Annoying Tim Hortons Experience W Armando

On Tuesday, Nov 8th at 12:00 o’clock sharp, Armondo and I went walking to Tim Hortons because the food for lunch was garbage. We arrived at Tim Hortons at 12:14 pm and when we got in I ordered two turkey bacon clubs Armondo ordered hot chocolate and farmer wrap after we ordered we sat down and started waiting after about 3 minutes Armando’s hot chocolate was ready. Since we had to be back at the school at 12:55 we kinda had to hurry so we wanted them to finish our order. After 10 minutes Armondo got his farmers to wrap and I was jealous because I was starving and also kinda confused about how I didn’t have my sandwich yet so another 10 minutes passed and at this point, I have been standing there for 20 minutes and I’m getting pretty mad that my stuff hasn’t come out yet. Suddenly the employee calls out Lucas and he was holding a turkey bacon club which is what I ordered no one was taking it so I took it because I assumed he said my name wrong. So another 5 minutes go by and my second sandwich still hasn’t come so I asked the people that work there if I can get my second sandwich and the guy replied “You already got your second sandwich” and I said no I didn’t look it is only bad and then he started to argue with me in front of all of these people but eventually he gave me the sandwich after all this we left Tim Hortons and I opened my first sandwich and I take the first bite and I tasted kinda weird so I looked what was inside and it was the completely wrong sandwich which at that moment I wanted to go back and just yell at the dude for making my life miserable but I realized that, that would just be childish and so we walked back and spending 20 minutes longer than we should have. THE END

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