Luis Miguel

Luis Miguel is a very famous singer in Mexico  that sings in Spanish and Italian. Most people  call him “El Sol de Mexico” that means “the Sun of Mexico”.

He started singing at a very young age because his dad was famous in Argentina so they put a lot of pressure on his he would take pill so that he wouldn’t sleep because he had to do school sing go to concerts and write songs.

His mom disappeared and was never found until  this day and his dad died on 1996 by the way  Luis Miguel was the number 1 most listener in Mexico.

I know Luis Miguel because its my dads god  he’s always listening to him so my brother and I are have always loved his music so we know al off his songs.

Some of my favorite songs are: Ahora te puedes Marchar,La Bikina, La Incondicional,Hasta Que Me Olvides,Culpable o no,México en la Piel,Palabra de honor,Cuando Calienta el Sol,La Chica del Bikini Azul,1+1=2 enamorados, Sabes una cosa, Isabel and Fría como el viento peligrosa como el mar.

IRJE One Us is Lying

In one of us is lying is a very interesting brook from what I read because I haven’t finished it yet but im almost done.

In the school they are there is this Vlog where they tell gossips about everyone at that school at the writer is called Simon Kellher everyone hated him because if he wrote about you you’re social life would be over people would stop talking to you for like a week until the next gossip started, the book starts with 6 people in detention and we don’t know how they are  Simon Kellher , Bronyn Rojas Nate  Mcauley, Cooper Clay, Addy Prentiss, Jake Riorden after that there a crash airside the school so the teacher leaves and Simon is bothering people about the vlog he makes a really dramatic scene and then he drinks water and  he starts  choking with the water.

“This tastes like crap.”

“Simon, she says, shaking his shoulder.” Are you okey ” what happened ? Can you talked ?”


IRJE It Ends With Us

It ends with us is a very romantic book, its about a girl named lili who has problems at home and she moves to Boston and  meets this boy called Ryan he is a neurosurgeon. However she has many problems with trusting men. She then starts dating Ryan but then she meets her childhood crush Atlas in a restaurant. She falls involve whilst she is still with Ryan. Ryan finds out and beats lili up. Ryan and lili work there problems out and get married in Las Vegas. I find this book very interesting as I like reading romance novels.

“We’re all just people who sometimes do bad things.” Chapter 1, Page 17)

Comparison of Soldier’s Home and All Quiet On The Western Front

Soldier’s Home and All Quiet On The Western Front are very different but they have some similarities like how they both show different emotions and how when they both go back to there homes they both didn’t find any sense or feel at home, they both talked about war how hard was it to and how traumatic it was but the differences are that .

In Soldier’s Home  Kerbs the main character is really isolated he wants to go back to war and in his own experience he enjoyed war. However Paul really disliked war and didn’t want to talk of it.

“All of the times that had been able to make him feel cool and clear inside himself when he thought of them; the times so long back when he had done the one thing, the only thing for a man to do, easily and naturally, when he might have done something else, now lost their cool, valuable quality and then were lost themselves.”


All Quiet on the Western front Response

All Quiet on the Western Front was a very good book but also sad and traumatic, thinking about how soldiers would live like that and how they would manipulate them to get into the army and making them think how the army was the best thing that could happened. The things they went through like when the soldiers started dying the living soldiers didn’t know hoe to reacted to celebrate if they because they have more food or too fell sad because of half of the soldier died.

Thinking of how Paul felt when his best friends died he was the last one of his friends and the worst part is that he also died, but is really funny thinking how one day you can be in school and people are talking about a war that might happened and the next day you are signing up for the army because you and you’re friends think is going to be a cool experience and fun and when you come back feeling proud of you’re self for defending you’re country and the next day you lost all of you’re friend and  you haven’t seen you’re family in ages and you’re fears is that you’re are never going too see them.

The worst part is that is you didn’t go to the army people would make fun of you or you wouldn’t have friend or the respect of other, in conclusion I did like the book a lot I would even watch the movie but it did make me thinking about how can people do that kill people just because they have disagreement or they want more territory.

My trip to Asia

In 2019 I went to Asia for mi grandparents 50th anniversary It was really fun we went to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia ,Myanmar,  Laos, and Japan  it was really fun I went with my mom, brother, grandma, grandpa, aunt and  my 2 cousins. I remember the food in Thailand was really good and the building where super big like 50 floors,  we got on some elephants and at first I was scared but after that I loved it and where we were going I wanted to get on an elephant, after Thailand we went to Myanmar is so pretty the I didn’t love the food but there are nudist there and they have this beautiful golden temples and they paint you’re face with like mood but after you wash it of you’re face is really soft.  We went to Hanoi and it was so pretty I just stayed one day but we ate in a bote and it was really fun  After we went to Vietnam and it was amazing its one of my favorite places the food was really good and we went to see a museum about the war and it was really cool they show us there techniques and it amazing. Cambodia Is also really pretty I remember that we  stayed in a hotel but it was surrounded by water  it was really cool. In laos I got sick so I only remember eating at a restaurant .In  Japan me and my brother got lost and we had money so we went to get food and we had a weird thing .It was a really cool expirience and I would love to do it again.

Compering and Contrasting

The story, movie and book are different because they both have different characters and different points of view . The movie talks about the process of the war and what was happening before and during it, they were also many people’s stories not just one. While the book talks more about it, more in detail and just follows one person’s story and talked about how hard was the war for him and his friends. In the short story they talk about after the war and his life after it , that he missed the war and the adrenaline he felt empty without the war  .  After all they are about the same how horrific the First World War was.

Hi , my name is Cristina I’m from Mexico City and is my first year in Brooks.

I like to listen to  The Weeknd, travel and fashion.

My expectation for this year is to read more book and learn more vocabulary .