All Quiet on the Western front Response

All Quiet on the Western Front was a very good book but also sad and traumatic, thinking about how soldiers would live like that and how they would manipulate them to get into the army and making them think how the army was the best thing that could happened. The things they went through like when the soldiers started dying the living soldiers didn’t know hoe to reacted to celebrate if they because they have more food or too fell sad because of half of the soldier died.

Thinking of how Paul felt when his best friends died he was the last one of his friends and the worst part is that he also died, but is really funny thinking how one day you can be in school and people are talking about a war that might happened and the next day you are signing up for the army because you and you’re friends think is going to be a cool experience and fun and when you come back feeling proud of you’re self for defending you’re country and the next day you lost all of you’re friend and  you haven’t seen you’re family in ages and you’re fears is that you’re are never going too see them.

The worst part is that is you didn’t go to the army people would make fun of you or you wouldn’t have friend or the respect of other, in conclusion I did like the book a lot I would even watch the movie but it did make me thinking about how can people do that kill people just because they have disagreement or they want more territory.

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