All Quiet On The Western Front

    Overall, I enjoyed the book, I thought it was a good read, it deglamorizes the war and shows you the real struggle. To be more specific I paid very close attention to the language. The way Erich Maria Remarque was able to use eloquent and old-fashioned language and gorgeous metaphors. For example, in (chapter1 pg9) He says “Around us stretches the flowery meadow. The grasses sway their tall spears; the white butterflies flutter around and float on the soft warm wind of the late summer.” His writing perfectly displays a picture in your mind of what that exact summer day looked like. His language contributed greatly to the effect the book had on you. The old-fashioned language transported you almost like you were there in real-time.  

   The second thing I noticed well reading the book. Was the plot Erich had a very realistic plot. But at times it was somewhat confusing. And at times I found often I was having a hard time keeping up, whether he was on the front line on leave or where he was along the timeline. For example, in (chapter10) when they found all that amazing food and the two pigs the timeline of when and where they were was not very specific and I had trouble keeping track. Overall, I did very much enjoy the book and it made me feel many different emotions. I would deftly recommend it to a friend. 


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