April 21st – PW. My passion for sport cars.

Since I was a kid I had the opportunity to get in some sports cars my dad owned. When I first went into the car I was loving the amount of buttons the car had. I loved the sound that the cars did when they turned on, it was so loud! My dad has always loved cars, so when he was 21 he decided to buy his first sports car, a Ferrari Testarossa. It was astonishing! It had a street red paint that made it look perfect.

By the time I was wrowing up my dad kept taking me into rides with him in the cars. I just loved the adrenaline that you develop when you pass +190 km/h. When I was 10, I started karting a lot, it was my favorite hobby. This stopped until I had 13, it was my first time that I could drive a true sports car for the first time, a Porsche Carrera 911s.


2 thoughts on “April 21st – PW. My passion for sport cars.”

  1. Mauricio, this piece has a lot of potential, but it feels incomplete. You could develop it by a) adding more details about the sights, sounds, smells, and sensations you have experienced with sports cars, and b) by reflecting more deeply on your love of sports cars. For example, everyone knows that fossil fuels are the major cause of climate change. Does that spoil your enjoyment of sports cars? Should it bother you any more than it should bother someone who only drives 50km/hr to go shopping? Etc.

  2. Hi Mau, I have never been in a sports car, but with your writing I really can imagine how it feels. I enjoy reading it.


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