IJRE Stormbreaker 21/3/2020

In chapter 11 “Dozmary Mine”  of Alex Rider Stormbreaker, written by Anthony Horowitz, Alex went to the Port Tallon libary. The librarian told him that his uncle wanted to read a book on computer viruses and a book on Cornwall history. When he studied the book he realized that  the diagram matched the map his uncle had left and that there was a mine under Sayle Enterprises. Alex went to the store and bought supplies and headed to the mine to explore it.

Alex, a professional spy can also do sometimes mistakes, because he is also only a human.

He came to a tangle of iron and wire: some sort of machine, long ago buried and forgotten. He climbed over it too quickly, cutting his leg on a piece of jagged metal. He stood still for a few seconds, forcing himself to slow down. He knew he musn’t panic. He forced himself to think. If you panic, you’ll get lost. (P.156)

I like this scene, because I see in that that also a professional spy can make mistakes and everybody is not doing always everything perfect.


One thought on “IJRE Stormbreaker 21/3/2020”

  1. Simon, this is good but you need to make some changes.
    1. Use the present tense to write about literature, not the past tense. “Alex goes,” etc., not “Alex went.”
    2. Your IRJE should be just one paragraph. So the sentence that begins, “Alex, a professional spy, . . .” should be part of the preceding paragraph.
    3. Format your page citation properly by using a lower-case “p” and putting a space before the number: (p. 156).


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