Kaelin is one of the best people I know. Why? because she brings the best out of me every day. We meet this year going to Tim Hortons she said she thought school was stupid and I agreed that was the beginning of a beautiful and drastically overwhelming friendship. Kaelin and I have similar interests and disagree on many topics. for example we both love to watch stand up comedy, and love laughing. although she likes horror movies and I, on the other hand, hate them. Kaelin is fun-loving and will always be making jokes around her friends. Kaelin is incredibly extroverted and is always wanting to make new friends. I and Kaelin have only had one class together which is probably a good thing because we would never get anything done ever. Something me and her have in common especially is procrastinating about things until the very last second when whatever it is needs to get done.  sometimes I find her to be a little crazy but she would probably say the same about me. whenever I and Kaelin try to do work together nothing ever gets done even though we try not to get distracted, it’s really sad. I’m really glad that I and Kaelin became friends this year and I hope that we can finally figure out how to get work done for once.


4 thoughts on “Kaelin”

  1. I really liked the descriptive language you used to describe Kaelin. This was a really nice post! One note is to say “Kaelin and I”, rather than “I and Kaelin”.

  2. Thanks for all the kind words, and your right, I need some help with procrastination. Your writing is good; I would say you need to focus on capitals at the beginning of your sentences, and run-on sentences. Other than that, thanks, and a good job.

  3. Hi Jackson, I enjoyed reading this descriptive article but I would suggest using punctuation such as commas wherever necessary.


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