Sentimental Poem


When We Two Parted is a poem about the end of a relationship.

The speaker addresses the poem to an ex-lover. I understood that this poem doesn’t reflect that exes go different ways. Instead, it is characterized by complications, pain, and anger.

I found this poem the most sentimental because I believe there are emotions like disillusionment and frustration. I found it that way because the lover knew that his beloved has moved on, and even wonders how he ever cared about someone who seems to have forgotten him.

The speaker then relates how hearing other people talk about the lover brings him pain. Despite the breakup, he wants the ex to remain his. Hearing rumors about the lover indicates that she may have moved on. She may have given her heart to someone else.

The poem seems to say people move on with their lives,  but this doesn’t mean that they move on completely from past loves. In this case, those feelings remain to be painful as ever, even as they change in other ways.