April 7th, PW. Summer

Summer is one of my favorite seasons of the year, and here is why.

In summer I always follow a family tradition that is going to Spain, arriving in Spain we always take a train that takes us to the city and then some of my father’s friends will be waiting for us. When I arrive I’m really happy because I see al my “Summer Friends” that live in the same place as I do.  Usually, the next day, we all meet up in a bar, in total, we are about 15. Summer in Spain is really fun because is a really safe place and you can do whatever you want. One of my favorite activities to do is mountain cycling and driving. When summer is finishing is the time to say bye to everyone and wait until December or the next Summer arrives.


2 thoughts on “April 7th, PW. Summer”

  1. Mau, summer in Spain sounds nice to me, too. To improve this,
    a) Add some more detail. Where in Spain? Climate? Landscape? Beach, mountains, valley? Etc.
    b) Proofread for run-on sentences (Error 41 in the Marking Key).

  2. Hola Mau. Me gustó mucho! I enjoyed reading this! You make Spain soundlike a lot of fun. I wouldn’t mind a little bit more details.


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