A rose by any other name would be just as terrifying (Brave New World PR)

Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World is a dystopian book, in which technology has progressed to the point that human beings are manufactured instead of raised, emotion is willingly suppressed with a drug, god is non-existent in culture, scientific progress is blocked by the current powers, and anyone outside of the norm is banished to islands with others like them. This was Huxley’s horrid prediction for the future. Even back in the 1930s Huxley saw unsettling trends towards dependency on things we don’t have an understanding of. These days, most of us couldn’t get by without our cellphones; we use them for everything from communication to schedules to games. However, if you walked up to the average person and asked them to describe how their phone works, they couldn’t tell you. I believe that one of Huxley’s true worries when writing Brave New World was that in the future humankind would lose their inquisitive nature, and submit to the forces above us.

I think that Huxley was right, and that we as a race are losing our sense of curiosity. Often when someone says something online no one fact checks it, and just accept it as fact. We don’t even have the base sense of “hey I wonder where that thing comes from” anymore, we just accept it. Obviously there are outliers to this, there are outliers to all things. So many people on earth just accept whatever they are told, and Brave New World just exasperates that fact. I think that is really sad, and if we continue with the same attitude as we have right now, and don’t keep pushing boundaries we will fall into a similar trap as Brave New World did; living in a homogenous society that has stagnated.

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