PW – April 7th – Dreams

Nearly every night, right as my head hits my pillow, I remember my dreams from the previous night. As if something’s clicking in my brain, or that the association is exactly what I needed. Even if I couldn’t remember in the morning or throughout the day, that familiarity sparks something within my memory.

This stimulated my curiosity. Is everyone like this? Can everyone remember their dreams? I asked my friends and family, and I was surprised to find out that many of them couldn’t ever remember their dreams.

Dreams are a place where I can escape. I can be somebody I’m not, do things I’m too scared to do, and experience something I couldn’t even imagine in real life. I can fly above the Swiss alps, wander a foreign city at midnight, and jump off a mountain without any of the inconvenient consequences. Even though the possibilities are limitless, I often find myself dreaming about much smaller experiences. In a way, I actually prefer doing so. I can revisit and correct a conversation that had a negative outcome, experience new memories with people I don’t get the chance to see on a regular basis, and meet people I haven’t actually met. This allows me to learn more about myself, in a way that wouldn’t be possible in a conscious state.

My mind deals with problems in ways that I find fascinating. During this pandemic, I dreamt that our city had a flood. These correlations that our subconsciouses are able to make are incredible. Although they can be so odd and obscure at times, I love my dreams, nightmares and all.


3 thoughts on “PW – April 7th – Dreams”

  1. Amy, I really enjoyed this. It made me want to have a nap and try to dream something nice ;^).

  2. Hello Amy. I found this post very interesting to read. I never remember my dreams after an entire day, only sometimes first thing when I wake up. I had never thought about this before.

  3. Hi Amy, I like how you explained what dreams meant for you. Personally I rarely dream, unless something terrible or amazing happens. Great work on your writing!


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