All Quiet On The Western Front

I found All Quiet On The Western Front a very interesting book. It shows us the other perspective of the war. All the suffering and obstacles that the soldiers had to go through and we didn’t know. Some people think that war is a good thing since people is defending their country but they don’t really know until they read about it. It’s very impressive to know all the horrible things the soldiers experience. All the traumas they went through, how they were feeling, the desperation they felt, how their lives changed drastically, it was something impacting to read.

I wasn’t expecting for me to like this book since it’s not what I would read. At the beginning I thought it was boring but then as I was reading I was more interested because of the way the author write the story. I think that the author develop very good the character of Paul. I enjoyed how well he expressed Pauls feelings and also for the rest of the characters. The end of the book was speechless. “Turning him over one saw that he could not have suffered long; his face has an expression of calm, as though almost glad the end had come”, (page. 296). This last sentence of the book left me thinking and processing a lot. How for this people dead was like a way out. I enjoy the book. Although it had a hard language it made me realize many things and feel many emotions.

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