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The book Alex Rider Stormbreaker written by Anthony Horowitz is about an orphaned boy, who became after the death of his uncle Ian Rider a secret agent at MI6. In chapter 5 Alex Rider is on a training mission. His task is to luug a twenty-two pound backpack to the final redez-vous point.
He was close to exhaustion, he knew, almost too tired to know how much pain he was in. (p.57)
Swallowing down the taste of defeat, Alex folded the map and forced himself on. (p.57)
This quote is pretty interesting, because I know this situation very well from swimming competitions.  In some competitions over long distances i have to force myself to continue swimming even though i’m already quite exhausted.  When i read this quote i could identify myself directly with Alex.

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  1. really good job, the way you related yourself to the story was very well done. one thing I would improve is just a little more description of what’s happening.


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