AdrenaLine / A weekend visit / Personal Writing

Last Week on Sunday we made an excursion to AndrenaLine zipline. We took the bus for a short ride to . There we got the equipment and the intructions for the zipline. Then we were devided in two groups per 10 persons and every group got 2 staff member. After the first short zipline for beginners we were driven with a 4×4 unimog of Mercedes to the mountain hill. This was pretty funny, because it was the first time for me to drive with an unimog. And then after a short 10 minutes drive to the mountain hill the fun part started.  The ziplining took 2 hours and we had a lot of fun. I really enjoyed it. It´s worth for a visit! The staff was verry friendly and they showed us lots of tricks that we could do at the ziplines. I didn`t do any tricks but some of the other students did them and I think they had lots of fun. At the last zipline  photos of us were shot and this was also very funny because some of the students were photographed from the back. At the end I think It`s pretty good for a visit and I can recommend it for everyone, because you musn´t have experience to do that. The staff looks always after us. In a nutshell this was a great trip and it was a perfect organisation of the school. Thanks for the great trip!