All quite on the western front

The book all “quiet on the western front” by Erich maria remarque made me realise some of the very bad things that no one talks about, about WW1. The book is written from a solider named paul baumer a young 19 year old who joins the army to help serve for his country with his school friends. But after a very short period of time in the front lines of the german trenches they realised this was not something to play around in.

This author used alot of descriptive words to keep people engaged in the book. I think one of reasons this book was so engaging was because he did not make the war seem any less cruel than it accualy was the author just wanted to share a very honest and uncencored point of view on how the war accualy was. Near the beggining of the book one of pauls friends “franz” was hurt while in battle and paul talked about his death in close detail and it really showed the brutality that these soliders went through at a very young age.

As we could imagine seeing your friend or peer dieing right infront of you may not take a toll on your mental health immediatly but for most later down the line of the surviving soliders could never be the same because of what they had saw during WW1.

This book shows how much the soliders have been through not only physically but mentally as well. As they are risking their lives to protect thier country and protect the women and children at home and they are doing this all alone and depend on theselves in the battlefield.

In conclusion I enjoyed this book mostly because of how uncencored it was and showed the true brutality of WW1 and I accually did learn alot from this book and I think it is very important to never forget this event in history because these soliders fought for everyones freedom and our safety and that is not something everyone is willing to do.

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