All Quiet On The Western Front

The book All Quiet On The Western Front is written by Erich Maria Remarque. It is narrated by a young German nineteen-year-old soldier named Paul Bäumer, who fights on the German army on the French Front in World War One. It all started when Paul and his friends joined the army voluntarily after hearing a patriotic speech by their teacher Kantorek. After 10 weeks of brutal training, they no longer believe that war is honorable and glorious and they all live in constant terror.

I look at the portraits once more; they are clearly not rich people. I might send them money anonymously if I earn anything later on. I seize upon that, it is at least something to hold onto. This dead man is bound up with my life, therefore I must do everything, promise everything in order to save myself. (9.151)

I think that this quote is really memorable,  as the quote was able to show what Paul thinks after killing one person in war. After killing an enemy soldier, Paul vows that he will spend the rest of his life making money for the dead man’s family, I think it is really interesting as he is sacrificing the rest of his life for a cause that brings him peace.



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  1. Jasper,
    I like the quote you have chosen and the reasoning. You explain it clearly and i honestly agree. But kept an eye on the grammar mistakes and maybe introduce the scene because when I read it I was slightly confused.


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