All Quiet On The Western Front

All Quiet On The Western Front is a novel written by Erich Maria Remarque, published by Fawcett in 1978. The author himself combat during World War I and was wounded five times.

The story demonstrates the horrifying things in wars from the point of view from is the narrator who a young soldier, Paul Baumer.

Soldiers at such a young age, are fighting battles, starving, having lack of sleep, being in dangerous positions, and all for their country. This are  sacrifices people do to protect what they love.

When my mother says to me “dear boy,” it means much more than when another uses it. I know well enough that the jar of whortleberries is the only one they have had for months, and that she has kept it for me; and the somewhat stale cakes that she gives me too. She has taken a favourable opportunity of getting a few and has put them all by for me. (7.12)

In this moment, there’s a different kind of how sacrifice is represnted if you  compare it to the sacrifice soldiers make in giving up their lives for their country. Paul’s mother’s sacrifice is born out of love for him, and she sacrifices her rations, her family’s own food, for the sake of her son. This kind of love stands out like a neon light in the harsh and violent context of war.