All quiet on the western front

Blog Post about All Quiet on the Western Front

Koichiro Sakakihara

October, 5, 2022

English A

When I finished this book “All Quiet on the Western Front”, I felt it’s a really sad story that describes how terrible and brutal it was. In this blog post, I am focusing on chapter 9 because I thought this chapter can describe how terrible and brutal it was.

The first scene that showed the reality of war was when Paul killed French soldier in

 his first encounter with hand-to-hand combat and shows the reality of war. When the enemy soldier got stabbed by Paul, Paul had to wait inside the shell hole with soldier’s body until the attack is over. However, he noticed that he’s still alive and he tries to cure him, but unfortunately, he died at last. Paul experienced agony in this moment.

“I bend forward, shake my head and whisper, ‘No, no, no,” I raise one hand. I must show him that I want to help him, I stroke his forehead. The eyes shrink back as the hand comes, then they lose their stare, the eyelids droop lower, the tension is past. I open his collar and place his head more comfortably.” P. 219

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