It was Sams fourth day in Buchenwald. And it”s starting to get hard for Sam to even imagine a friendly world that exists beyond the fences of the camp. every day he is beat and worked to almost death, by this point he belives we will maybe be able to last only one more week before dying.

I was filthy, itchy and finding it harder and harder to belive in a good world with people in it like Mom and Pops and Jenny.

It has only been four-day sand two Sam it’s felt like four years. At this point, it is like the camp is brainwashing him and making it seem like this is all there is for him. This quote shows how the concentration camps heavily took a toll on the prisoners being kept there.


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  1. Jackson,

    I liked your IRJE, well written and it is a good quote you have chosen.
    However you might want to explain yourself more for example how they brainwash him.


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