IRJ, March 1st

The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger Is about a kid named Holden who describes his day to day life in a very relatable way. The way the book is written is almost exactly how kids my age talk to each other. This makes the book relatable and easy to read.  The way Holden describes people can remind me of how some of my friends and people do at school. a good example of this is when holden is describing his friend Stradlator.

He always looked good after fixing himself up, but he always was a secret slob anyway, if you knew him the way I did. The reason he fixed himself up to look good was beacuse he was madly in love with himself.

I love this quote because you just tell how obviously jealous Holden is of Stradlator. I can relate that to so many different situations I hear on a daily basis. It is natural for humans to naturally start to compare each other and begin to notice the pros and cons of others.