In the book The Big Miss, it is all about the man who coached Tiger Woods from 2005 to 2011. Over the course of the book, he talks about what it was like working with Tiger, his personal friendship with Tiger, and how good Tiger was, as he is the best golfer of all time. There is this part on chapter 4 that really stood out to me. Tiger had hurt his knee 10 years ago and it required surgery. The injury had come back, but that wasn’t all. His tibia had also been messed up, as well as his ACL. As Hank (the coach) and Tiger were sitting in the doctor’s office, the doctor told Tiger that his leg was not doing well, and surgery would be required as soon as possible. With a look of blank expression for the next 20 seconds, Tiger suddenly shifted into a state of determination

I am going to win the US Open next week. It’s just pain. Come on Hank, let’s go down to the range. We need to practice. p 187

At his very words, the doctor stood speechless. He cleared him to go only because his injury couldn’t get any worse. The US Open is the second biggest tournament of the year and winning would be defining all odds. Tiger trained as hard as he could for the next month and had daily therapy for his leg. The hard work paid off and Tiger won the US Open with a crippled leg. This is the biggest moment in the sport of golf, and arguably in the world of sports.

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