to put it away forever. I was really sad, but I kind of understood it.

A few days later I received another similar bear and I was happy again.


Independent Reading

Throughout the book All Quiet on the Western Front, Remarque describes the soldiers as men who are constantly in the edge from death. The final chapter of the novel highlights this point home with savage irony. Paul and his friends survive nearly three years of war, only to die within months of the peace agreement. Paul dies in October 1918,; World War I end was signed in November. Paul is also the last survivor of the boys in his class. His death marks the end of a generation of young men from his town, who represent the lost generation as a whole.

I am very quiet. Let the months and years come, they can bring me nothing more. I am so alone, and so without hope that I can confront them without fear. The life that has born me through these years is still in my hands and eyes. Whether I have subdued it, I know not. But so long as it is there it will seek its own way out, heedless of the will that is within me. (12.10)

At this point, Paul seems to no longer have any dreams, hopes, or plans.He transmits that  his enemy is his own life, and can’t continue with it. 



Personal writing Nov 7th

Which season of the year do you like best? Why?


Speaking of my favorite season of the year, it’s hard to choose one because I like them all, but if I get to choose one, I think it would be Fall.  I believe all of them are quite different and there’s different ways of enjoying them.

My entire life, Spring has been my favorite season because it is my birthday, it is when the animals stop hibernating, when the flowers and trees grow again, the sun starts to come out, there’s a spring break, etc.

This year that I came to Canada, it changed my thoughts completely. Now Fall is my favorite and is the one I like best. First of all I adore everything that has to do with pumpkin! ( pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, etc). All trees turn orange, yellow and a beautiful tone of red, then all the leaves fall down and all the streets are covered in those gorgeous colors. Another reason is that I get to wear warm clothes, not that warm because it’s not winter, but warm enough to be comfortable and  peaceful. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays so in Fall all of the halloween movies got out in Netflix, we go treat or treating, people dress up with their friends, etc.

I would have never thought Fall actually becoming my favorite season, but I’m glad it did!


WWI Remembrance Day

World War I (WWI)  involved more countries than any other war did before. Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire (the Central Powers) fought against Great Britain, France, Russia, Italy, Romania, Japan and the United States (the Allied Powers). Over 9 million from the military died during this war, and over 7 million men were left disabled for the rest of their lives. It is not surprising at all that the effects of WW1 were still present decades later, it just brought too many consequences. The world would never be the same again, WW1 definitely created an atmosphere and a new place to live that allowed the rise of the Nazi Party and the start of WW2.

We tend to remember past wars for honoring the people who sacrifice themselves for standing up for their country. Those people demonstrated great values that somehow they must be reflected in the society we are living. We must remember wars in a way we feel proud for all of the soldiers that lost their lives, and for remembering that we can get over anything and move forward as a united country.

A way of preventing conflicts that might end in wars, it’s really important to understand what causes it, and what approaches have, and haven’t been successful in the past.

“In Flanders Fields” by John McRae, he is principally focusing on the sacrifices that the soldiers are making for their countries and for the people living in them.

For example:

“Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw the torch;
be yours to hold it high.” (In Flanders Fields by John McRae)

All Quiet on The Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque, describes the German soldiers’  physical and mental extreme stress during the war, and the detachment from the civilian life felt by many of these soldiers once they return home from the front.

At the sound of the first droning of the shells we rush back, in one part of our being, a thousand years. By the animal instinct that is awakened in us we are led and protected. It is not conscious; it is far quicker, much more sure, less fallible, than consciousness. . . . It is this other, this second sight in us, that has thrown us to the ground and saved us, without our knowing how. . . . We march up, moody or good-tempered soldiers—we reach the zone where the front begins and become on the instant human animals. (chapter 4 – p, 56)

Paul Baümer best describes with this quote, the transformation that soldiers have when heading into battle (psychological and physically). Paul observes his fellow comrades perform this act through battles.  They tend  to become good-tempered men/soldiers, but instead they all become fierce beasts (human animals). To survive the battle, it is necessary that soldiers put aside the thoughtful and analytical part of their minds and lean completely instead on their animal instinct. Paul outlines men who have been walking along and suddenly thrown themselves to the ground just in time to avoid a shell, without having been consciously aware that a shell was approaching and without having the intention to avoid it. Paul calls this behavior a  “second sight” and states that it is the only thing that allows soldiers to survive a battle. We could say that Paul mentions personally  that battles and wars are animalistic, they can bring out the worst of a person, and can wreak on a soldier’s humanity.

If someday I get the opportunity of making a Remembrance Day ceremony, it would be the day the war ended at 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month. People would wear a red poppy as a symbol of remembrance for those who fought and helped in the war. First there would be 2 minutes of silence remembering the people who have died in wars. Then, the recitation of “In Flanders Fields” by John McRae, to commemorate fallen soldiers.  Finally, I would love if a family member of a soldier or the soldier himself gives out a speech, there’s no specific things they have to say, just some words that are born from their hearts.



All Quiet On The Western Front

All Quiet On The Western Front is a novel written by Erich Maria Remarque, published by Fawcett in 1978. The author himself combat during World War I and was wounded five times.

The story demonstrates the horrifying things in wars from the point of view from is the narrator who a young soldier, Paul Baumer.

Soldiers at such a young age, are fighting battles, starving, having lack of sleep, being in dangerous positions, and all for their country. This are  sacrifices people do to protect what they love.

When my mother says to me “dear boy,” it means much more than when another uses it. I know well enough that the jar of whortleberries is the only one they have had for months, and that she has kept it for me; and the somewhat stale cakes that she gives me too. She has taken a favourable opportunity of getting a few and has put them all by for me. (7.12)

In this moment, there’s a different kind of how sacrifice is represnted if you  compare it to the sacrifice soldiers make in giving up their lives for their country. Paul’s mother’s sacrifice is born out of love for him, and she sacrifices her rations, her family’s own food, for the sake of her son. This kind of love stands out like a neon light in the harsh and violent context of war.


Write about a typical (even boring!) weekday. It might seem dull now – but in 20 or 30 years, you might be fascinated to read about the little details of your life.

Today, as my personal writing, I’m going to describe what its a normal regular week day in my life.

I try to make a week routine so I am able to know what to do every day. I’ll use a normal Wednesday at Brookes for my description.

My alarm sounds at 7:10 am, so I wake up, use my phone for 5 minutes maximum and then get in the shower for 10 min.

After taking a shower I dress up and get my hair done which takes me around 20 minutes.

When I’m ready I make my bed and make my room look nice and neat.

At 8:00 am, I go down for breakfast and make myself a yogurt bowl with fruit and cereal, afterwards I go upstairs to brush my teeth.

At 8:50 am school begins and ends at 3:30 pm.

After school I go to the gym at Juan de Fuca from 4:15 pm to 5:15 pm. When I’m done, I take a shower and get ready to head back to school.

I get to school at 5:55 pm, ready to have dinner from 6:00 to 7:00 pm.

After dinner I have 1 hour to hang out with my friends and take to my family in Mexico because from 8 to 9 pm, we have study block.

When I’m done with all of my homework and other stuff, I lay on my bed and stay on my phone till I get sleepy.

I end up sleeping at 11:45 pm most of the time.



Handle with Care IR #3

Throughout the chapters, the situation between Wren and Lincoln is kind of uncomfortable because last time they argued about Wren’s job being a “babysitter”.

After all, both brothers have to accept that the only thing Wren wants is being able to work at Moorehead, it’s not that she wants to being behind the brothers backs.

I handled him. I have authorization to restrain or subdue him if the situation calls for it


This quote actually explains the “power” Wren has over the brothers.

I wrote the word power in quotations marks, because Lincoln and Armstrong have power over Wren, but she is actually the one that is telling them in what ways should they handle things.


If you were invisible for a day, where would you go and what would you do?

If I was invisible for a whole day, I think that would be a really interesting and fun adventure.

The fact of being at any place where people don’t know you are just beside them and hearing what they’re saying about you or about somebody else, it’s a really tentative thing to do. The issue here is that you don’t know what to expect to hear from other people. If they are saying things when they think you are not around, it’s of course for a reason.

One of the things I would do, would  be pranking on my friends. I would love to see their reactions and then making fun of them.

Another thing that I would totally do, would be hopping on an airplane and traveling to all of the places I can get to, as fast as I can on 1 day.

If there’s a big test coming up, I would definitely go and take the answers from the teacher. (Sorry not sorry) It would be really helpful.

Finally, I would go free shopping! I would literally grab 5 items of each store at the entire mall.

Being invisible for a whole day can be really fun and an enjoyable thing to do, but only if it is done correctly.





Handle with Care

In Handle by Care by Helena Hunting, after Lincoln’s dad passes away, he is now known as Mr. Moorehead, CEO of Moorehead Media. Having that kind of position will bring lots of work and meetings which Lincoln is not happy about it.

In the other hand, there’s Armstrong (Lincoln’s brother) who would’ve killed himself for being CEO, but his father left a legacy were Lincoln was named for be the one running the business, not him.

Wren’s job at Moorehead Media is being an independent PR consultant and also being in charge of overhauling both brothers image. None of the brothers are happy about Wren’s work. Armstrong thinks he is being babysitted and Lincoln doesn’t feels comfortable because he realizes that Wren was the woman he met at a bar and felt he had a connection with her.

As I openly stare- I don’t even look away when she lifts those mesmerizing gray eyes and catches me fragments of last night filter through my brain in a disjointed, foggy mess. (p. 31)

I find this quote a mix of romance and confusion. Lincoln is describing Wren’s eyes in a quite nice and angelic way, which means he hasn’t stopped staring at her all day. There’s something about her stare that makes Lincoln want to remember the night they met, but it’s just too hard for him remembering everything.

Though Lincoln’s memories aren’t quite sure, there’s one thing he is certain of. He knows from the first moment they spoke, there was sort of a connection between them.





Best Thing I’ve Done This Year

What is the best thing you’ve done this year? Why?

Definitely the best thing I’ve done this year, is making the decision of coming to Canada for a year and choosing Brookes as my school and my place to live.


I’ve always wanted to study in another country because I know lots of people who’ve had that experience, and all they talk about are wonders.

Having the opportunity of studying in another country is something that not everyone has, so I really have to make this experience worth it.

I chose Brookes because when I saw it the first time in some videos and posts, I knew that was the place I wanted to study. It looked new, friendly, homely, and so much fun.

The fact of living far away from home, might be hard at first, but soon or later, everyone needs to become independent and this experience is totally preparing you for it.

Thanks to this big event, I met new people from different countries that I’m pretty sure they’ll be my friends for a long time.

I’m sure this experience will help me grow as a better person and will definitely help me to expand my horizons.

I have no regrets at all, in fact, I think this is the best decision I’ve made in my whole life.



Handle with Care

In Handle with Care by Helena Hunting, Lincoln Moorehead is named the CEO Moorehead Media thanks to his father’s death, he’s been trying to avoid his family for a long time, specially his brother who’ve always wanted to be the CEO Moorehead Media. Lincoln’s bad attitude will change completely thanks to Wren Sterling, the woman he met at a bar; he was totally drunk that he can’t remember a thing about the night he met her, but there was some sort of connection.

Things will change when Wren starts working at Moorehead Media, she remembers Lincoln perfectly, but Lincoln doesn’t, he just seems she is quite familiar from somewhere.

“That solving your problems?” I gave him a wry grin and tip my chin in the direction of his bottle of Johniee. (2)

“Nah, but it help quiet down all the noise up here.” He taps his temple and blurts, “My dad died.” (2)

“I’m drunk,” he mumbles. (2)

I take his hands between mine. (5)

“Your hands are small,” he observes as I line his thumb up with the sensor pad and press down. (5)

“Something about big hands, big heart” (5)

“What’s the plan if you’re not putting Armstrong in charge?” “I need you to stay in NY for a while and help manage things”. (27)

Quotes from page number 2 are showing the time they first met at a bar, where Lincoln told Wren about his problems thanks to the state of alcoholism he was. Wren’s and Lincoln’s connection started growing since they first crossed looks, words, and hands.