IRJE Fire & Blood

Fire & Blood by George RR Martin is the prequel to his famous book Game of Thrones. It talks about the targaryen family, from when they conquered Westeros, which is the land the story takes place, to the start of Game of Thrones. So far ive read up to page 53, from page 1 to 53 it talks about Aegon the Conqueror, who lived on a castle called Dragonstone with his two sisters, Rhaenys and Viserya, Rhaenys being the youngest, Viserya the oldest and Aegon the middle child. To keep the bloodline pure, the Targaryens would have incest…yes, incest. One day Aegon decided to conquer Westeros, so he did, the Targaryens are famous for taming dragons, all three siblings had one, Aegon had Balerion, the biggest and strongest of them all, Visenya had Vhagar, and Rhaenys had Meraxes. Aegon and her sisters fought many battles with their armies, and conquering all of westeros, except dorne, which was to the south of Westeros. After conquering all of westeros and everyone bowing down to him, he was proclaimed king and created a new palace, Kings Landing, there he made the Iron Throne where the king sat. After becoming king Aegon fought Dorne for it to surrender, in the end it was around 10 years of war when Dorne finally surrendered, thats what ive read so far, it is a really interesting book which I encourage everyone to read.

“I will not fight you, nor will I kneel to you. Dorne has no king, tell your brother that”

This was said by the queen of Dorne who was 89 years old or somewhere around that to Rhaenys. I like this quote because it talks about how even after a newcomer arrives, conquers all lands, and is the most dangerous person alive, they wont bend the knee for him.

Personal Writing – Veracruz

Around 1 and a half year ago, One of my close friends decided that for his birthday he would take me and 2 other friends to Veracruz. Veracruz is a 2-3 hour drive from where I live, Puebla. His little brother, mom, dad and an chacha came too. On the way there we played on our nintendo switches, which is a portable console, Me and the friend that planned the tripped were playing a brand new game that came out like 2 weeks ago at the time, this made my other 2 friends very anxious. Once we got to Veracruz we went to a sushi restaurant, I dont remember what I got but I remember my friend ate a lot of wasabi, this didnt end well for him. We got to my friends parents apartment and got all set up, there were 4 rooms, 1 for the chacha, 1 for the parents and the little brother, and the other 2 for us. After getting everything set up we all just chilled for a bit then went to the pool, it was really fun, I lost my slippers sadly. Everyone decided to head back to the apartment and get ready to go to the mall, when we got there we went to a really good seafood restaurant, we ate next to a great view to the sea, my mask also flew off sadly. We strolled around the mall for a bit, I got ice cream and then left back to the apartment. After joking around for a while we went to sleep, me and my friend turned the lights off an hour later, and had a deep talk about women for the next hour. The next morning we woke up to the beatiful sound of waves crashing against the sand, tho I saw my friend still asleep, I woke up good that day so i let him be, I went to my other friends and saw they were still asleep, I went to the couch and waited for them to wake up. When everyone was awake we had breakfast, and then me and my friend played on our nintendo switches, one of my friends decided he couldnt wait anymore and bought the game we were playing, now only one guy didnt have the game. We didnt do much that day, except that night we went to an enclosed theme park and gokart racing, this is where tragedy struck. I was carrying my phone with me, and i put it in my pockets and got inside the gokart, my dumbass didnt leave it behind, the race started, i was halfway through when I noticed my phone was about to fall and be crushed by the wheel, I reached for it, but then I hit the wall. My phone was cracked, I was pissed, I cannot bear this type of stuff, I was so mad, and I didnt even win the god damn race, after the gokarts we just had fun at some arcades in the enclosed theme park and headed home. That night we were in the couch playing on our nintendos, until the last friend that didnt have the game, acquired it, so we all joined the same party in the game and had a great time, then we went to sleep and talk. The next morning was going to be the best day, because it was my friends birthday and his parents friend had a yacht and we were going to use it, so we did, we met with my friends cousins and uncles too. We went to a mini island and found lots of stuff, like fishes or sea urchins, we also jumped off the yacht into the water. We then later chilled and went to the sea and jumped in, we then went to the front of the yacht and had deep conversations again for the thirth time. We then headed to the apartment and got him a cake and smashed his head into it, We then played the same game again and went to sleep instantly after. The next morning we packed everything up, went to have breakfast, I had pancackes, and headed back home. This memory is definetly one of my happiest memories I will always cherish.

“they shall not grow old”

“They shall not grow old” shows us what happened in the war, from start to end, from the British point of view. The young boys and men wanting to join the army thinking its going to be fun and have a great time, hurts to watch, those men didnt know what they were getting themselves into, the pain, suffering, and grief they would have to deal with is insane for some of their ages, some even lied of their age to get in the army. “All quiet on the western front” and “soldiers home” describes to us mostly the emotional state of soldiers, “They shall not grow old” shows us the grusomeness of the events, the dead bodies, the bombardment, every single thing that happens in the war is showed to us. We dont really see much of how they feel except at the start they are really happy and excited, later you can tell they dont have smiles on their faces anymore. Some similarities I managed to point out or think about were some such as soldiers in dispair, they knew they could die any minute, and some did die with that feeling in their chest, soldiers knowing that when they came back home they wouldnt be the same person, everything changes when you go to war. All the surviving soldiers came home to grim families(most of them), no available jobs, and some came home without limbs, eyes, or features that “made them human”. “They shall not grow old” changes your perspective on war, on soldiers, on people, in the end, everyone just wants a hug.

IRJE “Scythe”

Scythe is about a dystopian society were one cannot die by any regular cause, hunger, disease, misery, war, age, all those things are in the past, the only way one can die now is by being murdered by a scythe, scythes are people chosen to kill others to be able to keep population under control. Citra and Rowan are teens that are both chosen to be apprentecies to a scythe, which non of them want to be, tho they must for not only themselves but their loved ones too, they learn the hardships of carrying such role in society.

The book itself has a very deep meaning im barely getting into, it talks a lot about the beauty of life and the art of taking life, the start and the end. I havent really found a quote that has hit me hard, but there is one moment at the start of the book were Rowan finds himself in a situation were he goes in a room where a fellow student named Kohl that was chosen by a scythe to die, the thing is that Rowan didnt know Kohl, he was the popular type of kid while Rowan was an introvert, even then, he was there for him and almost died with him at that exact moment, i reitirate, they didnt know each other until that very day. Im looking forward to this book.

Baumer and Krebs comparison

While both Krebs and Baumer fought in World War 1, they did not fight in the same side, but opposing ones, Krebs for the Americans and Baumer for the Germans. Baumer died back in 1918 while Krebs lived and went back home in 1919. Both characters went through similar expiriences, but both saw things differently, Krebs felt distant when he got back from the war, Baumer felt a similar when he left to war, and other examples I wont get into. Braumer and Krebs both had very hard youths, with very similar situations and feelings, but still somehow manage to have different outcomes and journeys throughout their experiences.

All quiet on the western front

I enjoyed the novel to a certain extent as it is not my normal type of book i usually read. What i do admire about it was the reality it shows about war rather than glamorizing it. Eric Maria Remarques states this many times but i was moved by this one quote where he states. “a man cannot realize that above such shattered bodies there are still human faces in which life goes its daily round.” This depicts that at the end of the day non of these soldiers actually wanted to be there and no matter if they were fighting enemies, in any other circumstance would they agree to kill other people because it is inhumane.

“We have lost all feeling for one another. We can hardly control ourselves when our glance lights on the form of some other man. We are insensible, dead men, who through some trick, some dreadful magic, are still able to run and kill.”

Here Paul talks about soldiers going back to their roots, going back to being animals. The fear of death, the thought of not seeing your wife and kids again, the depraved state of soldiers in a land that nothing matters but killing each other, such things make men, husbands, sons, the one thing society told them not to be, scared. Thus the only thing men think about, is surviving, everything else is erased, every other feeling is gone, the only thought is surviving, surviving in a battleground full of men with the same thought.

War is depicted as the thing that forges boys into men, an adventure with lots of risk, truth is its the exact opposite, its just a field where boys go to kill themselves. You could go as far as to say the goverment tricks boys to go fight for their country, when in reality they go fight for almost nothing at times, at times they do win ground or take cities and such, but we are talking about 18-21 boys that just started living. A good example is Pauls brigade, a 150 men company, only 8 making it out alive, it is truly an awful world we live in.


Hello my name is Armando im from Mèxico but I recently moved to Canada a year ago. My hobbies are playing videogames, listening to music, and watching tv shows. My hopes for this year are having great marks, writing notes, bulking, and completing my classwork. My expectations for this year are to learn something new.