Independent Reading Journal Entry

In the book Champion, by Marie Lu, Tomas was a high ranked soldier who was arrested for the murder of Metias Iparis, who was his captain, and was sentenced with execution. Tomas was ordered by a commander to murder and blamed the death of Metias on Day, a rebel who the soldiers are trying to capture. His last request was to talk to June Iparis, the sister of Metias. When June visits him in his cell, he gives a confession as to why he killed her brother and why.

“I could have chosen Day’s route. I could have become a criminal. But I didn’t. I did everything right, you know. I followed all the rules, I obeyed all the laws, I worked my way up from where I started.” He leans towards me; his eyes grow more desperate. “I will die with honor for sacrificing everything that I have-everything-for my country. And yet, Day is the legend, while I am to be executed.” His voice finally breaks with all his anguish and inner torment, injustice he feels. “It makes no sense.” (p.85)

I liked this quote because it shows the perspective of Tomas which I never would have thought about. It was interesting to see how different the characters saw the event. This quote also solved the mystery around Metias’s death which the author had been hiding throughout the book.

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