A party I will never forget

It is very traditional in Mexico to have a party for your xvs (quinceañera), so I did. I woke up that day feeling really nervous because it was a very expected party by almost all of my friends, so normally I start overthinking. What if it isn’t a good party and I disappoint everyone? But my dad calmed me down. Early in the morning, I got my make-up and my hair done, and I put my dress on, and we started taking pictures. The pictures took like 3 hours because all my family wanted to get pictures. After that, I went to church, and the priest gave a really nice ceremony. After the ceremony ended, all my best friends were waiting for me outside with lighted candles. We went to the party. I was so excited because it was something I had been thinking about since I was a little kid. The decorations turned out beautifully. Later, all of my family and friends arrived, but they couldn’t see me because I was in a room, but I got out when I danced a vals with my dad. This was a very special moment for us. We cried, we danced, we laughed, and it was beautiful. Following that, I danced with my best friend to a surprise dance, and after everything ended, the party began. So there were a lot of people, about 1,000 people were registered entering the event, but the DJ was fantastic, so everyone was able to dance. I did not leave the dance floor until the whole party ended. I did not even have dinner, but it was worth it. Not only that, but I had so much fun; it was the party of the year. Furthermore, I received lots of compliments about how great the party was. It will undoubtedly be something I never forget. Finally, the party ended at 7 a.m. I was very tired, but the next day was my actual birthday, so I had another party with all my family too. It ended at 9 a.m. I was exhausted, but I had a really nice time. It is certainly something I will never forget.


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