Alex Rider / Stormbreaker / Independent Reading

The book Alex Rider Stormbreaker written by Anthony Horowitz is about an orphaned boy, who became after the death of his uncle Ian Rider a secret agent at MI6.

In chapter 5 Alex Raider is on training mission and his perseverance is put to the test at boot camp. Never in his life has he been so close to failing, and never has he worked so hard to keep it from happening.

He was close to exhaustion, he knew, almost too tired to know how much pain he was in. […] Swallowing down the taste of defeat, Alex folded the map and forced himself on. (p. 57)

Initially when reading this, it’s easy to think that Alex is the finest teenage spy I have ever seen. Alex faces all challenges like the unforgiving boot camp. Sometimes he thinks he can‘t go on, but he always comes through in the end. This shows us the perseverance  of Alex Rider. He never gives up and this is an important attitude to life in order to be successful in life.



One thought on “Alex Rider / Stormbreaker / Independent Reading”

  1. Simon,
    I like the scene you have chosen and how it represents your book. You have an interesting take on it and you may have even gotten me interested. How ever you have to be careful about some grammar mistakes for example in the first paragraph.
    I also liked how you explained your first thought when reading this.( initially)


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