April 7 PW

I went back to Taiwan a few days after I left Brookes for spring break. It’s been over a year since I’ve set foot on Taiwan, and it surprised me how much the country changed in such a small time. At first, I didn’t even realize how close I was to my house until I got there. Many of the shops were replaced by other shops, so I couldn’t navigate around my neighborhood as easily as before. After a few days, I met up with my friends to catch up. We went to different restaurants and the mall to eat and purchase different things. Even though I haven’t seen my friends in such a long time, not much has changed. I still got along great with them. It feels like I never left the country. I was afraid to leave my whole life to go to a country I’ve never studied at. It was hard to get used to life in Canada at first, but I gradually got used to it. I’m glad I left my home country to experience the culture here in Canada.


2 thoughts on “April 7 PW”

  1. Ryan, this is a great topic and your post is a nice “stub” that could be developed into an excellent piece of writing. What would it need to become that? Think about the writing that you enjoy reading: it creates vivid pictures in your imagination. Now look back at this post. When *you* read it, you have all the pictures in your head; but when others read it, no pictures. To develop this piece you would need to put the pictures that are in your head into your readers’ imagination by describing the scenes, the sounds, the smells, etc, in detail.

  2. Hey Ryan, I liked your writing, but I think that if you talked more about your past experiences in Taiwan would have made your writing more interesting. Other than that, I’m glad you enjoyed coming to Canada!


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