April 15th, IRJ

In The Catcher In The Rye by J.D Salinger, Holden’s character comes off as incredibly negative and tiresome person for others to have to deal with. To his friends, if you could even call them that,  they probably see Holden just as annoying as a baby Huskey. Constantly barking at you about every little thing, and then getting even more loud and irritating when you give them the attention.  Holden is also constantly lying and making up stories about others or just himself. This shows that Holden has a very shallow personality and that he cannot be trusted with just about anything, other than guaranteeing that he is going to get on somebody’s nerve sometime soon. Holden will lie to just about anything to just about anyone. 

“May I ask your name dear? “Rudolf Schmit” I told her. I didn’t feel like giving her my whole life history. Rudolf Schmi was the name of the janitor of our dwarm. ” Do you like Pencey?” she asked. “Pencey? It’s not too bad. It’s not a paradise or anything, but it as good as other schools. Some of the faculty are pretty conciencious.” “Ernest just adores it” “I know he does” I said. Then I started shooting old crap around a little bit.  “He adapts himself really well to things. I mean he really does. I mean he really knows how to adapt himself.” “do you think so.” She sounded interested as hell.

This quote is from a conversation with one of the Holdens classmates mothers on a bus.  Now holden could have gone about this conversation with honesty which is not a very hard thing to do in a regular daily conversation. But instead, he went ahead and lied about what his name was and that he thought Pencey was an alright school. he carries on lying about other things such as the reason he is leaving. He is leaving because he is going to stay in a hotel instead of school. But he told her that he was going to have a surgery on a brain tumor he has. Reading about this makes me frustrated. I find it hard to understand why Holden makes life so hard for himself in just about every way possible.


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  1. Jackson, Holden may be frustrating you but he is inspiring you to write better and better. A strong assertion, real energy, with good attention (not perfect) to proofreading issues. Two things about formatting: 1) you forgot the page citation, and 2) your block quotation should be have the exact punctuation and paragraphing as the original. You have put it all into a single paragraph, but I am 99% sure that in the original the same passage is multiple paragraphs. Am I right?


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