My trip to Asia

In 2019 I went to Asia for mi grandparents 50th anniversary It was really fun we went to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia ,Myanmar,  Laos, and Japan  it was really fun I went with my mom, brother, grandma, grandpa, aunt and  my 2 cousins. I remember the food in Thailand was really good and the building where super big like 50 floors,  we got on some elephants and at first I was scared but after that I loved it and where we were going I wanted to get on an elephant, after Thailand we went to Myanmar is so pretty the I didn’t love the food but there are nudist there and they have this beautiful golden temples and they paint you’re face with like mood but after you wash it of you’re face is really soft.  We went to Hanoi and it was so pretty I just stayed one day but we ate in a bote and it was really fun  After we went to Vietnam and it was amazing its one of my favorite places the food was really good and we went to see a museum about the war and it was really cool they show us there techniques and it amazing. Cambodia Is also really pretty I remember that we  stayed in a hotel but it was surrounded by water  it was really cool. In laos I got sick so I only remember eating at a restaurant .In  Japan me and my brother got lost and we had money so we went to get food and we had a weird thing .It was a really cool expirience and I would love to do it again.

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