All quiet on the western front personal response

All quiet on the western front is a very interesting novel which mixes fiction with reality. It describes how the soldiers were taken their humanity away and how there was no order on the trenches. It describes how the insanity and inhumanity take over the soldiers and make them do horrible things not necessarily at their will. It envelops a lot of different scenarios and many different character but at the end of the book it all ends with the tragedy and truth of everyone loosing their lives. And at the end everyone faces the bitter end of death and devastation.


It envelops and lot of events to create a fascinating story about how the life in trenches actually was lawless and full of death and despair. It reflects the true horrors of war and how the soldiers were affected by this even if they had survived the war they were mentally or physically affected after the war ended. Over all the book is a greta story and shows the real perspective on how the soldiers had suffered in the war and with their commanders but in a short conclusion it is written from a first person perspective and is a very deep and meaningful story which includes a lot of the tru details of the war specially at the end and during the beginning while setting the stage.

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