IRJE #6 – Moishe the Beadle

Elie Wiesel’s Night is a true story written in the perspective of the author during WWII.  The book gives us a Romanian perspective of the traumatic events European Jews had to go through the Nazi’s rule. Although, Wiesel’s story is not as widely known as Anne Frank’s diary or the Book Thief by Markus Zusak, possibly due to the reason that it is based in the town of Sighet, Transylvania which is a town not known to many due to its small size and isolated location, it still holds the same amount of meaning as that these kinds of stories have as they help us achieve a greater understanding of history through the lens of someone who has suffered through the toughest of times.

In the first chapter, we are introduced to a character who was given the nickname Moishe the Beadle by the townsfolk in Sighet. Despite the impoverished community’s bad reputation in Sighet, the residents were particularly fond of Moishe as he did not intervene with the other’s daily lives, as if he were invisible. He would spend most of his time by himself attending to his job as the jack of all trades in a Hasidic house of prayer where he would later come across the protagonist, Elie Wiesel weeping over the destroyed synagogue in their town.

“Why do you cry when you pray?” he asked, as though he knew me well.

“I don’t know,” I answered, troubled.

I had never asked myself that question. I cried because… because something inside me felt the need to cry. That was all I knew.

“Why do you pray?” he asked after a moment.

Why did I pray? Strange question. Why did I live? Why did I breathe?

“I don’t know,” I told hum, even more troubled and ill at ease, “I don’t know.”

From that day on, I saw him often. He explained to me, with great emphasis, that every question possessed a power that was lost in the answer…

Man comes closer to God through the questions he asks Him, he liked to say. Therein lies true dialogue. Man asks and god replies. But we don’t understand His replies. We cannot understand them. Because they dwell in the depths of our souls and remain there until we die. The real answers, Eliezer, you will find only within yourself. (p. 4)

This was the first interaction between the two which came in the most unexpected and awkward way possible. At the same time, Eliezer was searching for someone that could teach him the studies of Kabbalah, which is the study of Jewish mysticism as his father said that he would have to wait until he is thirty to learn it so that he could concentrate on the basic subjects. Once Eliezer started asking Moishe more questions surrounding the Zohar, the Kabbalistic works, and the secrets of Jewish mysticism, he became his teacher that he was searching for. This sets an example to not judge a book by its cover, as someone as poor as Moishe could be very knowledgeable when it comes to the complex mysteries of Judaism where in Eliezer’s belief, could help him enter eternity.


In “Ishmael,” the narrator learns morals about nature from short stories by the teacher, Ishmael. In chapter 7, the narrator is given a quiz from the story. In the story, a fictional society divides people into several groups, allowing them to feast on the designated group. There is a law that everyone should obey at all costs, and the quiz is to guess what the law is. Eventually, the narrator gets the answer. The law was to not let anyone feast on a group that is not designated as prey.

Diversity is a survival factor for the community itself… As you’ve explained, the community of life would be destroyed if all species exempted themselves from the rules of competition laid down by this law.

(ll. 136~137)

Ishmael explains the importance of obeying that law. Hunting down predators or competitors not just for food eliminates the diversity in nature. Nature is preserved by the cycle. However, Ishmael further states that humans are violating the law so frequently. We hunt down the animals not for necessary products, but for additional entertainment. Ishmael, as a chimpanzee, worries about the future of this species, losing its diversity.

1984 – IRJE #6

1984, by George Orwell, is a dystopian novel about a totalitarian society, filled with censorship, ignorance, and the loyalty of the Party. Winston, the main character, is writing in his diary (which is a crime) when he reminisces about his wife, Katherine. Even though he is rarely reminded of her, this time, it is different. 

And what he wanted, more even than to be loved, was to break down that wall of virtue, even if it were only once in his whole life. The sexual act, successfully performed, was rebellion. Desire was thoughtcrime. (p. 69)

Despite Katherine’s attitude towards Winston that leaves him feeling empty throughout the relationship, he still craves love. Winston compares successfully making love to Katherine as a form of rebellion, because it is not natural for her to act that way. The standards that are set by the Party are similar to Winston’s expectations of love and desire that can never be accomplished. 


I am currently reading Near To The Wild Heart by Clarice Lispector. It is her first novel, written from March to November 1942 and published around her twenty-third birthday in December 1943. The novel centers on the childhood and early adulthood of a character named Joana, who bears strong resemblance to her author.

„At first she dreamed of sheep, of going to school, of cats drinking milk. Little by little she dreamed of blue sheep, of going to school in the middle of the woods, of cats drinking milk from golden saucers. And her dreams became increasingly dense and acquired colours that were difficult to dilute into words.“

Near to the Wild Heart (1943), p. 43

I really like this quote because I feel like it represents a part if her mind we can see in many parts of the book. She has a huge imagination, since she was a little girl she saw every single situation in a really unique way and as she thinks more about it she adds more to it. I really like the way that even when she grows up, she stills keeps that unique way of thinking, and this quote represents her.

Personal Writing #5 – Antman Quantumania

Last weekend I went to the movies with Dylan and Aidan to go see Antman Quantumania. It started off good, as always Aidan was early, me and Dylan got there like 10 minutes before the movie started, we bought the tickets, got some popcorn and drinks, and skittles. We sat down, talked a little bit before the movie started, halfway through the movie some guy burped really loud it was funny. There is this character in the movie called M.O.D.O.K, he looks like a cube, just wanted to mention it. When the movie finished we were talking about how now we have to wait 2 years for the next one. We were waiting for out parents and we decided to play some table hockey, the machine didnt work, we called some staff and got infinite plays, so we payed like 2 bucks for something worth 20 bucks, apparently Aidan is really good at table hockey, and then we went home.

IRJE #6 – Fire and Blood

The book im reading Fire and Blood tells the story of the family the Targaryens, and their rule over the land of Westeros, so far its been really good. In the book so far after the death of King Aegon II, his brother Maegor, decided to just take his brothers place as king even if he couldnt, told his entire family that he was the king, because he wanted to be, then tamed the strongest dragon, had 3 wives, and ruled the land for 6 bloody years. One quote I really like when I was reading was this one:

Maegor, the First of His Name, came to the throne after the sudden death of his brother, King Aenys, in the year 42 AC. He is better remembered as Maegor the Cruel, and it was a well-earned sobriquet, for no crueler king ever sat the Iron Throne. His reign began with blood and ended in blood as well.


This depicts Maegors rule really well since everything he did, every step he took, every decision he made, was made at the cost of blood, didnt matter who, didnt matter what happened, someone would die gruesomely. Eventually his rule would come to an end when his nephew declared rebellion against him, every lord joined him except a few, Maegor was furious and one night was found dead in the throne with blades through his wrists and neck, no one knows who did it, but his nephew would now rule the land.

Personal writing – Why? #5

I believe there is a lot of pain to suffer

But I also believe there is a lot of happiness to discover

But why experience both?

Can’t I just be happy all the time?

If I make someone happy,

Why don’t I get the same in return?

Why am I constantly worrying,


Why cant I take time

catch my breath,

take a break.

I am actively moving

the stress speeds up,

but I slow down.


IRJE #6 – Reminders of Him

The book I am currently reading is Reminders of Him by Colleen Hoover. This book start with the main character Kenna Rowan who had recently been released from prison after serving 5 years. Kenna returns to the town in which her 4 year old daughter lives in hopes of reuniting. A lot of the people in Kenna’s life do not want to be associated with her and decide to ignore her, except for a bar owner named Ledger Ward. Kenna and Ledger both meet when Kenna first arrives in the town, she was a mess. She stood out to Ledger because she seemed mysteriously beautiful. Soon there friendship turns into a romantic relationship and they become a very important part in each of their lives, but they have a lot of issues to resolve.

People say you fall in love, but fall is such a sad word when you think about it. Falls are never good. You fall on the ground, you fall behind, you fall to your death. Whoever was the first person to say they fell in love must have already fallen out of it. Otherwise, they’d have called it something much better. (p. 29)

I like this quote because it shows a lot of emotion. Kenna is a really strong woman, who has a lot of battles to overcome. Her character is very broken and sorrow and I think she puts a lot of things into perspective and I like how she interprets phrases that everyone uses as “happy” sayings.



In the book im reading  Called  Born A Crime, By Trevor Noah,  Patricia, Noah’s sister who is the middle child is unwanted by her dad and gets sent to live in a hut with 14 other children that are also unwanted,She lived there for a while then after she turned 21 her aunt got sick and she had to go back to Soweta, after that she starts working and all of her income is given to the family.
“living under my grandmother’s roof, she wasn’t allowed to keep her own wages. As a secretary, my mom was bringing home more money than anyone else, and my grandmother insisted it all go to the family. The family needed a radio, an oven, and a refrigerator, and it was my mom’s job to provide it” (p. 66)
After reading this line i thought about how my great grandma is depended on by her family in Kenya and she is still working to this day to provide money for her family so they can pay rent eat food or even just get new things for their houses.


I was reading the book “they both die at the end” from Adam Silvera. It tells us about two boys called Rufus and Mateo, who got a call from Death-cast a little after Midnight. A call from death-cast means that your going to die today. The two completely strangers with completely different lives are searching for a new friend on their end day. Luckily theirs an app for that called “Last friend” and through it, Rufus and Mateo are about to meet up for one last great adventure and to live their last day to the fullest.

“People have their time stamps on how long you should know someone before earning the right to say it, but I wouldn’t like to you no matter how little time we have. People waste time and wait for the right moment and we don’t have that luxury. If we had our entire lives ahead of us I bet you’d get tired of me telling you how much I love you because I’m positive that’s thepath we were heading on. But because we’re about to die, I want to say it as many times as I want–I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you.”  (Page 342-343)

I chose this quote because of the beautiful meaning behind it. Everyone has their own time stamp to do certain things for example saying “I love you”. But it doesn’t always necessarily has to be said by a specific time just to a specific person. The situation of Rufus and Mateo shows it perfectly, they knew each other for just one day and were already ready to say it. 

IRJE #6- Humans, filthy animals.

A book I recently read for my independent reading was The Stolen Heir by Holly Black. I am an avid reader of her work and her books, so I figured this to be a nice choice. This book was the latest instalment in her Folk of the Air series, that follows a faerie prince named Oak, and runaway queen of the Court of Teeth. Suren lived as a child queen, and ran away to inhabit the human world as a child in a human family. After few years, she fled to live feral in the woods, before she was recaptured. Before she was recaptured by the Court of Teeth, she would often try to sneak peeks at her former household, from the woods.

Bex leaves the milk for a neighbourhood cat, but I like to pretend it’s me she’s leaving it for. Her forgotten sister.

She stands there for a few minutes while moths flit above her head and mosquitoes buzz. Only when she goes back inside do I slink closer to the house, peering through the window to watch my unmother knit in front of the television. Watching my unfather in the breakfast nook with his laptop, answering emails. He put a hand to his eyes, as though tired.

In the Court of teeth, I was punished if I called the humans who raised me my mother and father. Humans are animals, Lord Jarel would say, the admonishment coming with a breathtakingly hard blow. Filthy animals. You share no blood with them. (p. 10)

I chose this quotation because the simplicity of the humans’ actions, and Suren’s yearning for said actions, have a large impact on her. She convinces herself that they still believe in her, and perhaps, love her. Throughout the rest of the book, there is little to no more moments with her human family, so I chose this. It leaves an impact on the reader, early in the book.


The book I’m reading is called “All for you” by Louise Jensen. It is about the Walsh family. Lucy who is a wife and a mother. Aidan who is a husband and a dad, and Connor who is a son and a brother. Everyone in this family keeps secrets and they seem to never tell the truth.

I’m alone.

I’m alone.

I’m alone.

A wife without a husband. A mother without any children.

Help me.

I cannot cope with this. I just… can’t.

The flowers. The white car. Connor. Kieron. Aidan.


I’m so so sorry for the things I did, for the things I didn’t do.

I hate you, Connor had screamed.

I hate me too.

The smell from the flowers fills my nostrils, I crawl down the hallway from them.

A spinning top of thoughts, whirring faster and faster until I’m dizzy.








Death. (p.208)

I chose to quote this dialogue because this shows how Lucy is blaming herself and she is very upset. It shows the sadness. I also noticed how the author writes “I’m alone” three times and this symbolizes her husband and two children. The words “missing”, “taken”, “funerals” and “death” are some of the words that ruined Lucys life. I haven’t enjoyed this book has much because its really slow and vague but its intriguing.


The book I was reading is called “The Kite Runner”, a book written by Khaled Hosseini. It is about the story of a friendship between a wealthy Afghan boy, named Amir, and Hassan, the son of his father’s servant. After the unfolding of many events Hassan passes away, Amir later discovers that the two of them had always been half-brothers.

“‘When you kill a man, you steal a life,’ Baba said. ‘You steal his wife’s right to a husband, rob his children of a father. When you tell a lie, you steal someone’s right to the truth. When you cheat, you steal the right to fairness. Do you see?’” (Chp. 3) (P. 16)

I have decided to quote this story, because it deals with a very important theme in the character’s development and in the Islamic religion. Amir, after learning that drinking is a sin in the Islamic faith, asks his father if he is also a sinner since he enjoys his usual glass of whiskey. Placing Amir on his knees, Baba explains to him that stealing is the only sin and that all others are a variation of the same sin.


In the book Lore, by Alexandra Bracken, a tradition called the Agon takes place very year. The Agon is a punishment for a past rebellion. Nine Greek gods are forced to walk the earth as mortals, they are hunted by the descendants of ancient bloodlines, who are all eager to kill a god and take their unique powers and immortality. Melora, known as Lore, is a member of the line of Perseus. She fled the world she lived in, when her family was slaughtered, so she would never have to participate in the Agon, hiding amongst the mortals and keeping out of site when the Agon begins each year.Lore begins to find a way in order to stop the Afon with the help of the people she has met in her past.

“It’s not always the truth that survives, but the stories we wish to believe. The legends lie. They smooth over imperfections to tell a good tale, or to instruct us how we should behave, or to assign glory to victors and shame those who falter. Perhaps there were some in Sparta who embodied those myths. Perhaps. But how we are remembered is less important than what we do now.” (pg. 376)

This quote is the Lore is brought back to a memory seven years ago when her father was still alive. Though this was shown to us near the end of the book, looking back you can see that what her father said to her greatly stuck with her, and influenced how she perceived stories told to her. Which in the end helped her determine what she truly believed in, and helped her to destroy the Agon.

irje #6

In The Breakfast of Champions, (not associated with General Mills, Inc.) by Kurt Vonnegut, it is about two people who are very different. Dwayne Hoover is a cars salesman who is very rich, but also clinically insane. The other person is Kilgore Trout, who is an aspiring writer.  Trout was invited to speak at an art convention in Hoovers city, and is currently hitchhiking across the USA. Hoover on the other hand, is busy alienating everyone who he works with. Vonnegut has stated many times that in the future Trout will become rich, famous, and influential.

As an old, old man, Trout would be asked by Dr. Thor Lembrig, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, if he feared the future. He would give this reply: “Mr. Secretary-General, it is the past which scares the bejesus out of me.”

I chose this quote because it resonates with me, as I can’t count the number of embarrassing memories that have kept me up at night. The past is set in stone, but the future is more of a wet clay, if you know what I mean; continuing that metaphor, you could say that the present is the kiln where the past is forged. (yeah idk how clay works)

IRJE #6 “Solitaire”

I’m reading a book called “Solitaire” by Alice Oseman that tells us the perspective of “Tori,” she gives us the view of people who deal with mental illnesses that interfere with their way of seeing life. Still, they must continue life by hiding or treating it in their tracks because they will never disappear. It is the weight that will go with you until your last days. Tori’s brother, who also struggles with anxiety, just had an anxiety attack after a stressful day at school. Tori tries to calm him down so it doesn’t get worst, but as his brother refuses to accept Tori’s help, she takes him and her to a therapist because she knows that she doesn’t have the necessary resources that he needs to get out of this. At the therapy session, Tori gets frustrated with the fact that her brother has a soft personality and perspective about the world, and she says in a pretty frustrated tone, 

“I don’t understand why you can’t accept things like this. If you can’t accept things you don’t understand, then you’ll spend your life questioning everything. Then you’ll have to live out your life in your own head.”(p. 178)

This passage shows how she cares and loves her brother with all she has and that she doesn’t want him to get hurt by people like thy hurt her in the past. She gives us her point of view on things. This passage is important because she explains how she sees the world. I like this quote because I agree with her. To move on to the next page of your life, you need to accept the good and the bad things that happened in the past because you can not do anything to change the past, but you can always do better in the future by learning from your mistakes.

IRJE #6: To Kill a Mockingbird

In the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird”, by Harper Lee, “Scout” is having a conversation with Atticus about wanting to drop out of school. She tells him about what happened in her day at school, and how her teacher told her not read anymore. Atticus takes this chance to teach Scout about how looking at things from other people’s point of view can help her get along with all kinds of people.

“First of all,” he said, “if you can learn a simple trick, Scout, you’ll get along a lot better with all kinds of folks. You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view, until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” (p. 39)

It is hard to put into words what I felt reading this passage, but it could maybe be described as agreement. I have always tried to have to look at the world from other peoples perspectives, and because of that, I am able to understand and respect all sorts of people, even if their actions have offended me or my friends. My best friend, Four, has even teased me about how I am a natural Devil’s Advocate. Any functioning human being, in my opinion, must learn to view others point of view and understand their reasonings, otherwise it is impossible for them to coexist with others. Empathy and understating are the keystones that allow us humans to coexist with each other, with out that, our world would be in constant, never ending wars.


The book I’m reading is “GOOD GIRLS LIE” by J.T. Ellison. The book is about the boarding life at the Goode School, which has elite status and long-held traditions. Though it seems like a peaceful story, there are lies behind the students’ smiles, and they cause murder.

 “I’ve never understood my compulsive desire to lie. I’ve read so many articles I’ve become my own sociology experiment. Everyone lies. To themselves, to each other. It’s a way to belong, to be included. To look important.”(p.23)

This is the main character’s inner thought about lying. Though she hates lies, she has been lying her whole life to protect herself. Her words are convincing. Everyone lies. That is sad, but actually true. There is no one who has never lied. I’ve lied hundreds of thousands of times in my life. Because I needed to. Some people think that lies are bad things that we should not make. However, there are always some reasons that make us lie. There is one point on which I disagree with her. I don’t think we want to lie. I assume that we are just forced to lie to become what we want to be because it’s not easy to get people to accept you as you are. I hate this society where it’s necessary to wear a mask and hide yourself with lies to belong, to be included, and to look important.


The book Im reading is called The Catcher In The Rye by J.D. Salinger. This book is about a boy named Holden, he tells his story and adventures he had before christmas. Holden has been through many things. He suffers from post traumatic stress disorder. He doesn’t like talking so much about his personal life, he just talks about his school life and how he always ends up failing in school. He writes about his life in a rest home but he doesn’t give that much detail.

“Life is a game, boy. Life is a game that one plays according to the rules.” (Page 8. Chapter 2).

Mr. Spencer said this to Holden, he is Holdens history teacher at Pencey, the boarding school holden goes to. Holden went to visit him to say goodbye. Mr. Spencer said this to Holden so that he can understand that in life there are morals that we humans need to follow in order to succeed and have a good life, just like in a game, he is just giving a advice to holden. The problem is that Holden doesn’t believe that life is a game, he doesn’t accept the rules in life. With this Mr. Spencer hopes that Holden can change his mindset and change for good and make good choices.


Meet Cute Diary – IRJE #6

In Emery Lee’s novel Meet Cute Diary, the main character Noah is trying to search for a job to spend his summer occupying himself with. His older brother Brian has been working at a kids summer camp for the past little while, and Noah decides to apply to the same location. There, he meets his coworker named Devin for the first time. They initially had an unfortunate introduction to each other, and Noah quickly became avoidant of his coworker. In effort to repair this uncomfortable tension between every single interaction, Devin makes the effort to bring Noah a coffee each morning.

“Morning,” they say, all bright and cheery even though it not even eight yet.
I smile back at them, but it’s more of a grimace.
Devin laughs, passing me a Starbucks cup, and honestly, In not sure what I did to deserve them. Between the cold of the Colorado morning and the lack of sleep–which is mostly my fault–the coffee feels like life in my hands, gently breathing
into me. (pg. 212)

I believe that this passage is a direct example of the quote “good things take time”. Over the many mornings that Devin put in the effort to bring Noah a coffee each morning, their friendship was slowly rebuilding. Eventually, their bond would reconstruct itself through little acts of service, and form a relationship between the two that seemed amazingly authentic, even though it was no more than some words printed on a page.

Nyah Sharratt – 02/20


In the part that I am reading of the book fire and blood king Aegon is frustrated because one of his lords couldnt stop a rival army from taking a key castle from him and he gets very mad at him. The lord tries to undo the mistake by writing a letter to the king and the king decides to give him a lesson so he tells him to go to kings landing and he says to him

“Thrones are won with swords, not quills. Spill blood, not ink.”

After king Aegon tells this to his vassale he decides to “dismiss” him and he sends him to the prison and the day after he is executed infront of the people in a public toen square. He decides that it should serve as an example of what happens when someone doesnt do what he is meant to do and instead decides to seek glory for himself and he tells everyone that if someone else lets the enemy win a single battle he will cut of his head himself.

IRJE #6 Aidan Bisgrove

In the book Lord of the flies by William Golding there are a bunch of boys stranded on an island trying to stay alive and make themselves a government or rather give roles to each other to try and sustain there. While some people are happy with their roles other people prefer to fight over who the leader of the groups are etc… and most of them if not working are fighting with one another.

“Fear can’t hurt you any more than a dream. There aren’t any beasts to be afraid of on this island . . . .Serve you right if something did get you, you useless lot of cry-babies!”

This quote was amusing to me when I first read it because they hate each other so much but at the same point they need each and every one of them to survive so they have to deal with all the dumb or annoying people stranded with them

Personal writing #5

Last weekend the basketball team at Brookes went to the south islands tournament the games were very long and tiring but we fought through and tried our hardest even though we had to balance school work and basketball, the first game was a breeze the team we played was very terrible they were all very uncoordinated and we won easily not even trying we won that game by around 70 points, the next day we got up and were ready to face off a good team and we ended up winning again by over 50 points, it was finally the day for the very last game determining if we would be number 1 in south islands or not. I remember walking into the gym with full confidence ready to win this game just like my life depended on it. In the beginning, the game was close we were up 15, 20 the eventually 50 we ended the game with another win to our record making us get first place on the south islands side and moving us forward to play islands next week, vs much harder competition, I looked around the gym and at my team looking happy and proud that we were number 1 and also ready to play our next game.

IRJE 6.2 Cold

The Secret History, by Donna Tartt, is a book about the main character Richard Papen. He came from a small city in California and moved to a university in Hampden. he learned greek before and wanted to continue studying it but the class was apparently full. He even went to the teacher who teched greek at the university but that was no help. He already has five students and he’s fine with them. But after some time, Richard came to contact with the students and helped them with their greek homework. The teacher heard about it and after that accepted him.

The cold in the warehouse was like nothing I’ve known before or since. I suppose if I’d had any sense I’d have gone out and bought an electric heater, but only four months before I had come from one of the warmest climates in America and I had only the dimmest awareness that such appliances existed.

I find this quote funny because i never thought that someone would not know about this appliances. But it makes sense. There was a winter break in school for two months because it was too cold to attend school. The dorms were closed and so Richard went to live with student who already finished the same university. He gave him a room with a hole on the roof that was impossible to fix. Richard was there for a month, started to be sick and destroyed his lungs. HIs friend Henry (was in Italy for spring break but came back earlier) saved him by taking him to hospital and then let him live at his place. It is scary his little knowledge about cold almost killed him.

IRJE #6: Ready Player One

Ready Player One, a book written by Ernest Cline. This novel is based in the future, shares how fast technology has taken over the world, how poverty has made a turn for the worst, and everything is virtual. The main character Wade Watts is a high school student searching for a prize is the Oasis. The Oasis is a virtual reality concept where every citizen, who can afford it, works through, goes to school, and spends their free time playing video games. This is what the world has come too since the Oasis has been invented by James Halliday. Halliday had set up a “scavenger hunt” after his passing in the oasis through multiple games and certain tactics a player is going to have to follow. The winner of this “scavenger hunt” has to find the easter egg, as soon this is found, the certain player is given a crystal key, and as soon as they obtain that key, they win the hunt and win millions upon millions of dollars.

“The next game started out badly for me too. My opponents movements were relentless and precise, and i spent the first few waves just trying to evade him. I was also distracted by the incessant click of his skeletal index finger as he tapped his Flap button” (pg. 83)

I find this book very interesting because of the video games, easy to follow along with and there is never many dull moments. It cool to imagine all the different characters that are part of this book because all the sci-fi and plots involved.

Calla Eastgaard-Zaharko, February 18th 2023

IRJE # 6; Why Comics are a Valid Form of Reading

In Comics and Sequential Art, Will Eisner confronts supercilious attitudes directed at audiences and auteurs of sequential art. Eisner examines comics as a distinct art and literary form, as well as an ancient means of creative expression. Challenging those who dismiss it as immature, Eisner promotes the scholarly discussion of comics as a valid form of reading.

The format of comics presents a montage of both word and image, and the reader is thus required to exercise both visual and verbal interpretive skills. The regimens of art (e.g., perspective, symmetry, line) and the regimens of literature (e.g., grammar, plot, syntax) become superimposed upon each other. The reading of a graphic novel is an act of both aesthetic perception and intellectual pursuit. (p. 2)

Eisner’s assertion feels both revelatory and affirming. I find the entire concept of cultural hierarchy absurd. How ironic is it to view the reading of comic books as ‘lowbrow’, yet flock to museums and galleries, fawning over early tapestries, friezes, hieroglyphics and other illustrated narrations? They are all comics! Sequential art is one of the the earliest methods of expression. Let us put away unwarranted contempt, and explore the enduring power of graphic storytelling for sharing ideas and telling our stories.


FYI – For those who find prizes validating, the Pulitzer Prizer for literature has twice been awarded to graphic novels (in 1992, Maus by Art Spiegelman, and in 2018, Welcome to the New World by Jake Halpern and Michael Sloan).

IRJE #6 Is lying okay?

In dopamine nation, by Anna Lembke, it talks about how humans do things to get pleasure and dopamine. People don’t even notice that the things they do are addictions until its to late. 

The Lying Habit is remarkably easy to fall into. We all engage in regular lying, most of the time without realizing it. Our lies are so small and imperceptible that we convince ourselves we’re telling the truth. Or that it doesn’t matter, even if we know we’re lying. (p. 175)

Lying is a powerful tool to get things or avoid things. People say lying is bad and it destroys trust but not if you’re careful. Lying to protect someone or yourself is when you bring ethics into this and really debate whether lying is okay at certain moments. But its best to avoid lying, in my opinion. 


In the book Dawn of the Belle Epoque, written by Mary McAuliffe, we take a look at France in the 1800s. The book focuses on many famous people, such as Claude Monet the painter, and Émile Zola, the writer. In this particular passage, we are looking at Monet. Monet had been struggling to make a living as an artist for years and years. But this all changed, however, when his paintings did start to sell, he capitalized on the opportunity. He partnered with another impressionist, Renoir, and the two went into business together. When this didn’t work, Monet decided to start up his own gallery to sell faster and make more money

Monet, much like Renoir and Rodin, was on his way to success. (p.102)

This quote represents a turning point in his life. From here on out, Monet was going to start making a name for himself, and he would end up doing very, very well. And it all started with 1 small opportunity.



The book Prodigy, written by Marie Lu, follows the main character Day, who is outlawed and on the run from the corrupt Republic. Despite his fears he became a braver and more selfless person when he decided to devote himself to the rebellion. Wanting nothing to do with the Republic, the last five years Day had been running and hiding from the problems he encountered.

“I want to run. To do what I always do, have always done, for the last five years of my life. Escape, flee into the shadows. But this time, I stand my ground. I’m tired of running.” (pg. 258)

This quote is significant because it explained Day’s mentality shift. After meeting June and discovering full extent of the Republics tyranny he evolved from his old ways of hiding in the shadows. Day decided to try and make a change. He started to overcome the issues he was being faced with and fight for not just himself. He’s experienced substantial character development. Now apart and fighting for something larger than himself, he exemplified his selflessness and courage.

Queer Trauma: IRJE #6

In Billy Porter’s newly released memoir Unprotected, he goes deep into detail about his traumatic upbringing as a queer Black boy with a religious family. Specifically, Porter writes about how he was taught that being gay was a sin at church, while being sexually abused by his step-father:

As I tried to grapple with the idea that I would be burning in hell for all of eternity, I threw myself into my studies and back into theater. Those things still managed to bring me joy, but time spent at home began to feel more and more like a minefield. Because I would go home and play footsies with my stepfather under the table at dinner and do things with him in the middle of the night when he came home from work–though I didn’t even know what those things were called. That man would be in my room, at the very least, two times a week for five years. (pp. 35-36)

Porter’s secretly abusive step-father left permanent damage on Porter’s wellbeing that he still struggles to grapple with today, but it also was a prominent factor towards Porter’s success. In high school, Porter stayed away from home as much as possible (because of his step-father) by going to school, musical theater rehearsals, dance classes, and more, which taught him to have a strong work ethic and to be independent.

IRJE 6 – Money can’t buy you happiness:

The book Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte follows the story of Jane. She lives with her cruel, wealthy, abusive, Aunt Reed and goes to Lowood school where she has to battle its grim conditions. Bessie is a servant at her aunt’s house who provides her with one of the few kindnesses she receives. She eventually falls in love with Mr. Rochester (her employer) but has to deal with his marriage to another woman, Bertha. Her conditions are simply not ideal.                                                                    The passage that I have chosen comes from chapter 3 where Jane states that she would never live with poor relatives, even if she had any and even if they were loving. This is because her wealthy family, the Reeds, have taught her that living in poverty is immoral and unpleasant. From this point on it takes Jane some time to realize that just because someone is wealthy, doesn’t make them any less degraded than poorer people.

Poverty looks grim to grown people; still more so to children: they have not much idea of industrious, working, respectable poverty; they think of the world only as connected with ragged clothes, scanty food, fireless grates, rude manners, and debasing vices: poverty for me was synonymous with degradation. (P. 63)

I chose this passage because it reminded me of something; that money can’t buy you happiness. In the world which we currently live, people are so focused on what brand of shoes you wear, how big your house is and where you go on summer vacation (those are just a few examples). If someone has money, it doesn’t make them any kinder than someone who is poor. It doesn’t make them perfect or any less broken, rude, or messed up. It doesn’t mean their life is easier, yes, they won’t have monetary struggles but that doesn’t mean happiness. If we only do live once, why spend our time trying to make all that money if it doesn’t bring us happiness? Why not just focus on spending time enjoying the world we’re in and the people we are surrounded by? Once we have a big house, the fanciest car, coolest shoes and have everything we could ever want; what’s next?


In the book The Witches of Moonshyne Manor, an angry mob of men have assembled to knock down the house of people who they think are witches. They say that they haven’t paid their money on time and are going to confiscate the house. The women living in the house technically have a week more before they can seize the house. The mayor’s daughter, Persephone, has heard about this injustice and has handcuffed herself to the house as a form of protest. When the angry mob see the mayor’s daughter they are forced to halt.

“I am not bewitched.” Persephone just her chin out. “I came here voluntarily to prevent a miscarriage of justice.”

Cotton Mather gawks at her like he’s never heard anything so ridiculous as a girl knowing her own mind. Ignoring Persephone, he jabs a finger against Queenie’s chest. “Wait until the mayor gets here. He’ll have your ass put in jail so fast-”

“Could you please stop shouting?” Persephone cries out, flinching.

“Why? Am I triggering you?” the reverend sneers.

“No, you’re spitting all over me. It feels like biological warfare getting so much of your slobber on your face.” (p. 56).

This quote is one of the first scenes where Persephone is introduced in the book which gives you an introduction to what her character is like. This quote also shows how Persephone likes to address things in her community that she thinks are injustices.

Personal Writing #5

Last summer, I started reading Near to the wild heart by Clarice Lispector but didn’t finished it as it was difficult to read for me. It was completely different from what I usually read and It was hard for me to keep up, even If I did think it was beautiful writing. The first chapters I read were slow but really interesting, the main character, Joana, has a really has a unique way to look at things since she was a child. The writing makes you feel like you are close to her, makes you understand her way of thinking even if it is confusing and weird at times. I remember reading the introduction too. It talks about her, the author, and the time when she published this book. It is titled ‘Hurricane Clarice’ and it is written by Benjamin Moser. He talks about Clarice’s life, which wasn’t easy since the start. She published Near to the Wild Heart as a unknown twenty-three year old, in 1943. No one knew who she was when It was published, some people thought she was a man until she decided to clear up her name. Her writing style was new and brought much attention to her. He talks about how it reconnected language with reality and vice versa, how was a fundamentally different conception of art. This introduction also talks about a remark she made which was the heart of her entire artistic project, about how “vision consisted of surprising the symbol of the thing on the thing itself” which i still dont totally get, but it It explains that it has to do with how a world does not describe a pre existing thing but actually is that thing, or a word that creates the thing it describes. I think all of this sound really interesting and im excited to continue it, I just started it since the beginning this weekend.

blue hair (PW #5)

Civilization had never returned to being the same as before. Something new was invented, something groundbreaking and scientists were again saviors of the bad and immature world. We always thought that these steps are small and not that important for us. Growing used to these scientific adjustments in our surroundings that people don’t mind anymore. You want a blue-haired baby but your natural hair color is pink? That’s fine, you can now ask in every hospital and they will do it for you. Of course, it does not work every time, it really depends on the woman or man, but in 90% of the cases it does. And that’s brilliant, really. It’s incredible how technology evolved. But I was always more the type of person who tries to look at history and ask myself: What would the people in 2020 think about this? What about in 1920? Maybe they already had a concept of something similar or arranged it a long time ago. But I never ceased to wonder; what if they would think that this is just madness? Why change everything? Why blue hair? But let’s start at the beginning. It was around 2040 when scientists started to change genetics on greater scales than slightly changing the height of a person or the color of a person’s eyes. They managed to change the skin color of people. But not just normal colors, but colorful colors. The first person ever with light green skin was Antonín Novák, he happened to be from the same country as me. This was a shock for humanity. And it did not stop there. After a few more years, many mistakes, and new methods. Nowadays, it is pretty common to walk on the streets and see two to three people with neon yellow natural hair and purple skin. Some people are horrified by this and refuse to go outside. And I get it, I’m practically one of them. However, these are great (depending on what great means in your perspective) results of changing genetics. There are also very dangerous people who find the pain of others as a hobby. Yes, there still are. No one really talks about it but everyone knows about their existence. Many people get kidnapped to become the subject of these experiments. Some doctors who went down the bad path decided to make diseases that have no cure and the person dies of unknown consequences (Genetically made diseases are the worst. They are created by taking out a specific type of gene and putting it back, “improved”). Some people became living zombies which was the end for them. Many people suffered from pain that no living thing can imagine. People woke up after their genetic surgeries and their limbs fell off. Scientists could not stop this from happening. That is very scary to me. And the worst part is, we will never be able to go back again.

(all made up, inspired by biology class)

Personal Writing #5

The scorching sun shone, as I stepped out of the plane. I felt the heat as if it was a surge of waves rushing through my body; as i felt the salty tear running down my forehead. Up ahead in the sky i saw the mythic birds, native to New mexico, their wings were as majestic as the Boeing 747 that i had just stepped off, the emerald glint of their eyes; their yellow torturous talons patiently waiting for the next victim, of the glowing predator that causes such a barren wasteland. As i looked past the busy pollution into the peacefulness of the serenity of New Mexico, also known as the airport. My mind went silent as i saw the brick red mountains of the desert. The elegant shadow of horses were running up the side. `Why did they run? I thought to myself. I found peace in the tranquillity of such majestic creatures descended from Poseidon. Why did they run? I thought to myself. I found peace in the tranquility of such majestic creatures descended from Poseidon. They didnt run for any reasons, No prey dared to attack them, they ran for the purest type of freedom, for a form of independence from the ever growing virus, humanity. What could i do to reach such freedom.

Personal Writing #5

I’ll be honest with you, I completely forgot about this blog post. So here I am, writing it late, and having nothing to say. I have already done many other posts with things like poems, stories, about me, and others that I can’t remember. But I feel like I have nothing else to say. I always find it difficult to come up with a good topic to write about so today im not going to write about anything in particular. I’m just going to ramble on as I please. Yesterday I didn’t do anything interesting either. I worked both Saturday and Sunday and talking about that seems too boring. There also hasn’t been anything interesting happening in my life, it’s been kind of boring to be honest. Mr. McKnight wanted me to write about how I grew up in a barn (which to be clear, I didn’t). I grew up in a normal house like everyone else but that also seems too boring to talk about. I tend to read other peoples blog posts to get ideas but nothing really stood out to me. Right now in English we are reading Brave New World which to me is kind of weird. I can’t tell you if I particularly like the book, but I’m not saying I don’t like it either. I’m also reading a book right now called You’ll Be The Death of Me which one of my friends lent to me. I’ve never been much of a reader, and have read few books in my life. Which is probably why I suck at spelling… Anyway, I’ve reached my word limit so that’s my blog post for today.


Personal writing #5

the federation 1

It all started when a new ideology in Europe started to appear. The first victim to fall to the ideology was Albania which fell to anarchy and was absorbed by the federation. After that it expanded quickly, taking over most of Europe in weeks. It gripped Poland, Turkey, Denmark, and other surrounding countries. Then within some months, Berlin fell and Germany was consumed but the UK and France fought back using one of the few nuclear weapons available in Europe. It was the first of many bombs dropped during the war. 

“We fight for liberty and peace” Said Mustanar, the leader of the federation

“We won’t fall to these imperialist oppressors” 

Scar, the general of the federation stated: “When Russia and China were attacked by one of the Federation`s ballistic missiles they joined forces with India, United Korea and other asian powers that were not eliminated during the attacks and made an alliance to fight back”. 

When the war reached Africa, the nations agreed to try to stop the Federation at all costs and Africa resisted with all its strength, but the nations in the east and south of Africa fell quickly. Then followed the American continent with tons of fierce combat. South America, Central America, and México formed the “Pacto de Defensa Latinoamericana”  which was a strong alliance and it became even stronger when Brazil joined the alliance. Then the United States and Canada joined the global alliance to stop the Federation. This new global coalition consisted of major powers of the world joining forces to stop one common enemy. The war in Asia was fierce with North and South Korea making the Korean union, they fought back in union with Japan and recaptured the islands lost during the fierce Sea Lion campaign.  But it all changed when the United States, Venezuela and Colombia joined the Federation. This gave the federation a lot of power which included nuclear weapons and the most advanced technology.

Personal Writing

Recently, I cleaned my room. Even though there’s a cleaning day every Sunday, the room went back to being messy right after I cleaned it. However, as the room arrangement changed in the dorms, I suddenly felt like having a big cleaning. Having a mess around me disturbed me whenever I tried to focus on my work. Unsorted papers never motivated me, and my clothes were all crumpled. To stop being so unenthusiastic I had to do something. I sorted my clothes on shelves and put papers in the binder. Useless things are thrown away and even my bathroom is clean now. It’s not that I’ve never had these big cleaning days. But the point is that I made a mass so it didn’t last long. This time, I’ll try my best to keep the room clean for the whole week. I’ll soon buy things like pouches to make my effort for this cleaning day worthwhile.

Personal Writing #5

I love going to Disney World. I think is one of the best places in the entire world. Is full of fun, happiness, excitement, new things, etc… I go with my family and every time we go we have more fun than before. Since we get to the airport we feel the excitement and emotion like when we were little and like it is our first time going. Everything feels like if it was new. I just have been to the Disney World of Orlando but I can’t wait to go to the one that is in Los Angeles. I love going to all the parks but my favorite would be for ever Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom for ever. My favorite part if going to the roller coasters, especially the Terror of Tower. The first time I got on I was like 6 years old and it was traumatizing but anyway it was the best feeling of the entire world. The park that I least like is Epcot, I think if more if you want to walk and see thing not so much of getting into games and that stuff. Also Animal Kingdom is very good because of the Avatar games. My favorite is called Avatar Flight of Passage, it literally feels like if you were in the movie and a avatar, it’s an incredible sensation.

Personal Writing #5

I wasn’t quite sure what to write for this and I am currently babysitting so I suppose I’ll just describe my day so far. I woke up at around eight o’clock, but didn’t actually move from my bed until about ten. I went downstairs and said good morning to my brother and mum. My dad was already golfing by the time i woke up and i haven’t seen him as he was not home by the time I left for babysitting. I sat in the living room, played some Stardew Valley, gave up because I despise the fishing mechanics of that game. After that, I attempted to revive my past obsession with a kids show called “Adventure Time”, but realized I needed to subscribe to some streaming service to watch it, so that quickly became a task for another day. I then realized the time, and began to print off some colouring pages for the kids (and two for myself). We left my house after I finally dragged my mum and brother out the house. I arrived to the family’s house, and said goodbye to the kids’ parents. To start, we did a little colouring on the pages I printed. After we played with some little plastic animals, followed by painting a few ceramic sculptures. We spent about an hour trying to decide on a movie for them to watch together. Eventually they settled on “Marsha Bear”, one of those kids shows with absolutely zero plot line. I put the pizza in the oven at around five o’clock, and it was ready in about twenty-minutes. We ate the pizza, and here I am writing this piece of text.

Nyah Sharratt – 02/12

Personal Writing #5

During last Christmas break at the end of 2021 I went to Mexico with my dad, stepmom, and stepsister. I was so excited to go because I have never been anywhere other then the US. We visited the city of Cancun, and at the start it seemed super different environment and city wise. We arrived at the Cancun airport at 7 o’clock and got a taxi to our hotel. Once we got to the hotel I was so excited. It was a huge hotel with super cool architecture and amazing food, and a lot of drunk people at the moment. We were checking into out room at the front desk, and the first five minuets being there, there was a Karen getting mad that she got a room without a pool and making a big scene, and was being really annoying and rude to the employees.

The next day I got up early because of the jet lag, I was sharing a room with my step sister, so I went out quietly to go watch the sunrise on the beach. It was so beautiful and it was so warm compared to home where it was snowing. I then went and met with my parents for breakfast, and everything was paid for? it was free? the food was amazing i couldn’t believe it. Anyways, i met up with my parents and they said they had something to tell me?, I told them that if they are pregnant I am never coming back home, but good thing that wasn’t the case. Jenn, my stepmom put her hand on the table, and they were engaged, my dad was getting married?, i was so surprised, so much information in a short period of time. But in the end i am so happy to know that our house hold will stay stable for the rest of my years being home.

Personal Writing #5

When I was in the 4th grade, I had probably the best moment of my life. Me, my dad, and some other of his friends were playing in Men’s night at Olympic View. Men’s night is on every Monday night where a bunch of guys get together and play 9 holes, then afterward everyone would head up to the lounge for a get together, to eat and drink, to win prizes, and for “the putt”, which I will explain later. Anyways, since i wasn’t 18, I wasn’t allowed to play for the prizes, but I was allowed to just go out and have fun playing golf with my dad. Oh, and I was allowed in the lounge afterwards. After our round, which I don’t really remember how good or bad I did, we all adventured into the lounge and took our usual seats. After eating, the draw prizes were called. You could win anything from a sleeve of golf balls, to a Scotty Cameron putter. Sadly, I also wasn’t allowed in these either. But the one thing I was allowed in was the putt. Before the renovations, the lounge at Olympic View was all carpeted, and there was this small disc that was placed on top, and 3 names would be called up and they would get a chance to win. But since the prize pool was over a thousand dollars and it was the last mens night of the year, they were going until the putt was won. My dad had bought some tickets for me, and it was basically a lottery. After about 40-45 guys all went and missed, my ticket got drawn. Everyone started cheering me on as I picked up the putter. After taking some practice swings and addressing the ball, everyone was silent. Then, as soon as I hit it, everyone started yelling and cheering. And when the ball barely crept over the edge and stayed in, the place went ballistic. I will always remember the cheers of joy from all the guys. People were high-fiving me left and right, and the head-pro came over and lifted me up on his soldiers. Also, i had won 1200 dollars in pro-shop credit, which was a lot, especially for a 10 year old.


PW #5 – That Time I Casually Got an Oblique Tibial Shaft Fracture Part II – The End

It came unexpectantly, the moment I have been waiting for. As you see, since the day I received my surgery to treat my badly broken leg, I have been under the limitations of two metal pins inside my left shinbone. Although I was still able to work out to some extent when I was fully healed, I would start to experience a certain degree of pain once I bent my knee too far. My volleyball performance was also hindered as I was not able to slide on the floor as the area would become tender if one of my two metal pins were to make rough contact with the floor. I knew that one last surgery stood in my way towards complete freedom and it has been one that has felt like an eternity to wait for.

But, after eight months of waiting… I was finally given a date.

As soon as the doctor muttered the words, “The 9th of February,” I knew that everything was about to change. I began to wait eagerly for the date of the surgery as it was only two months away at the time. I started doing research as I became genuinely interested in the procedure as I would have no idea how a team of doctors would be able to casually cut open my two original stitches and pull two metal rods from my bone. After browsing through a library of detailed videos, I became very interested, and I became hooked on looking up videos of surgeries. My dream profession was decided; I wanted to become an orthopedic surgeon as many of its aspects were linked with my personal interests. The biological side, the environment of working in the hospital, the result of giving a person their life back, money seemed to me as a minor benefit of working in medicine: I was obsessed.

The minute I woke up on the 9th of February, I quickly got ready for my 45 minute car ride to the Saanich Peninsula Hospital where my surgery was going to take place. I was anticipating to be able to experience the work environment that I would be in when I would be working as my dream profession. As soon as I opened the doors to the main entrance of the hospital, I knew that I was in for an experience. The hospital was very clean and seemed newly renovated. As I made my way towards the surgical daycare to be checked in, the nurse made me sign a form giving the doctors consent to be able to cut my leg open. This only made me a bit nervous as I was not very sure why I was required to sign a consent form for a very minor procedure, but I continued anyway. After waiting in the seating area for about five minutes, I was led through the doors into the surgical daycare where I was instructed to change into my surgical gown for safety purposes. After a while of accidentally tying my gown backwards twice, I was admitted into the pre-op room where I was visited by the team of doctors and nurses who would be involved in the surgery. I was then visited by the surgeon who explained the surgical procedure to me in preparation to my actual surgery. Once I was led through the doors out of the Pre-op room, I could hear the sound of rock music coming out of OR #2 which is apparently what the team of doctors were listening to throughout my surgery. As I dosed off with laughing gas once I was on the surgical table, I woke up the next moment with a bandage around my leg. I knew that the job had been finished. After a day of taking my hourly dosage of advil and tylenol, I had to cope with the scar that had been left after my surgery. It was somewhat sore, but it didn’t hurt to the point that I would’ve thought it would. But now, while I am sitting in my bed writing this blog post, I have been off my meds, and on the road to recovery which can take up to two weeks.

Personal Writing #4

Lately I have been inquiring on the topic of my study habits. I have noticed areas of my daily routine in which I slack on my education. I have been more focused on my physical health rather then my intelligence. I have begun researching ways in which I can study more and learn the concepts better than ever. I have found many helpful works however the one that really stands out is the book 7 habits by Stephen Covey. This book had begun teaching me ways in which I can start increasing my grades and imporve on myself. After completing It I feel more motivated and ready to try harder academically and hopefully see results within my studies.

One of the study habits which has really helped me is the advice to always go for win win situations. This basically means to choose the paths I take where i will most likely succeed no matter what. For example, raising a question in english class. In this situation Mr. Macknight will either appreciate my comment or completely disagree but will appreciate how I participate in his class. This would make me a better student no matter the outcome. On this note, Mr.Macknight if you’re reading this I will try and ask more questions for you baby.

Personal writing #5


On Monday morning I woke up with a little bit of a dry throat and I assumed it was because I had not drank enough water the day before which I do a lot so I got out of bed to make myself cereal and a glass of water and it soothed it until the end of 4th block at school then I realized I had some sort of sore throat (I had strep throat ) even though a had a sore throat I went to the gym after school don’t know why but I did then mid-way through my workout I wanted to die because it was hurting so bad so I finished as soon as I could and went home and when I got home I was munching those recolas (sore throat medicine) like they were chips and I did that all throughout the night and I knew that was gonna have terrible sleep because I would keep waking up with a really bad sore throat so I was really dreading it but I knew I had to get good rest so I had an early bed time at about 8 30 which didn’t help at all because I felt even worse the next morning. and now its Thursday and I don’t know if I should go to school tomorrow.

Brave New World

In the book “Brave New World” By Aldous Huxley a dystopian novel where everything is supposedly “perfect” with no poverty suicide or anything like that ow they do this is they take this drug called soma which basically makes them happy when they aren’t supposed to and they take this drug when they start feeling any sort of drought throughout the day. At the beginning of the book, we are shown the “Bokanovskys process”

Bokanovskys process repeated the director and the students underlined the words in their little notebooks. One egg, one embryo, one adult – normality. But a bokanovsified egg will bud will proliferate, will divide from eight to ninety-six buds, and every bud will grow into a perfectly formed embryo and every embryo into a full-sized adult. Making  96 human beings grow where only one grew before. Progress (p. 4).

This quote shows the Progress of this perfect world and the crazy population production can get in this world and it will only get crazier as time goes on. Even though they say that this world is perfect it’s not and will never be because something can always be produced faster better stronger etc…  This proves that no matter how hard you try nothing can be truly “perfect.”

Daniel T Willingham Outsmart Your Brain

After reading chapter 5 of outsmart your brain by Daniel T Willingham, I learned different ways to help comprehend information. His first strategy was to briefly read over whatever you were reading and take notes of the main ideas and or headings in the book so it is easier for you to understand the main/ important ideas in the text and makes your learning more time efficient.

In his book, he says that new readers are most likely to just highlight what they think is important even though it may not even be that relevant they may just be highlighting it because the book is hard and he thinks that when new readers read a harder book they may just skim over the book highlighting whatever because they think that it is boring just like classes and or lectures we kinda just assume that it is going to be boring so we kinda just don’t pay full attention to it missing dome rather important details.

His second tip was to make questions as you are reading to help you focus on what you want to know for example if a heading or main idea says “Meat only diet” a question to ask yourself could be “what are the benefits or disadvantages to this particular diet?” after you have done these two things you can start to pick up what all of this means and all of its topics now you can start answering all of these questions that you have taken notes on. He also suggests that you put down words that you do not understand and read them out loud once you are done reading.

This brings us to is third strategy taking notes while you are reading for example you write down the “meat only diet” and you find the answer of what it means do not wait until you have read the whole book chapter etc… stop at the end of the sentence of whatever and write down what you have read so you do not forget to write I down later on when you are done reading.

PW #5

What am I going to do after I graduate from school? I was thinking about going to university like everybody else but I’m going to be different. I’m going to make my own university. By doing this I will start off small, get a loan and rent out a warehouse. I will get 50 of the brightest introverts I have ever come across, I will pear pressure them into joining my university and they won’t have the self-confidence to say no. I will make them take a technology course that I’ve copied off the internet and put into my own words. After a couple of years one of them will become super successful and I will take the credit for it, after that people will start to go to my university, I will be charging tons of money, hiring professors and giving them a horrible salary. My plan is credited off Harvard and all the overpriced universities which have the same education. I will retire by the age of 25 and live in the Bahamas, with millions of dollars and I will have an income of 10 million a month because I have to intensions of paying anyone. This is how I will live my life.