IRJE: “All This Time”


The book I’m reading is called “All This Time” by  Mikki Daughtry and Rachael Lippincott. Kyle is improving each time more with his feelings, he is realizing more and more the situation. Sam, Kyles best friend, is still looking for Kyle and wants to keep their friendship together but Kyle has been having problems with Sam and doesn’t know if he wants to keep being his friend. They are getting into fights because of Kimberly although Kyle was already over it.

“I never knew love could feel like this. That it could get so deep inside me that I have two hearts beating in my chest…“ I pull her hand up to rest above my heart. “Yours and mine. As long as we love each other, Marley, this will last. Nothing is going to stop or change that. I will love you forever. I promise.“ page. 198

Kyle is still seeing Marley and they are trying to have a relationship even-though  their personal problems. This quote is important because it means that Kyle is accepting the love he has for Marley. All the emotions and feelings are finally showing and he is confessing to Marley. He is experimenting new emotions, feelings he had never felt and he is scared of it, he doesn’t want his heart to break again.

IRJE : “All This Time”

The book I’m reading is called “All This Time” by Mikki Daughtry and Rachael Lippincott.

“Her voice is barely more than a whisper as she finishes the story. “And she knew that she was loved.”

Our eyes lock, and I know this isn’t friendship. All my excuses fall away. I don’t think about if it’s wrong or right or anything. I love her. I love her like the man in the moon loved that girl.”

This quote is important in the story because Kyle is finally accepting his feeling for Marley and doesn’t want to hide them anymore. He wants to try how things work with Marley and wants to give his 100%. They both had been going out and everything feels right for a moment until Kyles mind plays with him and he starts thinking that this isn’t the right thing to do and that he belongs to Kimberly although she’s not there anymore. Kyle is realizing many things and emotions when he’s with Marley. Marley is also going through a loss and she also thinks it’s her fault, same as Kyle.  Kyle sees in Marley all the unspoken things he is feeling. As the story is going on, Kyle tries to open more by telling Marley how he feels, sometimes its hard but he tries his best, he makes this because Kimberly never expressed how she felt and Kyle didn’t like that so he doesn’t want this to happen in his relationship with Marley.


Christmas is and will forever be my favorite holiday. I love Christmas , it brings me so much peace. I love all the things related to Christmas, the decorations, the music, the snow, colors, especially the food, the desserts, the games and the traditions, everything. Since I was little I have loved the tradition of waking up early and going to the Christmas tree to open Santas presents. As well the tradition of putting the letter on the Christmas tree with cookies and a cup of hot milk for Santa. I remember that I used to have an elf that supposedly Santa gave to me to take care of me and her job was to tell Santa if I misbehave. I used to take my elf everywhere with me, but it had to go back before the 25 so I leave my elf the night of the 24 by the Christmas tree and the next day she was gone but I had Santas presents. I still put my Santas letter by the tree because I have two little brothers so my family wants me to keep the Christmas spirit for them, and I have fun doing it because it reminds me of my childhood. Now my favorite moment is the family dinner, all my family meets in my house and we eat together and play games, also sometimes we make an exchange between us, thats really fun. I’m so excited for this years Christmas and I can’t wait to see my family.

IRJE “All This Time”

The book I’m reading is called “All This Time“, by Mikki Daughtry and Rachel Lippincott. The book is very interesting because is getting more and more intriguing each time. Kyle is still trying to go over his dead girlfriend Kimberly, and he is still getting flashbacks about her every time. He went to visit her to the cemetery, there he sees a girl, Marley. Everything happened so fast, they two started hanging out, they went to get lunch. One day Kyle decide to invite Marley to his house to have dinner with his mom. Kyles mom was intrigue in knowing Marley. Since Kyle has known Marley he has been more happy, he goes out more and doesn’t get that much flashbacks of Kimberly. Marley accept going to Kyles house. Kyle was so excited but at the same time he started to fill guilt about Kimberly. He didn’t let himself be happy again because of what had happen to Kimberly. He was still blaming himself for that. Marley arrived and everyone started panicking, she left and Kyle went behind her. He wanted to talk and short things out.

“The thing is… I do know exactly what she means by “us”.

We just get each other. And even though it feels like something I shouldn’t admit, I can’t help but be excited about our do-over.

Excited about us”.

I feel that this quote is really important for Kyle, it means that he is finally moving on with his life, although it’s sometimes hard but he is trying. He feels a strong connection with Marley since they both experienced the dead of someone close. Kyle is constantly thinking that everything happens for a reason and if he meet Marley its because something is going to happen, they both are going to help each other.

My future life

I have though of my future life many times, all that times I always end up changing something since Im a very indecisive person. I always wanted to have a family and a big house, I would like to have 2 kids. But before this I want to do many things. First of all I want to graduate from college and then start working. I still don’t know what Im going to study but I do know that I don’t want to go to university in Mexico, I prefer studying somewhere else like Spain, Canada, United States, etc. After university I want to start working, become independent and be my own source of money. My dream is to live in Italy or in New York, start working there, maybe open a business if possible and be happy while living my dream. Also I want to travel all around the world and get to know more cultures, food, and people. I’ll love to go to Japan and Singapore. I want to have an apartment and i would like to live there for a while. After I have achieve most of the things that I want, then I want to get married and have a big party with a beautiful dress, invite all my friends and family and just have a great time. Then babies can come and the big house but before this i want to have the time of my life, hangout with friends, go to parties, focus on my studies, everything that a teenager would do.

Comparing and Contrasting

“All Quiet On The Western Front”, “Soldier’s Home” and “They Shall Not Grow Old”, are different stories but at the end the three are talking about the same thing, war. Paul and Krebs share some similar emotions, they show how after going back home they don’t feel the same. While on “They Shall Not Grow Old” shows more how was living on the war like. What the soldiers did on their free time, what they learn, how they got prepared for combat, how they were feeling and how when they were on combat nothing matter but themselves. It shows all the good things that the soldiers went through as well as the bad things. The three stories expressed how the soldiers felt when they have to go to war and how difficult it was. All the soldiers didn’t know if they were going to be alive when in combat. They all showed a different perspective of the war and details about it. At the end the three stories told how just in a moment your whole life can change. Soldiers didn’t care if they lost the war, they just wanted it to end.

IRJE: “All This Time”

The book I’m reading is called “All This Time” by Mikki Daughtry and Rachael Lippincott. So far, the book is about a perfect couple Kyle and Kimberly. At least that’s what Kyle thought. They have been together since high school, they were planning on going to collage together but suddenly Kimberly drops a bomb about their relationship to Kyle and everything changed. They got into a fight. Kyle decided to leave and Kimberly went behind him. They get into the car and Kyle started accelerating, they had a terrible accident, Kimberly died. Kyle doesn’t know how to cope with this situation, he just feels bad and blames himself for what happened. He tries to move on but as much as he tries it’s impossible.
Kyle started imagining and seeing Kimberly’s presence. He sees her everywhere.

“You’re not here,” I whisper.
“I haven’t left,“ she says as she turns to look at me, the stadium lights illuminating the rest of her face. The entire right side of her head is cut up and bloody, her blond hair matted and red. She reaches out her hand to touch mine. And nothing stops her. I feel it. But no one else is reacting. (pg.52)

I like this quote because it shows that after how much he tries to move on he can’t. He always sees her and also the way he is seeing her is affecting him in a massive way. How he has been traumatized about the car accident. Although all the things that happened, the fight they had, all the things she said to him, the accident, he still loved her. Even though he blamed himself and tried to move on, she will always be in a special place in his heart and he will always blame himself.

Comparison of Soldier’s Home and All Quiet On The Western Front

Soldier’s Home and All Quiet on the Western Front have many similarities but as well differences. Both stories are very interesting although they both show a different perspective of the war. They both have shown many emotions from part of Paul and Krebs.

Krebs feels that without war he can’t live, his only purpose was fighting on the war. He wasn’t happy when he had to return home. He return back six months later after the war ended. Krebs wanted to tell everyone all the things that he made, he was proud of and made him feel good with himself but for some people they were horrible things. So he told lies about the war.

“All of the times that had been able to make him feel cool and clear inside himself when he thought of them; the times so long back when he had done the one thing, the only thing for a man to do, easily and naturally, when he might have done something else, now lost their cool, valuable quality and then were lost themselves.” (page. 1)

When Paul went back to visit his family and to his hometown, he didn’t find any sense anymore. Same as Krebs, he felt empty without the war cause it made him feel better, like he was achieving something in life, he enjoyed being a soldier, he was proud of it. Nothing felt the same after going back home for both characters, ”Nothing had changed in the town.” said Krebs. Although everything was the same, their emotions were the only thing different. Their stories of the war are different but their feelings are the same.

All Quiet On The Western Front

I found All Quiet On The Western Front a very interesting book. It shows us the other perspective of the war. All the suffering and obstacles that the soldiers had to go through and we didn’t know. Some people think that war is a good thing since people is defending their country but they don’t really know until they read about it. It’s very impressive to know all the horrible things the soldiers experience. All the traumas they went through, how they were feeling, the desperation they felt, how their lives changed drastically, it was something impacting to read.

I wasn’t expecting for me to like this book since it’s not what I would read. At the beginning I thought it was boring but then as I was reading I was more interested because of the way the author write the story. I think that the author develop very good the character of Paul. I enjoyed how well he expressed Pauls feelings and also for the rest of the characters. The end of the book was speechless. “Turning him over one saw that he could not have suffered long; his face has an expression of calm, as though almost glad the end had come”, (page. 296). This last sentence of the book left me thinking and processing a lot. How for this people dead was like a way out. I enjoy the book. Although it had a hard language it made me realize many things and feel many emotions.