In the Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood, There are two maids talking to each other when a man walks up to them slowly and starts proposing an idea to them that women should not be going to go find jobs they should be staying home with the kids and feeding/providing for the children while the men go out and work.

“We can make things so much better! The women won’t have to work they can stay home with the children isn’t this great!” He says

“Better never means better for everyone,” she says

“Its the right thing trust me” he says and walks off

This was a very realistic saying and if you think about what she is saying it has a lot deeper meaning and is usually true in most cases. Someone will always be unhappy with the choice that’s just the way it is.



In the Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood is a science fiction tragedy novel about a woman living in sexual slavery. Olfglen a character in the book keeps trying to make the men who are basically controlling her but she wants do things that she wants to do but the men keep refusing.

“But i want to do things as well, is all,” she says grumpy again

“No you must finish what you been asked”

“But cant I do the chores after?”

“No” He repeats angrily (p. 287)

This is a sad part in the book in my opinion because the women in this book are trying very hard to take a bit of control over thier lives but cant and arent even coming close and it makes it even harder because there are not many women that wanted to fight for thier rights at this time anyways


Personal Writing #3 Aidan Bisgrove

On Monday, Nov 21st I went to Tim Hortons again with Armando and Dyan this time and we left at 12:00 sharp and we walked which took us 8 ish minutes because we ran there and when we got there I bought them both ice caps, and me a donut. I only bought them stuff because we made a bet and I lost the bet so after we got food we start walking back. When we come to the opening of the thrifty a truck came up and we were about to cross Dylan and I let the truck go through but Armando had other plans so instead of just lifting his hand up in a thank you gesture he stood in front of the truck and put his hand up almost like he was commanding the truck to stop and while he had his hand up he started getting lower and lower to the ground and at the once he passed and so did we he had almost fell onto the ground and on the way back we were laughing so hard because of how stupid he looked whilst doing whatever he was trying to do.

The Handmaids Tale IRJE

The handmaid’s tale by Margaret Atwood is a science fiction tragedy novel about a woman living in sexual slavery around the year 2005. The main characters in this book are Serena joy, Olfglen, and professor pieixoto. This book shows how unfairly women were treated back a long time ago and it shows how people were abusing their power.

“This week Janine doesn’t wait for us to jeer at her. It was my fault, she says. It was my fault. I led them on. I deserved the pain.”  (pg 72)

This shows that in the book the women were told to blame themselves for everything even if something like sexual assault were to happen to them It’s important because people who read this book should recognize the unjust way of thinking and oppose sexism such as this.

In my honest opinion, this book is very insightful and brutal at the same time and I think that it is worth a read if you are interested in it.

Annoying Tim Hortons Experience W Armando

On Tuesday, Nov 8th at 12:00 o’clock sharp, Armondo and I went walking to Tim Hortons because the food for lunch was garbage. We arrived at Tim Hortons at 12:14 pm and when we got in I ordered two turkey bacon clubs Armondo ordered hot chocolate and farmer wrap after we ordered we sat down and started waiting after about 3 minutes Armando’s hot chocolate was ready. Since we had to be back at the school at 12:55 we kinda had to hurry so we wanted them to finish our order. After 10 minutes Armondo got his farmers to wrap and I was jealous because I was starving and also kinda confused about how I didn’t have my sandwich yet so another 10 minutes passed and at this point, I have been standing there for 20 minutes and I’m getting pretty mad that my stuff hasn’t come out yet. Suddenly the employee calls out Lucas and he was holding a turkey bacon club which is what I ordered no one was taking it so I took it because I assumed he said my name wrong. So another 5 minutes go by and my second sandwich still hasn’t come so I asked the people that work there if I can get my second sandwich and the guy replied “You already got your second sandwich” and I said no I didn’t look it is only bad and then he started to argue with me in front of all of these people but eventually he gave me the sandwich after all this we left Tim Hortons and I opened my first sandwich and I take the first bite and I tasted kinda weird so I looked what was inside and it was the completely wrong sandwich which at that moment I wanted to go back and just yell at the dude for making my life miserable but I realized that, that would just be childish and so we walked back and spending 20 minutes longer than we should have. THE END

Personal writing #1

On the first weekend of October, my family and I went to the mainland to go to my dad’s friend’s wedding. We met at a beach not too far from the city and it was very late out. Mid-way through the wedding, the wind started to get abnormally quick and started to mess up everything because everything was paper plates and plastic forks which are very light after about 30 minutes of heavy wind they had to call off the wedding because everything was flying around and it was not the way they wanted to get married so they arranged it for the next day but we only booked one day up there so we had to come back to Langford where I live now and we missed the wedding but it was fun even though it was very windy and would do it again if given the chance.

All quite on the western front

The book all “quiet on the western front” by Erich maria remarque made me realise some of the very bad things that no one talks about, about WW1. The book is written from a solider named paul baumer a young 19 year old who joins the army to help serve for his country with his school friends. But after a very short period of time in the front lines of the german trenches they realised this was not something to play around in.

This author used alot of descriptive words to keep people engaged in the book. I think one of reasons this book was so engaging was because he did not make the war seem any less cruel than it accualy was the author just wanted to share a very honest and uncencored point of view on how the war accualy was. Near the beggining of the book one of pauls friends “franz” was hurt while in battle and paul talked about his death in close detail and it really showed the brutality that these soliders went through at a very young age.

As we could imagine seeing your friend or peer dieing right infront of you may not take a toll on your mental health immediatly but for most later down the line of the surviving soliders could never be the same because of what they had saw during WW1.

This book shows how much the soliders have been through not only physically but mentally as well. As they are risking their lives to protect thier country and protect the women and children at home and they are doing this all alone and depend on theselves in the battlefield.

In conclusion I enjoyed this book mostly because of how uncencored it was and showed the true brutality of WW1 and I accually did learn alot from this book and I think it is very important to never forget this event in history because these soliders fought for everyones freedom and our safety and that is not something everyone is willing to do.

Blog post

My name I Aidan I am from Canada victoria I have lived here my whole life I like to work out. My hopes for this year are to make sure I do my homework before I do anything else because I have a habit to procrastinate. My expectations for this year are that you can teach me well and I can learn what you are teaching me and I will try my hardest to get good grades as long as I am provided with things that are needed to do well.