Utopian Society

A Utopian world is a world that would be “perfect” as people would like to say. Many have dreamed of this, a place with no problems. To me a perfect world with no problems would become boring, nothing in your life to keep it interesting. Sometimes problems in your life can end up being good things that change your life for the better. Let’s say you were just about to take a very important test, you have been studying for weeks, but you are very anxious that you might get a bad mark, something that wouldn’t happen in a perfect world. After the test though, you discover you did amazingly well with the best marks in the class. The feeling of nervousness before the test made your good grades even more rewarding. Without the fear you felt before your test, getting a good grade (which you would get automatically) would not be rewarding. Even though things might affect you negatively at first, in the long run they might lead to amazing accomplishments that you wouldn’t have experienced otherwise.

The truth is having a perfect life would become so boring that you wouldn’t be able to achieve anything significant and special. To do that you would need to put in hard work which isn’t exactly a perfect life style. My ideal society would be one in which everyone would have access to an ideal life, but they would still have to work hard to achieve it, making it accessible to everyone, but not guaranteed.


My ideal society would include equality and happiness for everyone, no one would be homeless or starve around the world it would be completely different from the world we live in now. There would be jobs for everyone, also everyone would be paid equal wages but only if they graduate, University and colleges would be very affordable for people, everyone would have 3 chances in life and if they do something stupid that could usually get them arrested it would just erase 1 of there chances, once all 3 chances are gone then they would be sent to jail. There would be no plastic in the world and everything would be made naturally from resources from nature. Another big factor would be that all drugs, alcohol, and all guns would be band so that there are no shootings and no deaths from drug overdoses. People would also be allowed to travel anywhere around the world without any form of ID specifically a passport, plane tickets would be at a very low cost and everything would be run by electricity so that there would be no gasoline and only electric cars. I believe that if my ideal society would be true then life would be much easier for everyone and no one would suffer again.


The perfect society would be made up of equal pay. If an individual passes a certain limit of money, for example $1000000 in assets, the rest is donated to someone else. Doing this is so everyone can have the necessities for life like food, water, shelter and education. Just so people don’t find loopholes in this, everyone must graduate with a high school diploma and must have a degree. No brands that overprice things because of the price of the car. Let’s say this society is built after WW2 so all guns are illegal including drugs. Everyone has rights and can do anything, if society wants something governments will do the best, they can to make it work. Everything is powered by electricity. Human population will be kept at 2 children per family to lower overpopulation around the world, so supplies don’t run out. Things like cashiers and driving will be controlled by robots so that humans can find other jobs that aren’t so useless like a doctor, engineer, fireman and more. Society must be nicer to each other and help each other out so everyday people must do good deeds to other humans, this will bring up the morality of the society. 

My Utopia

The definition of a utopia is “an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect“. A utopia is not known to ever exist, but many people have tried to create them in movies and tv shows. If I had to create my ideal utopia the main idea would be peace. To make everything “perfect” I believe you would need peace and to have that everyone would need to be equals. Within that, we need no knowledge of good and evil. Yes, people may flaws but not pointing out flaws or putting peoples in groups make society better as a whole. Having a diverse world with no judgment, stigmatism or inequality would ideally bring peace.

Humans have an idea of mortality, that can have a big strain on our minds and soles. In my ideal utopia humans could be at peace with their mortality. Having freedom is very important, not having violence and having rules is important, but having freedom on who you are and what you do is ideal. One of the ideas that would make my utopia perfect is having money. Everyone having money, no poor people or homeless, and having equal funds. The last idea I have for my ideal utopia is to have a perfect ecosystem with no climate change or world pollution.

I believe one day maybe in another universe a utopia could exist. I don’t know when or how long it will take the world to change its whole way of thinking.  I hope someday further in the future that my children could experience the peace of a utopia, and have the freedom that they deserve. I hope I can experience that kind of freedom someday. In till that day comes we have television and movies. I don’t know when that day will come but I sure hope it’s soon.


Utopia, an ideal world. Typically defined to a “perfect” society where social problems are unable to occur. But with no problems, nor any diversity, life would be boring. But a utopia is meant to be perfect, but boredom isn’t enjoyable, so maybe that stereotype of a problemless world isn’t a complete utopia.

In my personal opinion, a utopia would be a world with minimal problems. Problems that don’t have major negative effects, but rather small arguments between peers. No war or major violence, but a peaceful protest helps further develop a society. No crime, except for your classmate stealing your pencil in the 1st grade. No racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ableism, and any other topic similar to those would be tolerated. A society where everyone is the same and being expected to be perfect is the recipe for a mundane society. Rather, a life where worldwide problems are reduced down to a negligible scale, and people’s personalities are uniquely theirs is far more engaging; far more utopian. In this world, people’s personalities would not be altered, people would not be expected to be perfect, but rather themselves.

I believe a utopia is a world where people are able to live in harmony with each other in a healthy environment, both socially and physically.

Nyah Sharratt – 12/16

personal utopia

For me a utopia is a place where everything is perfect. You have no worries, no preoccupations. In my opinion I wouldn’t like to live in a utopia because I wouldn’t appreciate things. But My ideal society is no hunger. I thinks hunger is one of the main factors that people suffer around the world. I would also love that there was no illness. People being emphatic, I think it would be great because if you put yourself in the shoes of others you can understand the worries of others.

Money. Money is one of the biggest things why people think they are superior of others so I think it would be perfect that everybody has the same social status. But again I would love to live in a place like this but with no worries but then I wouldn’t learn anything about life. I wouldn’t appreciate the good things that happens to me. I would be grateful.

My personal Utopia

          My image of an ideal society, or my personal utopia, is quite different than many. However, I will go over the obvious details beforehand. Poverty, starvation, and discrimination do not plague this society as it does ours.  My ideal society has many cultures, and everyone is free to practice whatever they choose. There are no “real” issues thar we see in our society today, but there are things that need solving or further discovery, and some superficial issues. Instead of money, things are earned and traded in exchange for favors or other items. I like to think of it as this, you can live however you would like to, if your morals stay intact, and you remain at least a little modest, humble, charitable, compassionate, etc.  

       Now, I should get on to the physicality of this world. I’d like to think of the composition of this world to be small, but still diverse. Kind of like a world in literature, for example, the world in Howl’s Moving Castle by Dianna Wynne Jones. The world is vast, but you are able to travel the world by foot, and pass through many different geographical regions. I would enjoy having a lot of biodiversity and temperatures in my utopia. My utopia is not very specific, however, I would rather the use of technology be downsized (but not eliminated), and people look to more physical means of research and entertainment, and socialization.  


When someone thinks of the word utopia thoughts of a perfect society usually fill their minds. However there are hardly any things that could be considered “perfect” because though something may seem perfect in the moment they can easily become just an average thing when you look at it more closely or when you have adjusted to it. Once you reach a perfect place, then eventually no mater how “perfect” it had been, you will just adjust to that and seek something even more perfect. And does that thing really exist? Sure there are things that seem amazing and awe worthy but is there really something that will always stay as perfect as when you first see it?

A utopia in my visions would be a place where everyone is treated as equals no matter race, sexuality or anything. A place that lets you feel free and like life is at its highest. A place where there are no wars. These are what my utopia would be because I could not tire of such things, they wouldn’t become less perfect. A utopia to me is a place where no matter what the material like things are like the  things like rights, peace and kindness still remain as perfect as they can be.


Utopia. What is utopia? Some say life is without laws, without rules. But these rules are trying to make the perfect utopia for us. Maybe life without criminality? Yes, that would be perfect. I could go outside without fear of being stabbed or kidnapped or just feel uncomfortable. That is the first thing that I consider the utopia life. My parents read the news daily and know everything that happens. Once I left for not even a week with my friend to the opposite side of the republic and the first thing I see on news is that someone stabbed a human being right next to my house. What is someone from my family? My sister? My cousin? Fortunately not, but the panic I felt was awful.

That leads me to the second thing I consider a utopian life. It would be perfect to have a guarantee in this life. Feeling that you somewhat know what will happen. It’s like watching a series where you already know what will happen in the end but watch the whole five seasons because it is fun. No Dahmetrs, no racist dictators, no Russian presidents. No people randomly change the world in its worst possible way. I know the wars and stuff helped in the economy, but how much did it actually? We made a climate change just to be lazy for a few years. But I’m getting too far into the dystopia one. it is important to involve, but we need to be closer to nature where we were millions of years ago. It would be beautiful to have more trees in cities, more grass and parks. That would help to make the air better and improve people’s moods.

My Ideal Utopia

Perfection is subjective, even when it comes to societies. Someone’s definition of a “utopia” could be completely different than another person’s definition, and every so-called “perfection” has its own unique flaws. For instance, a world without disease and death would be over-populated, and a world without identity, although less chaotic, would be bleak and monotonous. So, in my ideal utopia, there would be a balance. A yin-yang if you will. There would be death and disease, but there would be no hunger. There would be identity, but there would be no marginalization. There would be injuries and earthquakes and religion, but there would also be a cure for cancer, no guns, and cheap, eco-friendly energy generators with absolutely zero negative effects.  There would be natural disasters, but there would be no poverty and there would be global universal healthcare and education. There would be dangerous (but fun) activities like skateboarding and rock-climbing, but there would be no alcohol or tobacco, and everyone would be treated equally around the world by employers, the police, the Supreme Court, and everyone else. Finding a balance of what negative things about our society leads to independent and communal growth and which negative things just makes everything worse is essential to building a perfect utopia, in my opinion.


To begin with, a “utopia” is an ideal plan or system of rule and government in which there is a perfect, just and equal society, where everything flows and takes place without conflict and in harmony.
Utopia or a perfect society to me would not be much different from the general idea on this subject. Almost everyone is looking for a world of equality, where there is nothing to fear, a safe, fair, appetizing and healthy place. My utopia will certainly have to fulfill at least 4 of the 6 clear objectives I just named. It is very important for a society that everything goes smoothly and there are no conflicts or at least as few as possible. Therefore in my society the issue of trials and corrupt affairs, will be very strict. There can not be any criminal on the loose, however so that there would be no problem the jail would not be inside the city, just in case. In this way the prisoners are not only more isolated, but they will not have the possibility of worsening their sentences, but so that everything goes well with the relatives and people who want to visit them, they will have no problem to do so, the only difference is that the prison would be outside the city, not too far from human civilization.
The justice system would be the only strict thing, everything else has to flow perfectly and without any problem, for that the majority vote would be very important in the society of my utopia.

Ideal Society

I believe that an ideal society is based on equality, if we all treated each other with both respect and kindness the worlds biggest issues wouldn’t be as immense. We live in a world today with wars, racism, homophobia, bullying etc. where all of these things can be avoided simply by respecting the people in our everyday lives. We also have global problems with climate change that is causing global warming and killing our ecosystem. This is caused by our everyday usage and consumption of greenhouse gas emissions; its leading contributions are coal and oil burning. We also have a massive plastic pollution problem that has gathered in our ecosystem which is killing our wildlife and planet. Another problem that we have today that if fixed could contribute to an ideal society is poverty. Poverty contributes to many diverse social, political and economical problems. Many people on social media have helped a lot by giving materials and nutrients to second and third world countries who aren’t as fortunate to have clean water, fresh food, and even a stable home. With changing our ways of how we live, the production process of things we need, how we act on others by treating them how we want to be treated, we could have what is considered to be an ideal society.

A utopia for whom?

I think that a true utopia cannot exist simply because everyone has different ideas about what is right. Anyways, I think that the ideal society would have a universal basic income that is completely livable off of. This would ensure that no one starves or loses their home. This would not be the only way to get money though, education should also be free which would allow anyone in the world to get a better paying job if they choose or to simply pursue a hobby that they really enjoy. A utopia would also have no prejudices based on the many things that people are, such as race, gender, sexuality, ect. Another thing that a utopia would have would be logical, unbiased leadership. I do not know how this could be accomplished but if a utopia were to exist then that would be a major part of it. Possibly you could have a council of elected people from around the world. A utopia would have universal healthcare, free education, and free food and water to live off of. This would obviously not be the only sustenance that one could get, but you would have to spend money on food that you prefer. That is the basic outline of what I think a utopia should be.

What is my ideal “Utopia”

A utopia is an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. However, this is not my idea of a utopia because if everything and every time in your life is perfect you won’t appreciate anything. Nothing in your life will have value. In our life’s we have moments that vary from being bad to good to even perfect. Without the bad moments we won’t be able to appreciate the good or the perfect ones.

You may be wondering, what is MY utopia. Well, my utopia is my life. I understand and acknowledge the fact that there are people who are way less fortunate than me, and I wish that they could have their utopia but I am living my Utopia. I had won the ultimate lottery when I was born, I have the most supportive parents and an amazing little sister. I was born in Hong Kong and when I was born I Immediately had so many people who loved me. I grew up with a bigger support system than any regular kid would have, I had my friends, my parent’s friends who treated me like I was their daughter and I had Rugby. I was able to have gone to a school where I had made so many friends and where the facilities and teachers were amazing.

My dad had formerly been a captain for one of the biggest airlines in the world at the time, Cathay Pacific. With this came numerous benefits such as; my family and I were able to travel to many countries, I was able to experience many different cultures and I was able to live in beautiful homes among beautiful people. I am so fortunate to have lived through Hong Kong’s greatest years.

A utopia is an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. I love everything about my life in Canada. I am getting an amazing education, my rugby career is taking off and I have an amazing friend group. But the imperfections in my life make it utopic. Best of all its not imaginary. It’s my life.


A perfect utopia

Having the perfect utopia could have many different outcomes, humans aren’t perfect, and there are many things that we could do to improve. A big thing that is changing the world, not in a good way, is global warming. Humans were the start of it, and continue to make it worse, and if humans started to take stronger actions, then maybe we wouldn’t have to be in the serious position we are in today. So, I think this is a big part of my life, and something I would love to be reassured by, is that we have a long time on this earth. But instead, I am here worrying if I am going to make it to an old age, and have a long healthy life. Another thing that always has me worry is war. I wish that the war countries of this world could just have some sense of sympathy towards human beings and families that have to be brought into war not having a choice, and the end resulting into injury or death. Having war kills thousands if not millions of people, and destroys cities and countries. I don’t see the point to it, and I think whatever country you are born into, you have to keep, and you don’t need anymore. People are just selfish so they decide to bomb a country out of no where just because they just want the power.

Everyone in this world will come across either racism or sexism sometime in their life. It is so simple to solve, and thats just to except anyone and everyone, no matter their race, colour of their skin, sexuality, or gender. But no, humans make it difficult and don’t like people for some unreal reason just because of their personal opinion. People get bullied, judged, and even sometimes killed, just because of the way they look. It just shows how unfair, awful, and harmful humans are.

These two topics are the biggest thing I would see in a perfect utopia, and how different the world would really be if humans weren’t brought up they way that they did.



My ideal society would be full of happiness and equality so everyone including myself can enjoy life to the fullest. My utopia would be very different than today’s world. People would be provided welfare and safety by the government mannered peacefully. Everyone is treated with equality and individuality is respected. The earth is sustainable meaning every product or structure is made while conserving the earths natural resources. There is no fear of crime or threat of war. Everyone is secure economically so they can pursue the career of their choosing and passion. For example, this way I could play basketball all day and move up to become a professional without having to worry about financial difficulties and risks. The government is run as a democracy, so the people have a voice. There are cures and vaccines to every sickness and disease. The climate is reversed by sustainability. Drugs never are created to prevent overdose and sickness. Everyone has a mental health support system available to them. Animals are not held in captivity unless domestic and need support from human. This would be the basis of my ideal society so that everyone can prosper in life including the environment, people, and animals

What Lies Inside a Utopia — Utopias & Dystopias

Throughout history, humans have mused over the idea of a perfect society, one without struggle, without pain, without sadness and without grief. Innumerous artists have pursued such fantasies in the world of literature, mostly through the use of stories. A prime example comes from one of the most well-known books in all of history: The Holy Bible. There, we are told about the Garden of Eden, a beautiful garden in which there was no pain or evil. It is perhaps the most famous portrayal of a utopia, but far from the only one. Authors all around the world have written about utopias, and their counterparts, dystopias. One theme is consistent among these stories, the absence of struggle.

I disagree with these views of a utopia. In my experience handling human beings, I do not believe we can truly thrive without struggle. Instead of going into my reasons for this, I will say what I believe would be an ideal society. A world in which lies are inexistent, where no one can hide secrets or emotions. I believe a society in which everyone can completely understand each other without the need for in-depth conversation to be a true utopia. To further explain this, I will supply an example: Imagine a society in which everyone can completely read each other’s minds. While people will still have struggles, human beings are no longer the cause of them. In this world, everyone immediately knows what others think and feel. Their sadness is your sadness. Their joy is your joy. If you see someone in the street is suffering, you are suffering. No longer would humans fight, as both people would lose regardless of the result. In search of happiness, people would tend to one another’s needs until everyone was completely satisfied. With people still having challenges to help them grow, society would unite in a single effort to bring joy to everyone around us. This is what I believe to be a true utopia.


Utopia is an imaginary place where everything is perfect. It is ideal perfection in many themes such as laws, government, wealth, power and social conditions. Nothing bad happens, there is no sadness, depression, everything is just perfect, everyone lives in perfect conditions.

Achieving a utopian society is impossible, for this to happen we humans have to be perfect, so how can we create a perfect society with imperfect citizens. Utopia is describe as a “paradise”, where everything works and everyone is happy. For me to have a perfect society it has to have ups and downs, it can’t be just that easy to have everything you want. Everything that happens is for a reason, every action has a reaction, and from this you decided if you learn something from it or just let it pass. For a person to be happy has to go through many things that have change them and made them into who they are now, happy and perfect or sad and miserable. What makes utopia an ideal society is because the citizens have no fear of the outside world. Also religion, utopians are free of believing what they want, there is no official state religion, but this brings many sects. Some Utopians believe that “The soul is immortal and that there exists an afterlife in which the deeds of life are rewarded or punished.”

My Ideal Utopian Society

After reading several dystopian novels such as the Hunger Games Series, George Orwell’s 1984, and the first novel of the Divergent series, I have a decent idea of what an ideal Utopian could look like.

The first thing I have noticed in these dystopian novels is that they all include an authoritarian government which has a large influence over people lives. Take the Hunger Games series for example, which is based in a post-apocalyptic nation called Panem which is ruled by a government which has a massive influence on its citizen’s lives, affecting what they they are allowed to say in public. This is also seen in George Orwell’s 1984 where the head of state known as “Big Brother” has several cameras and drones monitoring people’s daily lives in accordance with his established “Thought Police.”

Secondly, these novels include a protagonist which has to deal with the unfair treatment in the dystopian society they live in. The Hunger Games does a decent job at doing this where the protagonist, Katniss Everdeen lives in the poorest district in all of her country with a struggling family and without a father to take care of both her and her sister. Katniss is left in a rough spot in the series where she has to take up the role of being the main provider for her mother and her sister who are too weak and fragile in their current state of malnourishment.

So in conclusion, a utopian society would strive for a thriving society where its  citizens wouldn’t have to face these issues brought up by the many dystopian stories which have seen a sudden increase in popularity over the years. I believe that by doing this, the authors are trying to communicate the worst-case scenario which could erupt if a controlling government like the ones in their stories would come into power. Unfortunately, several countries in the world have to bear with this nightmarish ideology brought up by their governments where they are severely limited to even think for themselves. This is where I feel like utopian stories can come into place, where they can set a good example of how a society could function without any or very few drawbacks. And as time goes on, we can only hope that situations like these can be solved in the near future as they are being brought to the attention of the public.


While living in the perfect society will probably never happen, it is still a cool idea to think what it would be like to live in one. My life is centered around sports, and more specifically, golf. So, my perfect world would be a place where the sun shines almost all year around, the weather doesn’t get to cold or to hot, and I have access to any golf course in the world. The golf courses would be in pristine condition all year long. I would also never have to work. My job would be to just play golf with friends and family until the day I die, which would be alright with me.

Outside of golf would also be dreamlike. Everybody would be treated equally and receive the same amount of respect. Poverty, war, and hunger would all be stopped. People would also have more freedom. Travel by plane, boat, train, etc. would all be free, and it would be encouraged. Food would be a lot cheaper everywhere you go. People would receive major pay bonuses so they can afford anything they wanted and so they can provide for their children . Oh, and the Vancouver Canucks would win a Stanley Cup.


Many writers have made their depictions and versions of how a utopian society would be and also how a dystopian society would be. For me a utopian society or wolrd would be one where where there are no economic boundaries between people and where everyone is more equal and not seperated by economic boundaries but where people have also understood that some groups just cant fit into society. Additionally we have developed technologies so advanced that we have been able to make some magnificent discoveries but also we have made some horrifying discoveries. In this society we understand that even though wars dont bring anything good and that they just cause destruction we also undertsand that it is thanks to wars that we developed certain technologies and that warafare has existed since the dawn fo man as well as crime and so many other things that are usually bad. Additionally we have understood the threat of nuclear use and we have banned the nuclear wepaons with a new converntion. Altough, governments have kept small amounts of nuclear weapons just in case they are necessary in the future. The truth is we cant reach a utopian society in this world because of all the barriers we have with all the segregation and also the fact that we are tolerating certain things that are not natural and that shouldnt even exist.


My ideal Utopia would be that there isn’t much law, but people did not have bad intentions either. If everyone could just be nice to each other then not much would have to change in order for things to become very good around the world. Along with greed, people need to stop being so greedy. In this Utopia, Money is not a super big deal. people would just help each other get things done and support one another. of course their would still need to be some form of currency otherwise people would get bored of being the same as everyone else. This Utopia is basically like modern society but people aren’t a bunch of greedy slobs and slackers. Technology would be very advanced as well, so that people can go explore things that havent been explored. School is not mandatory but is very highly recommended and free. Nobody is in poverty or starving in the streets, everything is clean and tidy and we found the cure to cancer. We can also now live on mars and have conquered the sun. We are basically not even human at this point, we took over the sun and now control the galaxy.

Personal Writing #3 – Mèxico Middle School

When I lived in Mèxico I obviously went to middle school, my middle school was huge, I have a lot of good memories of it. The school was had big football fields and cafeteria were they sold all types of stuff, and on the week they would have special days like, sushi tuesday, mollete wendsday, tacos dorados lunes, etc, everything was really good, props to the chefs. Some of the best moments I had in this school were for example when a friend sticked a note in my back that said dumbass or something like that, and I went to the bathroom and some kids were laughing at me and I didnt know I had a note on my back, so yeah. A kid vomited next to me one time, I wasnt hit thankfully. But the best thing about middle school in Mèxico was that with my best friend we had history together,and the history teacher loved me, but disliked my bestfriend(thats what he says) so the funny thing is that I would sit with my friend, do nothing and the teacher would say I did a good job, but he always said my friend needed to improve and stuff like that when he did all the work(we worked in groups of 2), and she would walk around the class all the way to my friend which he was in the farthest corner to say he needed to improve, it was really funny. I also remember sitting with all the boys in lunch and roasting each other on everything, now my friends have some horrible nicknames. I would also talk to my friends of playing videogames after school and we did. The end.

Personal writing #3

I dont remember the exact year this was but I was going on a trip to Vancouver with my hockey team for a tournament. This was when the team was really strong and we had our best players so we could definitely win a few of these games. On the ferry ride there we were all running around the boat playing tag or something. We were a big group of kids so it didn’t take long for people to get annoyed with us. In about ten minutes after we started our game someone came on the speaker system and told us to stop, it was quite funny. When we got to Vancouver we all got set up in the hotel. We all went to a Boston’s Pizza for dinner and then went back to the hotel. When we got back to the hotel, it took about 30 minutes before someone on the group-chat had the great idea of ding dong ditching everyone on the 5th floor.  This is a bad thing to do when your a large group of people, very easy to get caught. But we made it work. We were playing in the hallways and causing a ruckus for everyone. The next day in the locker room of the first game the coach yelled at us for being a bunch of annoying little kids.


A utopia is a place that is meant to be perfect. There is nothing that brings you sadness, nothing to break your heart, and nothing that that you don’t like. This is a common idea that many people have when they hear the word utopia, but it is false. If something is always perfect, then that becomes your standard of living and only things that are better than perfect make you happy. When we say something is perfect, it is because there are no bad things in that moment, but without the bad things it could never have felt perfect. The only reason we have something that is perfect is because of the bad things that remind us of better times.

A perfect society to me should be full of more positive moments than bad ones. Those moments when you feel completely happy, free, and that nothing is going to go wrong.  In my utopia there should always be more happy moments than sad ones. There would still be problems and issues in my utopia, but ones that are beneficial to you. Problems that you learn from, problems that challenge you, and problems that force you to grow as a person. My version of a utopia would be similar to my life right now although I would get rid of many problems in our world like climate change, mental health, discrimination, poverty, access to education, and many, many, more.

A Perfect Society – Utopia

A utopia, in the most inclusive definition, is where everything is perfectly positioned and is perfectly running without any struggles or conflicts. However, the following concept of a “perfect society” remains to be fiction and does not exist. Our current society tends to go back and forth from an ideal society to sometimes a malfunctioning one. A utopia would be a place where society remains to be “perfect” and never changes from such a position. It is where everything is running as it should be, with no flaws or a single negative side. As the concept of Utopia is “perfect”, it is shown to people that it cannot be reached regardless of the effort that may be put in to change society. As society gets better and better over time, the standards for an ideal “Utopia” would become higher, and thus is never achievable. Viewing from the following aspect gives me the idea that a Utopia is not a set concept, but rather an evolving goal. Many countries and societies around the world are making their attempt toward an ideal society, however, has never reached the modern standards and understanding of a perfect world – Utopia. Utopias are never achievable and that is what makes them an imaginary concept. However, it is interesting to investigate and learn more about the following concept of a flawless society.

Personal Writing #2

The snow outside is cold and white,

like petals falling from the sky.

So glad to be inside tonight,

with all my friends that have come by.


Christmas cheer has flood the room,

with presents under the tree.

Desserts we’re eager to consume,

with lots of holiday glee.


So gather around the tree tonight,

and sing the holiday song.

For its a golly good sight,

for anyone who tags along.

Lost my voice PW 3

I feel like i have lost my voice

not in a literal sense, I can still speak but no one can hear me and if they can they don’t care for what i l have to say. I suppose what I am saying may not be important but i am starting to feel as if i am not important. All admit when I speak to her I feel as if anything I say is used to start a war where every word is twisted and she has little regard for empathie and I am left with pain and damage. She builds up my story’s like sky scrapers and when i get to the top there is endless beauty and then she pushes me off and it all evaporates. She wins and yet agine I am left with no voice. So I put my pain in paragraphs and my sorrows in sentences and I one day I will speak and she will hear me.

Personal Writing #3 – Champions League

In 2016 my dad told me he was going to Europe with some of his friends to go watch Real Madrid in the Champions League Final in Milan, I ended up going with him, I think I asked him I dont remember. So we went to Europe to go to Milan, It was a long trip but we got there and we explored Milan at it was the best thing ever, the food, the agriculture, the icecream, the ice cream was so good I remember I ordered lime ice cream, it was the best ice cream ive ever had. The day finally arrived when we got to see Real Madrid play against Atletico de Madrid, I was finally gonna get to see the team me and my dad followed through the television and was gonna get to see my favorite player, Cristiano Ronaldo, we put our Real Madrid jerseys on and headed to the stadium. The stadium was massive, we got to our seats and were happy to be there, the match started and back then I wasnt the type to scream a lot I was very shy, so I didnt move or do a lot throughout the match but I was very excited, my dad and his friends were screaming the entire time, and next to us were some people from the other team and they seemed concerned to say the least. In the end Real Madrid won through penalties, it was a really good time to be alive.


The book Love and Olives by Jenna Evans Welch is a fiction book that I have been reading for a while now. The novel is about a girl named Liv (Olive) who went to Greece (Santorini) to meet with her father after years of separation. The book will frequently refer back to old memories that Liv and her father lived through together, and I think that it an important part of Liv trying to let her dad back into her life. This quote is one of those memories that she is reminiscing about:

There was a bench in Grant Park that should have had our names on it because we spent so many hours there. I’d bring a colouring book and a pack of crayons, and he’d bring the sudoku puzzle he was working on, but he almost never worked on it then. Instead we sat side by side, silent and taking it all in. He said that there are two types of silence, the silence that is empty and the silence that is full, and its never hard to figure out which one your dealing with. (p. 279)

I think this is very important for Liv because it was a happy memory of her life when she was younger with her father. It tells us as the readers that they had a really strong and healthy relationship and could just sit together in a “silence that is full” meaning it was never awkward between the two of them.



I have finally finished reading all 340 pages of Stephen R. Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. It was a good read and an intriguing book to help improve oneself. My favorite part of this book was Stephen R. Covey’s introduction to habit #7, “sharpening the saw”.

Suppose you were to come upon someone in the woods working feverishly to saw down a tree.

“What are you doing?” I ask.

“Can’t you see?” comes the impatient reply. “I’m sawing down this tree.”

“You look exhausted!” you exclaim. “How long have you been at it?”

“Over five hours,” he returns, “And im beat! This is hard work.”

“Well, why don’t you take a break for a few minutes and sharpen that saw?” you inqure. “I’m sure it would go a lot faster.”

“I dont have time to sharpen the saw,” the man says empathetically. “I’m too busy sawing!”

I thoroughly enjoyed this introduction because it is a good metaphor for what the topic is really about. Sharpening the saw is not about a physical saw, it is about sharpening yourself. It is about sharpening all four dimensions of yourself. Your physical, spiritual, mental and social/emotional. Strengthening yourself in these aspects will help make all 6 other habits more effective.

Hunger Games IRJE #4 – Change of Pace

While reading further more into the book, I have noticed a change of pace in terms of its overall tone with the reader. At first, it seemed a bit slow to further emphasize Katniss’ dark life back in district 12. But mid-way through chapter 2 when Katniss takes her sister’s place as tribute, things start to speed up a little. Katniss’ slow and grim lifestyle transitioned into a fast paced, roller coaster of events stacked on top of each other which gives us this certain feeling of anxiety. We also get a better glimpse of Katniss’ emotions.

“Prim let go,” I say harshly, because this is upsetting me and I don’t want to cry. When they televise the replay of the reapings tonight, everyone will make note of my tears, and I’ll be marked as an easy target. A weakling. I will give no one that satisfaction.

This quote reminds me of the saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover” as it shows Katniss’ inner feelings towards others around her. The book portrays her as this poor teenage girl who has taken the responsibility as her sister’s caretaker ever since her mom couldn’t bear the load of her husband’s passing and who as a result, tends to have frequent blackouts. Even though if it would cause her to look through her town’s garbage, she would do anything she could to keep her sister away from getting taken away from her family. This quote makes Katniss seem like the brave person she really is and even starts to depict her in a more aggressive way as she wouldn’t want to be seen as a coward.


Hunger Games IRJE #3 – The Less Fortunate

Like many dystopian novels, Hunger Games makes note of many issues which occur in several totalitarian countries. In the post-apocalyptic country known as Panem, people do not have the right to speak against the government as they have complete control over all twelve districts. As stated in the first book of the series, the most common punishment for speaking against the government is death, usually by firing squad. In the first chapter, Katniss is reminded by her mom to be mindful of what she says around other people and in the house so that she and her sister Prim would avoid facing the consequences.

When I was younger, I scared my mother to death, the things  I would blurt out about District 12, about the people who rule our country, Panem, from the far-off city called the Capitol. Eventually I understood this would only lead us to more trouble. So I learned to hold my tongue and to turn my features into an indifferent mask so that that no one could ever read my thoughts. Do my work quietly in school. Make only polite small talk in the public market. Discuss little more than trades in the Hob, which is the black market where I make most of my money. Even at home, where I am less pleasant, avoid discussing tricky topics. Like the reaping, or food shortages, or the Hunger Games. Prim might begin to repeat my words and then where would we be?

In certain countries, this is usually what certain people must go through when they speak against certain measures imposed on them. In countries such as North Korea, Iran, and Saudi Arabia, people are held captive in jail under inhumane conditions or are even executed. This only demonstrates how lucky and privileged we are to live in a country where we can speak against modern day injustices or even criticize the government publicly without facing the harsh consequences experienced in these certain less-fortunate countries.

Justice and Utilitarianism (IRJE #4)

In Justice, by Michael J. Sandel, a professor of philosophy at Harvard, the author introduces the meaning of justice, and what it is. He further describes justice as something that is meant to be done; the right thing to do. As the book continues into chapter 2, the author moves the topic onto utilitarianism. Utilitarianism is a concept, in general, which promotes happiness and pleasure, but on the other hand, opposes things that can cause unhappiness or damage. The author uses an example to describe the following:

We all like pleasure and dislike pain. The utilitarian philosophy recognizes this fact and makes it the basis of moral and political life. Maximizing utility is a principle not only for individuals but also for legislators. In deciding what laws or policies to enact, a government should do whatever will maximize the happiness of the community as a whole. (pg. 34)

In the following quote, the author Michel J. Sandel describes the concept and philosophy of utilitarianism, with detailed examples. He further states that the following concept not only benefits an individual but also a community. The author additionally states that this should be promoted amongst governments,  “to ensure and maximize the happiness of the community as a whole.” I am yet to fully understand this heavy concept and is out of three ranges I could fathom. However, this book has influenced me and was memorable enough for me to trace back to the following book I read not a long time ago.

– Jm.Y




In the Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood, There are two maids talking to each other when a man walks up to them slowly and starts proposing an idea to them that women should not be going to go find jobs they should be staying home with the kids and feeding/providing for the children while the men go out and work.

“We can make things so much better! The women won’t have to work they can stay home with the children isn’t this great!” He says

“Better never means better for everyone,” she says

“Its the right thing trust me” he says and walks off

This was a very realistic saying and if you think about what she is saying it has a lot deeper meaning and is usually true in most cases. Someone will always be unhappy with the choice that’s just the way it is.



In the Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood is a science fiction tragedy novel about a woman living in sexual slavery. Olfglen a character in the book keeps trying to make the men who are basically controlling her but she wants do things that she wants to do but the men keep refusing.

“But i want to do things as well, is all,” she says grumpy again

“No you must finish what you been asked”

“But cant I do the chores after?”

“No” He repeats angrily (p. 287)

This is a sad part in the book in my opinion because the women in this book are trying very hard to take a bit of control over thier lives but cant and arent even coming close and it makes it even harder because there are not many women that wanted to fight for thier rights at this time anyways


IRJE 4, the dumb kidnapper

The second book of the Folk of the Air series The wicked king is a great continuation of the first one named The cruel prince. The whole series is famous and well-known across the world among young people. The story continues after a few months where the first one ended. The main character, Jude, tricked everybody into crowning a new king that was in her power because he signed a bargain with her. She, in fact, became the King of the Elfhame and needs to deal with every problem in the country. Her old bullies and kingdom enemies hate her and plan a vicious scheme about how to get the crown for themselves.

“I don’t know what trick you performed on him, but I will discover it,” she says, unnerving me with how close her guess comes to the mark.

“You think I performed a trick because Cardan likes me better than you,” I say. “But you shot at him with a crossbow bolt. Of course he likes me better.”

Her face goes pale, her mouth opening in surprise.

This was one of the funny-serious situations. Jude is kidnapped under the sea in the Sea kingdom on the order of the queen. The queen’s daughter, Narcisia, is one of Jude’s bullies who is in love with the real king. It is hard for Narcisia to believe that he talks to Jude more than to her. She believes that she tricked him into something and that he does not love her. Jude answers in a funny way that of course he likes her more when you shot him with a crossbow (which she really did, out. of jealousy).

IRJE #4: Sinners Condemned

In the book Sinners Condemned by Somme Sketcher, Rafe is a man who owns multiple casinos in Las Vegas, he is part of a really big family of gamblers. He had been sitting outside of a gypsy’s wagon and then when the lady came out he had asked her to read his cards for him.

Internships at Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. A master’s degree from Harvard Business School. Hell, the only reason I bought a casino in Vegas was to learn the ropes before I built my legacy back home.
Home. Fuck. I’ve always thought home is where my family is, but now I’m not so sure. I know I could always go back to the Coast. Uncle Alberto would take me on as a Caporegime for the Devil’s Cove outfit, or if I wanted to keep my hands clean, he would give me a position on the board at his whiskey company in Devil’s Hollow. (p. 18)

I chose this quotation because it made me think about home. How some people may not think of their family as home but rather something else. Perhaps, they feel home isn’t with their family but at school with friends, work or a place like the beach. For me I feel like I have multiple “homes.” Of course I have my actual house and that’s one home with my family. I also feel like when I’m at my friends house, I’m also at my home. I also feel like rivers are another “home” I have. However, this is different with Rafe. Rafe isn’t sure wether he feels that home is with his family or if its down at the Coast and I think that that’s normal, to not know because you have more then one place you call home.




I am reading the book The Catcher in the Rye by J.d Salinger the chapter 5 of the book talks about Holden eating dinner at the dining hall with his friends, then they all get ready to go on the bus and when everyone is getting ready holden goes outside and makes a snowball

It says” while he was doing it, I went over to my window and opened it and packed a snowball with my bare hands. The snow was very good for packing. I didn’t throw it at anything, though I started to throw it at a car that was parked across the street I changed my mind.” (pg.41)

When I read this part in the book I thought about last winter when I and my friend were all packing snow with our hands and throwing it at cars for fun, and also when we got into trouble with the security around the mall for throwing it at a moving car.

Personal Writing: Molly PW #3

The day we got our puppy was one of the best days ever. I remember we drove form our house in Metchosin all the way to around parksville. We had been blasting music and was really exited to be getting her. Once we got there we say her and her sister run out of the house and head straight for a dirt pit where they began rolling around. The lady who was giving us one of them had talked to us, then went over and picked up the smaller of the two and passed her to my mom. We were laughing because either Molly wanted to greet her right or she got so excited she peed on my moms shoes. We could tell right away she was a trouble maker because she kept running to the grape vines and trying to eat them, which you most certainly should not eat.

Once we got her in the car and shed said good bye to her sibling and mom we pilled into our van and began discussing names. We drove all the way to Alex and Will’s lake cabin so she could have a break. We took her down to the lake and she began playing in the water with me and my brothers. She sat on mine or Isaacs lap when we drove all the way back to our house. Once she got there our grandparents came to meet her and our cousins came.

We decided her name would be Molly and that’s how we got a new puppy.


The book I am reading is “All for You” by Louise Jensen. Let me talk about the scenes of the mother Lucy’s feelings. These are sentences after Lucy lost everything that she had.

I’m alone.

I’m alone.

I’m alone.

A wife without a husband. A mother without any children.

Help me.

I cannot cope with this. I just… can’t.

The flowers. The white car. Connor. Kieron. Aidan.


I’m so so sorry for the things I did, for the things I didn’t do.

I hate you, Connor had screamed.

I hate me too.

The smell from the flowers fills my nostrils, I crawl down the hallway from them.

A spinning top of thoughts, whirring faster and faster until I’m dizzy.








Death. (p.208)

In this quote, we can see that Lucy is blaming herself and she is terribly upset.  The author repeated “I’m alone” three times. I can say these are messages for each three Connor, Kieron and Aiden. The sentences “A wife without a husband. A mother without any children.” can break our images of wife and mother. Lucy is talking to herself. We can find the feelings like sadness, regrets and despair. And the worlds “missing” “taken” “funerals” “death” express how it ruined her life. Though this book seems to be only mystery, it shows us some feelings that we do not show to others.

Without the musician, all life would be loneliness. -IRJE #4

For my Independent Reading Journal, I have chosen a quotation from the novel Do Not Say We Have Nothing , written by Madeline Thien. This book follows a ten year-old Chinese-Canadian girl named Marie. The story initially takes place in 1990, but the time varies as her family invites a guest into their home. Ai-Ming is young woman who has fled China, following the Tiananmen massacre. Marie befriends her guest, and together they recount the history of their families, following many different eras from Mao Zedong’s reign in the 1940s, to the very event that caused Ai-Ming to flee in the first place. One particular focus in the book is the power of music, and the emotions it can invoke. This particular quotation is from Ai-Ming recounting the story of a young man named Sparrow, who is living in 1949, nearing the end of the Chinese civil war.

      She gave him a single pear syrup candy. “This will keep your voice sweet,” she whispered. “Remember what I say: music is the great love of the People. If we sing a beautiful song, if we faithfully remember all the words, the People will never abandon us. Without the musician, all life would be loneliness.

Sparrow knew what loneliness was. It was his cousin’s small corpse wrapped in a white sheet. It was the man on the sidewalk who was so old he couldn’t run away when the reds came, it was the boy soldier whose decapitated head sat on the city gates, deforming and softening in the sun. (p. 30)

I really enjoy this quotation, because it shows how much music affects Sparrow. It displays what images come to his mind, in a world of loneliness, without music. Another reason I enjoy this excerpt, is because of how it can also be interpreted as inspirational. The first, minimal piece of dialogue by Big Mother Knife has the power to give some purpose to Sparrow, during such a difficult time, which also spurs his passion for music, which develops further as the story continues.


For the past few weeks I have been reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin. It’s about a love story between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy. The book is about how they both overcome their biases to be together. As you’re reading the novel Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy learn to leave their pride and their prejudice. I also think it is a feminist novel because Elizabeth Bennet thinks that it’s wrong that men are considered superior than woman.  Love and class really stand out in this novel.

I am the happiest creature in the world. Perhaps other people have said so before, but not one with such justice. I am happier even than Jane; she only smiles, I laugh.”

Pride and Prejudice, Page 361, Volume three

This words start out to me because after what they’ve Benn through they finally announce their engagement so Mr Darcy written a letter to their gardeners showing his joy. Personally I think this quote is full of happiness, since they’ve learned to leave the pride and they’re prejudice to be together. This book is well known for being one of the most revolutionary love novels and I agree with that. Although it was at some point hard to reed I enjoyed it.