“All Quiet In The Western Front”, “Soldier’s Home” and “They Shall Not Grow Up” comparison 

All quiet in the western front, soldiers home and they all not grow up have to many things in common but they still have their differences. The three of them describe their own story of how bad the situation was, they describe how bad was life in those days, and all the disturbing thing they witness. They had to much social pressure on them to join the army, too much that some of them lied about their age to make them look “good”. Time passes and all of them regret joining, because of different reasons but the most common is that they were tired they didn’t care if they won or lose they just wanted it ti stop. They also describe us the empty feeling when they came back from war, nobody acknowledge their suffering, their tramas, neither their losses. People acted as if nothing had happened. They had any special treatment they didn’t felt as heroes. These novels had too much in common and also differences if you see them in different perspectives.

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