About me

Hello, my name is Alejandro Rodriguez. I am in grade 10 and have been attending Brookes Westshore for 5 years. I was born and raised in Vancouver, BC and am very proud to be living in this very beautiful province. My parents are from South America, and have raised me to speak Spanish and continue to do so for my entire life. It used to be the only language I spoke, until I had to learn to speak English in Pre-K; it is my first language now. I moved to Victoria in 2015 and took me a while to get used to the very laid-back lifestyle compared to the very fast, hectic lifestyle of Vancouver. I used to think it was boring at first, but then I realize that at least I don’t have to be looking behind my back every couple of seconds as it is very safe here.

This year in English, I hope to improve my English speaking skills but most importantly, my reading skills as I know I will use them a lot in my life. I would also like to improve my calligraphy skills as I think my handwriting is somewhat generic, but still readable at the same time. I hope to continue to work on these certain aspects of English so that I will be able to finish these last three years of school, and the many challenging years of university which come after.

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