Golf is a crazy game. I remember last year in April I participated in a school golf tournament with Tiago and Lucas (both were in grade 11). The tournament took place at my home golf course, Olympic View. Olympic View is a very tough course, and with crazy weather, it can be even harder. The tournament lasted 2 days, and schools from all over the island, and even one from Vancouver all played in it. The first day, the conditions were miserable. It was pouring down rain, and the wind was also blowing upwards of 40 kph. I don’t exactly remember what I shot, but I know I played very poorly. The second day, however, made the first day look like nothing. I remember waking up and looking out the window and seeing rain pouring down from the skies above. Today was going to be a challenge. As we got to the course to warm up, the rain mellowed out a little, but it was still there. Because of the number of kids, it was a shotgun start, meaning that groups start on each hole, and when they fire the gun, it means begin. My group was the same as yesterdays, and we were starting on the eighth hole once again. I started out with a bogey, but because the eighth hole was the hardest on the course, I was not upset. On the 10th hole, it was raining so hard that when doing my practice swing, the club flew out of my hands and 20 yards forwards. Thankfully, no one was injured. When we got to the 17th green, we could see the 14th green. The 14th green now had a puddle on the back of it. Any standing water on a golf course, especially during a tournament makes scoring well near impossible.

After the par 5 18th hole, I remember going up to the pro shop and purchasing some rain gloves, so what happened on the 10th doesn’t happen again. My fist shot with them was a bullet right down the center of the fairway, so I was pleased with my decision to buy them. I was now left with 111 yards to a middle pin. With gap wedge in hand, I hit it purely, directly at the pin. As we got up to the green, we did not see my ball. I went up to check the hole, and there it was. This was my longest hole out in a tournament, and longest hole out ever. The rest of the round I played horribly, but I didn’t care. While golf is crazy, that is the reason in which I enjoy it so much.

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