A Broken Friendship

In The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini, Hassan has slightly recovered from the incident and has begun to show himself in front of Amir. While Amir was eating breakfast Hassan was washing the dishes. After some time Amir got up and began to go up to his room, which is when Hassan asked his friend Amir if he would like to go for a walk. Amir said he was tired, but after being asked a second time, he agreed. Together they walked up a hill in complete silence. There at the top of the hill was the pomegranate tree which they had visited many times together, in the past. Amir looked at the tree and felt guilt overcome him he had made a mistake going up that hill with Hassan. On the tree, there was a carving that Amir had previously made.

“Amir and Hassan: The Sultans of Kabul.”

I find this quite important because when Amir looked at the tree, he saw his past. He remembered spending time with Hassan, playing games and reading stories to one another while sitting around the pomegranate tree. This had made Amir feel even worse about the situation he was in, he kept telling himself to speak the truth. To say that he was sorry to Hassan, but the words never came out. Instead, he decided to go back home and disregard what he had just seen.