In the book The Feeling of Greatness, written by Tim O’Connor, it is about Moe Norman. Moe Norman was a Canadian born golfer. Ever since Moe was a kid, he loved hanging around the golf course, hitting golf balls or caddying. However, Moe had a small case of autism, which made him only want to do one thing: golf. By the age of 17, Moe’s goal was to hit at least 1,200 golf balls per day. He would hit balls until his hands would bleed and bleed, then he would do it again tomorrow. In this quote, Moe was 27 years old playing his home course in Kitchener Ontario. By now, Moe was one of, if not the best ball striker in the world.

                 “Moe’s confidence was also incredible. You’d see him at the parking lot in Rockway before a game, pulling clubs out of his bag. I’d say “Moe, what are you doing?”

‘The wind is blowing down number six, so I don’t need my five iron, and up on 10, so I don’t need a four iron.’ Moe said

He knew the clubs he’s hit on every hole so they wouldn’t weigh the bag down. I thought, ‘No one is this good!

This quote really stood out to me because it showed how good Moe really was. As a fellow golfer, knowing what clubs you are going to hit every hole before you even play is so remarkable. Even looking at professional golfers today, no one on the PGA (Professional Gold Association) tour is doing anything even close to this. Moe was truly something special to the game of golf. He showed that hard work and pure dedication can get you so far.







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