Broken bones beneath the beauty IRJE #4

In the book Washington Black by Esi Edugyan, Washington is a slave boy born on a plantation, ironically named Faith. Washington’s master has died, and the master’s nephew has come to take over the plantation. The new master, Erasmus Wilde, was accompanied by his brother Christopher Wilde. Christopher was nicknamed Titch because he was sick as a child and was very small. Christopher has asked to be called Titch because “Mister Wilde is my father.”(p. 36) Titch and Washington have climbed a nearby mountain, Corvus Peak and Washington has been asked to draw the landscape.

But as I surveyed the terrain, a slow feeling was growing in me, a feeling I could not account for. I watched Titch at his exertions. And as I began to draw what I saw with a clean accuracy, I realized I was troubled by the enormous beauty of that place, of the jewel-like fields below us, littered as I knew them to be with broken teeth. The hot wind snapped at my papers, and in a kind of ghostly sound beneath this I thought I heard the cry of a baby. For the few women who gave birth here were turned immediately back into the fields, and they would set their tender-skinned newborns down in the furrows to wail against the hot sun. I craned out at the fields; I could see nothing. Far out at sea, a great flock of seagulls rose and turned, the late afternoon light flaring on the undersides of their wings.

I chose this quote because it speaks of the double-sided nature of everything we see. The quote talks about the beautiful landscape, yet the evils contained within are still there. It makes you think about how if you walk far enough from something it becomes more perfect. I sort of think of the quote as unfocusing a camera, it can become beautiful, yet you miss half the details. So what problem have you not looked hard enough at recently?

Personal Writing #3 – A Friday Night

This long weekend was very hectic and many things were going on in my life. I had a lot of work to do, and personal problems to solve, but I also had to go through them with all the errands I had to run during that time. On Thursday night, I tried to improve my social skills and make more friends and I decided to go bowling. It did not go very well, leaving me with more anxiety and panic attacks. I tried my best to quickly end the game and escape the place. After that, I went back to my room and tried my best to gain relief. That is how my long weekend started off. While I believed that my time was wasted and the weekend was hopeless, I finally got to have a time of relief the next day. I stayed in my room and spent time truly for mental and physical recovery. Every day in my life seems very miserable; everything feels meaningless and exhausting. Things that shouldn’t be happening in my life tend to happen on a daily basis, and these sometimes make me anxious. However, I try to motivate myself by committing to my hobbies, such as reading and listening to music, or just by staying in my room protected from the brutal world and reality. These work very well, and I belive it is just a part of life – growing up.

IRJE #4: Adults taking advantage

The Catcher in the Rye is a novel by J.D. Salinger. Holden Caulfield is a 16-year-old teen who ran away from boarding school because he doesn’t find passion nor motivation in passing classes. He decided to stay in a hotel since he didn’t want to go back home.

Then, all of a sudden, I got in this big mess.  

The first thing when I got in the elevator, the elevator guy said to me, 

“Innarested in having a good time, fella? Or is it too late for you?” 

“How do you mean?” I said. I didn’t know what he was driving at or anything. 

 “Innarested in a little tail t’night?”  

“Me?” I said. Which was a very dumb answer, but it’s quite embarrassing when somebody comes right up and asks you a question like that.  

“How old are you, chief?” the elevator guy said.  

“Why?” I said. “Twenty-two.” 

 “Uh huh. Well, how ’bout it? Y’innarested? Five bucks a throw. Fifteen bucks the whole night.” He looked at his wrist watch. “Till noon. Five bucks a throw, fifteen bucks till noon.”  

“Okay,” I said. It was against my principles and all, but I was feeling so depressed I didn’t even think. That’s the whole trouble. When you’re feeling very depressed, you can’t even think.  

“Okay what? A throw, or till noon? I gotta know.”  

“Just a throw.” 

“Okay, what room ya in?” 

I looked at the red thing with my number on it, on my key. “Twelve twenty-two,” I said. I was already sort of sorry I’d let the thing start rolling, but it was too late now. “Okay. I’ll send a girl up in about fifteen minutes.” He opened the doors and I got out.

“Hey, is she good-looking?” I asked him. “I don’t want any old bag.”  

“No old bag. Don’t worry about it, chief.”  

“Who do I pay?” “Her,” he said. “Let’s go, chief.” (p. 99)

This reminds me of times when adults tried to take advantage of me since I am a kid and tried to sell products to me that are illegal and illegal to kids. This is sad because this is the reason that some kids get themselves into trouble or addictions. 

Hunger Games IRJE #2 – The Loaf of Bread

As I venture onto my second book in the Hunger Games series, I am placed in the shoes of a young teenage girl, Katniss Everdeen who has been met with one of her largest challenges in life as a resident of Panem, the reaping. The reaping is an event where two candidates of ages 12-18, male and female are chosen to participate in the Hunger Games, where they are to fight to the death amongst themselves and the candidates from other districts. At the beginning of the book, I was fascinated with Collins’ detailed description of imagery especially in the part where Katniss goes hunting with Gale, her childhood friend and start to make jokes about the reaping to help relieve themselves of their fear of getting selected for the games.

“Look what I shot” Gale holds up a loaf of bread with an arrow stuck in it, and I laugh. It’s real bakery bread, not the flat, dense loaves we make from our grain rations. I take it in my hands, pull out the arrow, and hold the puncture in the crust to my nose, inhaling the fragrance that makes my mouth flood with saliva. Fine bread like this is for special occasions.

The part of this quote which really stood out to me was the imagery associated with the bread and the way they joke around to take their minds off the reaping. The inclusion of the very detailed description makes me imagine the current situation of the citizens of district 12 and how hungry and desperate they are for something as simple as a loaf of bread. The way how the bread was described, the smell, the feeling, and even the mention of it being fine bread compared to their traditional flat bread made me imagine that this surely is a loaf of bread to be cherished.

PW #3 – Mitsu Chapter 2

The time has arrived, the time for me to escape. To venture out and explore this large and fascinating world. No more school, no more curfew, no more-

“What are you doing?”


“That, you were just staring blankly into the wall.”

The only time I get to think to myself around here…

“Anthony, like you, I haven’t gone anywhere, I want to see the world, explore places. Could you do that for Mr. Griff here?”

Kaitlyn trusts me? To take care of her treasured dog toy? This is interesting.

“What are you getting to?”

“I’m sorry for being so rude to you last night, I hope this would make it up for both of us.”

“Did mom make you do this?”


“Fine, I’ll take your dog- “

“Mr. Griff?”

“Whatever, just cause mom said so. I still won’t ignore the fact that you have been treating me like crap these weeks.”

“I’m telling mom!”

“Katlyn, go to bed. It’s way past your bedtime.”

“I don’t go to sleep at 9 anymore! I’m not a little girl!”

Kaitlyn stomps out of the room slamming the door behind her. She wasn’t always like this…

“C’mon Anthony, any time now.”

“In a minute dad.”

A new adventure is about to unfold.


“You made it! Looks like Mr. Bowman spared you the consequences.”

Liam gives me a warm greeting as I arrive at the airport. At times like these, I usually find myself grouping up with Liam, James, and Jennifer to spare myself all the meaningless conversations I have with my 5-year-old-minded classmates. They’ve been my closest friends ever since I moved here in Melbourne. At this point, it feels like I’ve lived here for my whole life which is starting to make me feel uneasy.

“Surprise, Surprise.” I respond

“Anthony! You made it!”

“James! What’s up? You feeling better already?”

“Wouldn’t want to miss a trip like this.”

“And Mason, you feeling better already?”

“Cold went away in a day.”

“Yeah, Mason couldn’t live a day without his anime.”

“psst, shut up.”

Glad to see the group back together.

“Alright class! Today’s the day! Now let us get started. Can I get Thomas, Jacob, Liam, James for group one.” Says Mr. Bowman

“For group two can I get, Mason, Jennifer, Lucas, Kyle.”

“And with me, Group 3, Emma, Charlotte, Evelyn, and Joshua.”

“OMG JOSH!” screams the entirety of group three in unison.

“And lastly, can I get Monica, Jeffery, Anthony, and Jennifer.”


“I believe that’s everyone. Please see me if you have any questions, we should be boarding in about twenty minutes.”


: )


As I make my way across the large pathway inside the plane, I double-check my ticket to find my seat, it’s a window seat.

“Hey Anthony.”

“Jennifer! You startled me!”

“Did you find the bathrooms yet?”

“Yeah, they’re at the end of the pathway to the left.”

“Gee, thanks. Man, Germany, far from home, isn’t it?”

“I’ve never been to Europe. Is the food as good as it looks?”

“I guess you would have to try it out for yourself, I personally am obsessed with European food, especially German food.”

“So, like schnitzel and bratwurst?”

“Ha! That’s just the tip of the iceberg!”

This is great. This is the longest we’ve ever held a conversation, at least until Jennifer’s bag of chips falls onto the floor during take-off, which we spend the next 5 minutes joking about. The sun’s quickly going down, and the lights are turned off inside the cabin. I quickly fall asleep until I am awakened about five hours later by the flight attendant who offers me a drink which I immediately reply with “ginger ale.”


In the book Rebel by Marie Lu, Daniel and his brother Eden have moved to a new city in the hopes to start a better life after having lost their family in a civil war. Daniel hopes that a new life will keep his little brother safe and give him more opportunities but unfortunately Eden becomes involved with Dominic Hann, a major crime lord in the country. In one of Eden’s meetings with Dominic Hann he tells Eden about all the things he has gone through to get to where he is now, all the hardships he has faced that have turned him into who he is today.

And I found myself wondering about the fine lines in our lives that turn us one way or the other-that the hardships my brother or June faced twisted them in one direction, while Hann went in another.” (p. 315)

I picked this quote because I found it interesting to think about how people react differently to similar situations, but how it can impact them in different ways. Some people learn from hardship and grow from it while others get stuck in the hardship and never let go of the pain it caused them. The same experience can make people go down different paths.





I am still currently reading It starts with us by Colleen Hoover. Atlas and Lily have reunited and they have started dating. Lily told Atlas she wanted to take things slow because she know that her ex husband Ryle hates Atlas. Sure, she has no feelings for Ryle anymore but he is the father of her child and still has to see him almost everyday. After Ryle and Lily have a fight/argument on the rooftop of her old apartment building (where he lives now), she feels overwhelmed and goes home. She then gets ready for bed, as she’s climbing into her bed she gets a FaceTime call from Atlas. She tells him about her day and he offers to come by her house and give her a hug. Lily says;

“You’re going to drive five miles just to give me a hug?”(p.122)

Atlas then replies with;

“I’d run five miles just to give you a hug.” (p.122)

I love these quotes because it shows the love and appreciation he has for her. He is saying that no matter what happens he will always be there for her, and that there is nothing more important than making her feel like she’s is the most important person in the world and making sure that she feels and is loved and cared for.

Candle – Personal writing poem PW #3

The ferocity of the desert complex No more

Explain the prison to the polar bear

Contaminate the polar bear with Rothschild virtue

Affix all desire

To the polar bear

Hoist him to Afghanistan

Let him chastise the propane tank


Gift him the candle

As you have gifted him greed

Watch him play golf in the storage unit

IRJE #4: Serious Delirium

Roddy Doyle captures the quintessence of childhood abandon in Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha. For 10-year-old Paddy, the world consists of his friends and family; the universe consists of his small north Dublin neighbourhood. Paddy and his school mates are a rowdy bunch. Their complete lack of restraint can sometimes lead to cruel behaviour, and sometimes to beautiful inhibition.

I’d hold my arms out straight till they ached and I’d spin. I could feel the air against my arms, trying to stop them from going so fast, like dragging them through water. I kept going. Eyes open, little steps in circle; my heels cut into the grass, made it juicy; real fast — the house, the kitchen, the hedge, the back, the other hedge, the apple tree, the house, the kitchen, the hedge, the back — waiting to stop my feet. I never warned myself. It just happened – the other hedge, the apple tree, the house, the kitchen — stop — onto the ground, on my back, sweating, gasping, everything still spinning. The sky — round and round — nearly wanting to get sick. Wet from sweating, cold and hot. Belch. I had to lie till it was over. Round and round; it was better with my eyes open, trying to get my eyes to hang onto one thing and stop it from turning. Snot, sweat, round, round and round. I didn’t know why I did it; it was terrible — maybe that was why. It was good getting there — spinning . . . The world was round and Ireland was stuck on the side; I knew that when I was spinning — falling off the world. (p. 173)

This quotation perfectly exemplifies the weird, random acts kids sometimes feel compelled to do without really knowing —or caring— why. The sensory overload Paddy experiences spinning, takes me right back to Year 2 hanging out in Coram’s Fields. One time, Mateo coerced Davide and I to climb onto the merry-go-round. He promised he would stop when we told him to, and of course, never did. The world was spinning; Mateo was running; and we were shrieking; equal parts terror and delight. Eventually, Davide and I were flung aside and landed with a crash onto the playground sand. Just like Paddy Clarke, I stared up at the sky, feeling a frenzied, swirling state of serious delirium. 

IRJE #4 – It Ends with Us

I am reading “It Ends with Us” by Colleen Hoover. This book is about Lily Bloom and Ryle Kincaid, who meet each other on the roof top of an apartment building, as they were both up there for some peace and quiet because they were struggling with a few traumatic events occurring in their life. At first glance they were both fairly attracted to each other, and their personalities meshed well together, yet Ryle didn’t want a long-lasting relationship whereas Lily is a hopeless romantic. As their conversation flowed, Ryle got called in from the hospital where he works as a Neurosurgeon. Ryle leaves Lily on the rooftop where again she lays alone.

He looks at me. Like really looks at me. His eyes meet mine and he just stares, hard, like all my secrets are right there on my face. I’ve never seen eyes as dark as him. Maybe I have, but they seem darker when they’re attached to such an intimidating presence.   (p. 9)

Lily describes Ryle as an “intimidating presence” and as the book proceeds, he doesn’t appear to be that intimidating and instead he listens to her, he is interested in what she has to say. They both have instant chemistry when they meet and their energy flows between each other which is why I find it so interesting to read, how complete opposites in the social view can be so alike when they are alone together.

Personal Writing #3 – Port Hardy trip

Last weekend on November 19th I had 2 hockey games scheduled up in Port Hardy against the Tri-Port Wild. Early on Saturday November 19th My parents and I packed up the car with my hockey gear and overnight bags. My friend Kalina who is on my team soon arrived at my house to carpool with us to Port Hardy. We left my house at around 9am and got to the hotel at 3:30pm. Once we arrived Kalina and I bought Subway and got driven to the arena to warm up for our first game. Once the whole team showed up, we got to our workout and then got dressed in our hockey gear. Our first game was challenging but exciting, we won 3-1. The next day we got up nice and early with a big breakfast. We checked out of the hotel and were on our way to the rink. Time flew by as we played against Tri-Port, we tied 2-2.  We were all thrilled with how we played this weekend and excited to come back.



This week I am reading a book named Legend by Marie Lu. The characters in the book are living in a dystopia. The world is at war and there is a plague spreading rapidly. The main character named Day is a criminal to the government. He is trying to gather enough money for plague cures for family before they die. His younger cousin Eden is currently suffering the most.

“From up close I can see that Eden’s dark eyes have somehow turned black. There is absolutely no reflection in them, and I realize with horror that they’re black because his irises are bleeding.” (pg. 152)

This quote from Day stands out to me because it emphasises his families suffering and the urgency of the situation. Eden not being able to get a cure without being wealthy tells me that the world they have to live in is a dystopia. There are many others without money which means there are many others suffering and dying.


The Da Vinci Code IRJE: The Fall of the Knights Templar

In “The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown, Robert Langdon gives his companion Sophie a not-so-brief history lesson about the Priority of Sion. In it, he talks about the Templar Knights and how they came to an end by the schemes of the Pope and the king of France of that time.

By the 1300’s, the Vatican sanction had helped the Knights amass so much power that Pope Clement V decided that something had to be done. Working in concert with France’s King Philippe IV, the Pope devised an ingeniously planned sting operation to quash the Templars and seize their treasure, thus taking control of the secrets held over the Vatican. (p. 134)

It is odd how such a powerful organization was taken down only because the Pope and the King of France were jealous of their power. History is full of these cases were people just destroy entire concepts and groups as to obtain more power. This entire situation even becomes ironic when you discover that the Templar Knights who so strongly held the Catholic values were disbanded by “Blasphemy”. Betrayed by the Church themselves, the Templar Knights came to an end, leaving behind any real authority they ever had, all in order for those who resided in positions of power to retain their thrones.

Richard, He Who Always Smiles IRJE #4

The Ghost Woods by C.J. Cooke is about a mansion called Lichen Hall where pregnant girls who are not ready to have kids are taken in for care. This story develops in two timelines, one in the present (1965) and another in 1959. Pearl, the character of the present timeline gets up and sees Richard at the dining table. She has gone out on a walk at 3 A.M. the night before to contemplate her life.

He is smiling, but Richard always smiles, a strange little grin that never reaches his eyes. He never laughs, or says kind things, and so the smile sometimes makes me think he’s imagining dark things and taking pleasure in them. (p. 43)

In the previous chapters, Pearl has been portrayed by Cooke as someone who is stuck in a dark place, not knowing how to move forward because she is pregnant. In turn, she sees the worst in people. She sees Richard who is always smiling to be thinking of awful things instead of being happy. This paragraph helps show who Pearl is to the readers who is trying to understand each characters earlier on in the story.

IRJE #4 (Dual Version)

In my book Love and Olives by Jenna Evans Welch the main character Liv is still visiting her father in Santorini. Liv was forced by her mom to spend her summer break to hopefully connect with her father after their divorce. During her stay she hasn’t been the most open minded with the idea of having her father back in her life. Initially Liv had disregarded the thought of seeing her dad again but the more time she spends in Santorini the more she starts to warm up to her father. In Liv’s past her and her father would dream of discovering the lost city of Atlantis together. When livs dad moved back to Santorini she felt abandoned and tries to forget the thought of Atlantis and her dad. In this quote her father is doing a documentary about the Atlantis, you can see that even thought she has turned a blind eye to Atlantis she still has some longing for it.

“He hadn’t looked at his notes once. He hadn’t even paused. And he’d quoted Pleto like he was someone he met up with once a week for coffee. Listening to him I latched on to every word, every rise and crackle of his voice. He had completely sucked me in.” (p.230)

 This is an important part because liv had always tried to push away her feeling toward her father. It his paragraph you can see some feelings of trust “I latched on the every word, every rise and crackle of his voice”, and her feeling of letting go toward her past thoughts “He had completely sucked me in”. I feel like after this important paragraph she finally started to trust her father and became more optimistic towards her new life, including her father again.

I am still continuing reading the book Love and Olives by Jenna Evans Welch where the main character Liv was forced by her mom to spend the summer break in Santorini to reunite with her father. Liv used to have a good relationship with her father, they would dream of one day discovering Atlantis together. After the divorce her father had moved away and they haven’t seen each other for years. This broke little Liv’s heart and ever since then Liv had shut her father and their shared love for Atlantis away. Liv had tried to forget her loving memories with her dad, because she felt betrayed that he left her behind. However, the longer she was visiting her father on Santorini, the more she realized that being around him made her aware of how much of an influence he had on her.

“Listening to him, I latched on to every word, every rise in crackle of his voice. He had completely sucked me in. One minute I’d been sweating it out with the rest of the residents with modern Thira, and the next I was transported back in time to the moment when it had all changed. I had heard the panic of the Minoans waking in their beds, confused, then running for their lives. I’d smelled the sulfur. I’d felt the impending rush and terror of the tsunami. I’d been there.” (p. 230)

In this quote you can see that even though Liv had closed her heart towards her father and their love of Atlantis she still has hope to return to her childhood adoration of her father and the shared dreams they had.

IRJE: The Silence of the Girls

The Silence of the Girls is a book from a Trojan woman’s perspective, who has become a slave after losing the war. The woman, Briseis, was the queen of Lyrnessus. But after losing the war, she is presented as a trophy to Achilles in an instant. Briseis frequently expresses her grief and anger caused by being treated as a slave and losing her country. Among them, this is the most impressive part for me.

No, he’s the lord of mice, like rats, carry the plague; and Apollo, the lord of light, the lord of music, the lord of healing, is also the god of plague.

Until, finally the forbidden words erupting from my mouth like blood of bile; God of plague, hear me!

(Pg. 55-56)

This is the scene where the priest, Chryseis’s father, who is also a trophy, prays with Briseis. Seeking vengeance as his daughter became a slave, the priest prayed to Apollo, who was also the god of the plague and spread it to the Greeks. Briseis’s prayer seemed to represent the anger of all the enslaved Trojan women. In particular, Briseis dreamed of revenge by praying only for curses to Apollo, who is usually described as the god of light or music.

Finding Relief: “Tom Sawyer” • IRJE #4

In the classic novel Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain, a young boy named Tom goes on daily adventures, including average, day-to-day excursions and wild, life-or-death escapades. Near the beginning of the novel, Tom attends boring Sunday church, and finds relief from the many droning prayers in a beetle, which is one of his many fine possessions. After taking the beetle out and playing with it, the beetle bit him. With a quick reflex, Tom chucked the beetle to the ground, where a poodle found interest in the creature:

Presently a vagrant poodle came idling along, sad at heart, lazy with the summer softness and the quiet, weary of captivity, sighing for a change. He spied the beetle; drooping tail lifted and wagged. He surveyed the prize; walked around it; smelt at it from a safe distance; walked around it again; grew bolder, and took a closer smell; then lifted his lip and made a gingerly snatch at it, just missing it; made another, and another […] grew weary at last […] His head nodded, and little by little his chin descended and touched the enemy, who seized it. There was a sharp yelp, a flirt of the poodle’s head, and the beetle fell a couple yards away, and lit on its back once more. The neighbouring spectators shook with a gentle inward joy, several faces went behind fans and handkerchiefs, and Tom was entirely happy.

What’s so great about Twain’s books like Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn is both how realistic they are and how detailed they are. Twain describes the scene with the poodle and the beetle in such detail as to perfectly illustrate how attentive children can be in times of crisis; including times of extreme boredom.

IRJE: “All This Time”


The book I’m reading is called “All This Time” by  Mikki Daughtry and Rachael Lippincott. Kyle is improving each time more with his feelings, he is realizing more and more the situation. Sam, Kyles best friend, is still looking for Kyle and wants to keep their friendship together but Kyle has been having problems with Sam and doesn’t know if he wants to keep being his friend. They are getting into fights because of Kimberly although Kyle was already over it.

“I never knew love could feel like this. That it could get so deep inside me that I have two hearts beating in my chest…“ I pull her hand up to rest above my heart. “Yours and mine. As long as we love each other, Marley, this will last. Nothing is going to stop or change that. I will love you forever. I promise.“ page. 198

Kyle is still seeing Marley and they are trying to have a relationship even-though  their personal problems. This quote is important because it means that Kyle is accepting the love he has for Marley. All the emotions and feelings are finally showing and he is confessing to Marley. He is experimenting new emotions, feelings he had never felt and he is scared of it, he doesn’t want his heart to break again.

Six Crimson Cranes: Elizabeth Lim

I started this book, “Six Crimson Cranes”, and it is a kingdom based in the town of Kiata. Shiori, the princess of this kingdom, the only girl of 7, has special magic she can tell no one. Magic is sacred in this kingdom, and if you are found to be using it, you get sent away to a school that reduces your power, and soon causes you to lose it.

Shiori and her 6 older brothers, have a step mother, she doesn’t talk much, and doesn’t involve herself in the kids lives. Shiori’s mother died when she was little, she doesn’t remember much of her, only her brothers do.

Shiori is 17, and forced to marry a prince from another kingdom. Her father and step mother are very persistent to this happening, and Shiori will do anything to stop it.

“I’m not going to enchanter school” I said, the bitterness whether Father would actually exile me, or have me executed, if he found out about my abilities had kept me more nights than i had wished to admit. (pg. 47)

This book is very interesting and I like the storyline to it. It keeps having surprises that I don’t expect, and I do not get bored, which is really important to me. I am excited to keep getting farther into this book, and learning new things.

Calla Eastgaard-Zaharko

“Some Girls Do” and some girls… don’t – IRJE#4:

The novel I am currently reading, is titled Some Girls Do, written by Jennifer Dugan. It is about two girls; one named Ruby who loves nothing more than tinkering with her car but is stuck perusing her former beauty queen mother’s dreams when competing in local beauty pageants for extra money. Morgan on the other hand, a track star for running and has just been kicked out of her catholic school for being gay, because apparently it is against their school code of conduct. The first chapter is about how their world collide. One passage found relatable and that stood out to me;

But there are some things you can’t say out loud: like how her dream isn’t my dream anymore, hasn’t been for a while, no matter how hard I tried to force it. Like how I wish that post-dated check word for bills and groceries and not tap lessons I hate and spray tans that won’t do anybody any good. like how I’ve been faking my smile for so long, I’m scared I don’t know what the real one feels like anymore. (P. 22)

I found this relatable because I know what it’s like to do things for other people when you’ve either lost passion, or never had any in the first place. Or for having the pressure to find the passion out of fear of giving up. And the last sentence about faking a smile, for me I lost so much of my passion for music that I don’t feel like I have passion anymore, or if I do, what it feels like. This quotation gives the feeling of nostalgia can be relatable for many people for any circumstance, which is why I found this passage so impactful.

The Handmaid’s Tale – IRJE #4

In beginning of Margaret Atwood’s celebrated novel “The Handmaid’s Tale”, we understand that the book is written in first-person. Within the first few pages, we do not learn the narrators name, but can understand some aspects of their life. They describe what life is like in what is described to be an old school. They sleep in the gymnasium, take two walks per day around the football field. Angels, who are armoured guards, patrol the outside. These guards have their backs faced to those walking around the enclosed space, never to speak to them. The area is described in a very mundane and gloomy tone. The narrator seems far from enthusiastic about their living situation.

No guns though, even they could not be trusted with guns. Guns were for the guards, specially picked from the Angels. The guards weren’t allowed inside the building except when called, and we weren’t allowed out, except for our walks, twice daily, two by two around the football field which was enclosed now by a chain-link fence topped with barbed wire. The Angels stood outside it with their backs to us. They were objects of fear to us, but of something else as well. If only they would look. If only we could talk to them. Something could be exchanged, we thought, some deal made, some trade-off, we still had our bodies. That was our fantasy. (p. 4)

The following quote is taken from the rather short first chapter. By this point in the book, this is a fair portion of the information that has been described to the reader, making it rather significant as of this time (in the book). The character from whose perspective we are interpreting the story from speaks of this place as a very secure and potentially frightening. We begin to take the impression that this place is closer to a type of jail rather than a school. Overall, the beginning to this book sets a very clear tone on how the rest of the story will progress.

Nyah Sharratt – 11/29

IRJE Fire and blood 2

In the part of fire and blood when the next ruler takes power is very interesting. This is because A large section of “Fire and Blood” that I am reading is dedicated to the reign of Jaehaerys I, the longest-ruling Targaryen king. Known as the “Wise” king and the “Conciliator,” his reign starts out with conflict, when he chooses to marry his sister, Alysanne. Jaehaerys resists the attempts of many — including his own mother and advisors — to stop the marriage or remove him from power. Jaehaerys’s reign involves many ups and downs. He institutes many reforms in Westeros, from changes in taxes, to creating a comprehensive set of laws. He also deals with both man-made and natural disasters, including a famine and subsequent plague that kills indiscriminately, including one of Jaehaerys and Alysanne’s own children. The couple have thirteen children, with nine making it to adulthood. Notable among them are their eldest son and heir, Aemon, who marries a Baratheon lady, and Baelon, who marries his sister Alyssa and has three children: Viserys, Daemon, and Aerys.


The book Golf is not a Game of Perfect, written by Bob Rotella, it is about a professional golf teacher who shares stories of him interacting and teaching many pros. There is a certain moment when he was teaching one of the most famous pros, Tom kite, that really grabbed my attention. The pair were talking about full swing, more specifically, approach shots. the coach (Bob Rotella) is talking about your pre shot routine. This includes your practice swings, your 1 “trigger” which gets you in the right place to hit the shot, and arguably the most important one, the target. Before every golf shot, whether it is a driver or a putter, you should always pick a target beforehand. Bob would then explain the exact details of the target your picking.

Whenever you are choosing a target, try to make it as small as possible. A tree, or a house way in the distance are best. This is because you have a more precise thing to swing toward, and this results in a better golf shot. p 133

This is some of the best golf advice I have ever heard. My dad was the first to tell me this before my provincial golf tournament, and I went out and shot 79 – 76, which are pretty good score for me. Bob is overall a great teacher, who understands the game of golf deeply. I have learned a lot from his book already, and i am eager to learn more.

Independent reading (girl in pieces) IRJE #4

In Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow  her life is entering a new chapter, a better chapter. Yet we still don’t know too much about her we have found out her name is Charlotte/Charlie. She’s trying to explain how she got to this point in her life and she put it in a poem that she reads. In one point of the poem she says

Girl listens to radio. Girl finds music. Girl has whole other.               world.

Girl slips on headphones. World gone

Girl draws and draws and draws. World gone. (Pg.82)

In this specific part of the poem I felt very touched sort of understood. Not only was she stating how music and the arts as a hole can affect your life, personally she was talking about the things I love. I listen to music 99% of the time and when you really listen to it it feels like the whole world can disappear, it’s an escape from reality. Not only that but art is a way of expressing your emotions. Sometimes explaining how you feel it’s too hard to put into words, and in this book she has mentioned that before for example.

I wish my eyes could tell her sorry because I had no words (pg.19)

For meany girl such as Charlie and I instead of using your body or your eyes to tell someone what you’re trying to say we use art. This book portrays arts not only as a pass time, Or a creative outlet but away of communication and within it’s a hole world.

IRJE 3 “promise”

The cruel prince by Holly Black became a popular book this summer. I am always scared to try popular books because I get too overwhelmed by everybody’s reactions and that might ruin it for me. But this book did not disappoint. The main character Jude is a human girl from the human world. But her mom had a secret. There is a different world with creatures that she thought are just in books. When a man from her mother’s past visited their house and killed her, Jude and her two sisters were taken and forced to live with him in Faerie. She has a very hard life as a human among magic-gifted creatures because, for them, she’s just an inferior human, a servant.

“Would you forswear a promise for me?”

“What promise?”

“Any promise,” he says lightly, although it is no light thing he is asking.

“I guess it depends,” I say, because the real answer, a flat no, isn’t what anyone wants to hear.

“Do you love me enough to give me up? Isn’t that a test of love?”

“I-I don’t know,” I say. All this must be leading up to some declaration on his part, either of affection or of a lack of it.

“Do you love me enough to weep over me?”

“You mean if you were hurt?”

“I mean if I hurt you.”

I chose this quote because this was the first time she trusted a faerie after her whole life hating them. He told her how beautiful she is, how special she is, and made her feel like never before. And she fell for it. This dialogue happened at a royal ball when they were dancing together. He was just playing with her feelings and dumped her. It was a big betrayal from his side that I did not expect at all which made this book even more interesting (I got really mad tho).


I am still reading Stephen R.Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, it has helped me develop some better habits and learn more ways to operate and be a better person and student. The fourth habit he writes about in the book is to think win/win. It is the mindset of trying to achieve something with mutual benefit in all human interactions. He shares a story about how a manager was using a trip to Cancun for the best worker as an incentive to get people to work harder. This tactic was not that effective because it was a win/lose situation. There were employees who would not go to Cancun and one that does and so there are some people who are demotivated. Stephen R.Covey also the goes on to describe each situation.

Win/Win is not a technique; it’s not a total philosophy of human interaction. In fact, it is one of six paradigms of interaction. The alternative paradigms are Win/Lose, Lose/Win, Lose/Lose, Win, and Win/Win or No Deal. (p.206)

Win/Win is obviously the best out of these because both parties are benefiting and we should all try and get Win/Win situations in all aspects of human interaction and the stuff that we do in our daily lives.



I have never played soccer in my life and I don’t know the rule neither. I heard that we had world cup this week from my friend who likes soccer very much. At that time, I just didn’t care about it because I’m not  into it. However, I checked the result of the game Japan versus Germany with just curious. There was an unbelievable result that Japan won against Germany. Everyone was surprised at this as well as me. On tiktok, everyone was talking about Japanese soccer cartoon called “blue lock” after this news broke because one of the member of soccer team in Japan played similar to the character of blue lock. This cartoon is one of my favorite Japanese cartoons so I was so glad that blue lock became popular in the world. Though I’ve never been interested in the actual game before, I paid money for watching World Cup yesterday. I hope that Japan can prove that the game against Germany was not a fluke by winning against Spain.

last summer. #3



Last summer I went on a cruise with my family and we invited my best friend and my cousin. The cruise shipped from New york so we had to take two flights to get there and we stayed 3 nights in New York city. We ate at very pretty restaurants and we visited the city although we have been to New York several times. I find it fascinating. After the three days passed we got on the cruise. It was so fun, we danced, made new friends and we ate a lot . I love going on cruises because it’s like a floating hotel. I personally think it is the best way to travel. The bad thing is you don’t have wifi but that’s also a good thing because you get to really enjoy the experience. The cruise was 1 day at sea and our first destination was Bermudas. Bermudas was really pretty, the waters were beautiful and the food was great. My brothers went swimming but i went shopping and exploring with my cousin and my best friend. They gave us half a day to get to know Bermudas but since it is a small place we got back into the cruise. The cruise was 2 days at sea. In those days they had parties and an all white dinner. The next stop was Saint Marteen, it was also beautiful. We went to a beach where planes arrived very close to you. We bought stuff, took pictures and headed back to the cruise. The following day we arrived  in San Juan Puerto Rico. This was personally one of my favorites because I have been to Puerto Rico four times and every time I go I like it more. Puerto Rico is awesome, the vibe was amazing and the people were great. We sang bad bunny, took pictures and got to know the city’s history. When we headed back that night we had the captain’s dinner and that was really fun. The next day we arrived at Haiti which was amazing. We had a lot of fun because we all got into the sea.  I was so sad because the cruise ship almost ended and when you leave a cruise is like leaving a life because of your friends. I loved that we had the opportunity to invite my best friend and my cousin because I think it’s an amazing experience and plus I had a lot of fun with them. We arrived in NYC and we stayed 2 days. The boys went to a baseball game, meanwhile we went shopping and we got to see the city from a helicopter which was amazing. It was a really fun summer 

Train to Nowhere: 3

Never has Theo feel so alone in his life; despite his friends standing right in front of him, the only thing he wants right now is home. What is home, anymore… I won’t go back for sure. He tells himself while watching the clouds run through the sky. Tears well in his eyes before being interrupted by Teddy’s scream,

“Hey! The bags! They have our names on them! Come get them guys!”

How could one be so hopeful and joyous right now? Theo thinks before grabbing his backpack and inspects its contents: a flashlight, a small bottle of colourful liquid, a book, and a knife.

“Cool, they gave us a book to kill a psycho,” Shane scoffs, “Never mind, Theo, I have a gun!” He pulls the trigger and shoots at the ground. The crowd laughs.

The year leaders, Alex and Georgie gather all students together and command that they all should go explore as a group. But when the group arrives at a crossroad between a tunnel and a dimly-lit staircase, a voice booms from the tunnel,

“The students have made the wrong choice to stay in a big group.”

”WHO IS THAT?” Brandon yells back. Silence. “SHOW YOURSELF, MAN!” More silence.

“Do we split up then?” Justin asks the crowd, “you heard the… guy.”

“Hell no! That’s how we die!” Simon shouts, “Not even these muscles can save all of y’all.” He kisses his biceps, the crowd groans.

“As much as I hate to admit it, I think we should split up,” Alex nervously tells his classmates.

“I’ll take 9 others for the tunnel!” Victoria smiles optimistically, a few of her friends join, but other are just mutuals.

“I can go explore the building…” Ivy says. She was one of the extroverts of her year, so many immediately join her group, including Simon who drives her crazy.

“I saw a latch at the front gate… we could explore that,” Georgie says. He is the smartest kid, many rushes to join his group, but Alex can only watch him as he gains teammates.

“We can look around the train tracks,” Alex says before many introverts join him. They find him comforting with his humour and company.

“Parker gang here!” Giggled Parker before the rest of the students join him. Theo feels lost because he doesn’t feel familiar to any of the group. Sure he is a social butterfly at school, but he never feels like he belongs anywhere; not with the popular girls, or the jocks. He didn’t really fit in with the smarty pants, or the quiet ones either.

“Theo, join us!” Patrick smiles as he reaches his hand over and Theo accepts.

The five groups split their path, not knowing what lies ahead.


It was a sunny day. The birds sang their songs while trees slowly moved in the autumn breeze. It looked like a typical day for me. Except it was not. The lesson ended after an hour and ten minutes and everybody was hungry for lunch. I crossed my fingers, hoping for good food. I don’t have any more money to buy my own lunch so this is the only hope I had. Which then paid off. The food was exclusively magnificent that I had to take more portions. But to have the full experience of it I still needed a desert. Fortunately, there were fortune cookies which I personally love. Today is a suspiciously good day, I thought to myself. But why would I be mad or sad about it? It is awesome to have good days. I chose a random cookie and sat back down at the table.

“Where did you get it from?” my friend asked me after she saw the cookie, “I didn’t see it there,” I explained where it was but she did not want it anymore. It was too far supposedly. Bad for her. I had planned to eat the cookie and throw away the paper inside. It was almost the beginning of the class so I threw the cookie in my bag and forgot about it until the end of the school day. When the classes ended, my friend had big news for me, “There is a big lottery for a million dollars today at the shopping center that we love! We should try to register there.” I don’t really believe in lotteries and this kind of stuff, but why not? I had a good day so maybe I could have a chance? I was thinking about it on the way to my house until I remembered the cookie. They usually have lucky lottery numbers inside! I’m glad I didn’t throw it away before.

After I got home and did my work, I took my computer out of my schoolbag and searched for the shopping center’s website. It was easy to find. I clicked on the Lottery icon and registered myself. In the meantime it was loading, I found the cookie and broke it open. Good days and bad days will find a way to get to you and will rotate one after the other. Your lucky lottery number for today is 1233 21 666. What a weird fortune. But I still tried it and put the number from the cookie on the site and waited for announcing the winner. And guess what. It really was my good day! I won! I told everyone and then went to bed filled with joy. But the cookie was right in more than just numbers. The whole thing became a curse for me which I realized soon enough. The good days started to be followed by terrible days and there was nowhere to run.

(pt. 2 probably next time)


In “The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown, Teabing gives Sophie a lengthy lesson on Leonardo Da Vinci’s opinions on the New Testament; which were not very positive. He then comes to explain how Jesus was named divine, and Sophie was truly shocked to figure out it wasn’t by consensus, but by a close vote.

“Right,” Teabing said. “Jesus’ establishment as “the Son of God” was officially proposed and voted on by the Council of Nicaea.”

“Hold on. You’re saying Jesus’ divinity was the result of a vote?”

“A relatively close vote at that,” Teabing added. “Nonetheless, establishing Christ’s divinity was critical to the further unification of the Roman empire and to the new Vatican power base. By officially endorsing Jesus as the Son of God, Constantine turned Jesus into a deity who existed beyond the scope of the human world, an entity whose power was unchallengeable. This not only precluded further pagan challenges to Christianity, but now the followers of Christ were able to redeem themselves only via the established sacred channel— the Roman Catholic Church.” (p. 197)

I found this piece of the book to clear up many doubts about the Catholic religion I dint even know I had. It makes sense if you think about, at some point in time, people had to decide if Jesus was actually divine or not, and it was likely that people wouldn’t quite agree on such a broad topic. The entire plot of the book revolves about the church hiding Jesus true mortality, so explaining to the reader how the church decided upon his divinity was something you should expect, yet, this piece of the lore certainly caught me be surprise; just like it did with Sophie.


In “The Da Vinci Code”, by Dan Brown, Robert Langdon explains The meaning of Saunière’s written message: “So dark the con of man.” Langdon then reflects about how the message referred to how the Christian Churches use of propaganda was able to convert the world from matriarchal paganism to patriarchal Christianity.

Nobody could deny the enormous good the modern Church did in today’s troubled world, and yet the Church had a deceitful and violent history. Their brutal crusade to “reeducate” the pagan and feminine-worshipping religions spanned three centuries, employing methods as inspired as they were horrific. (p. 104)

It is very interesting to think as to whether the Modern Church is to blame for the sins committed centuries ago. I found this topic very intriguing when reading the book, specially since this debate has hundreds of different views as to what their sins are and how they should be punished. Though it doesn’t seem like Dan Brown is specifically trying to demoralize the church in “The Da Vinci Code”, it does lessen your view of the church after the books completion.

PW #3 – Bowling Night

This Friday the school offered the dorm students a bowling night at Langford lanes, it sounded fun so I talked about it with my friends and we decided to sign in together so we had the same table. We left school at seven, the moment we arrived we were surprised by all the Christmas decorations they had put up, they were beautiful. We got inside after some pictures, the bowling place and it was nice. Because we were not too many people we could fit in 3 or 4 seating places. We had a good time even tho most of my friends weren’t good at it including me. That’s my favourite part of bowling that you don’t have to be good at it to have a good time. After two rounds we head back to school and I had some noodles with my friends because we got hungry.

Personal Writing #3: Influence or Control

I question has come to plague my awoken nights, refusing the passage of any sort of sleep. What truly are we, rulers of our own bodies, or prisoners to our flesh. Any child could answer this question without the batting of an eye. Their answer would likely be that we control our bodies, not the contrary. But as we mature, this answer becomes more clouded with doubt. If we are truly in control, why is it that we feel pain. If we are in control, couldn’t I simply deny the passage of pain. Even better, couldn’t I make myself sad, or happy, or mad. Sure, I can force myself to cry, to smile, or to frown, but I can’t control which emotions to feel. If confronted with that, I child could answer by stating we are only in partial control. Though this answer is valid, putting thought into in might just discredit its intent. If we are only in partial control, then what is it the controls the rest. Do we tell our body what to do, or do we simply influence its actions. Many people have experienced a time in which they were paralyzed by fear. They wanted to complete an action, but their bodies would simply not move. Would this imply that we are but a voice that influences the actions of our bodies, and if we are to believe that, then is it really control that we have over them. These types of questions are what most fascinate me about the study of philosophy, and make me hope and can maybe enter a career in which I can further explore them.

Personal Writing #2: A World in Which the Water Reached the Sky

I woke up to the sound of angry waves that that hit my vessel. I hastily got dressed into my orange sailing suit, it was still wet. When I got up to the main deck, I saw Jason and Kyle, I heard a small comment about how Kyle was still shaking with three jackets on, that had gotten a small giggle out of me, alarming them of my presence.

“Look who decided to join us, you sure slept your quota” said Jason, with his classic smirk. I hated that smirk, but at the same time I admired him for being able to have it.

“Are we in LA yet?” I sighed, trying to shift his focus “Sasha said we would be there by morning.”

“We just got here a few hours ago” Said Kyle finishing his soup before standing up to prepare mine “Sasha and Nico left early in the morning to search for survivors, they told us to stay and take care of you because of what happened in San Francisco yesterday.”

As I heard that, I made my way to the side of the ship, only to see the shadow of the Wilshire Grand Center completely submerged in water, in the distance I saw Nico and Sasha heading our direction on our rescue-boat, but I saw no survivors with them.

“So not even the city of stars could escape the rising of the sea.” I whispered making sure no one would hear me, my voice as heavy as the ship.

Personal Writing

When I was in the forth grade, I had one of the most memorable moments in my life. Me and my family were vacationing in San Diego for a few weeks in mid February at the Welk Resort. We were swimming everyday, golfing nearly everyday, and just relaxing. Life was perfect. But the third or forth day in, I woke up with heat stroke. I remember doing absolutely nothing for the two days in which I had it, because you have no energy. It was brutal. I was missing out on all the fun the rest of my family was having. The trip went from the highest high, to the lowest low. However, it would all shift back again when I recovered. I woke up one morning feeling so much better. After a morning of relaxation, we went swimming in one of the many pools. Life was back to perfect. But, little did I know, the best was yet to come. My dad woke me up at 6am the following morning, and told me we were going to play Torrey Pines! Torrey Pines is one of the most prestigious golf courses in the entire world, and it was a dream come true for me to finally play it. It was also right on the ocean, making the experience ten times better. The course was amazing. It was in mint condition, the greens were rolling fast, and the views were out of this world. I shot a 98, which wasn’t bad for me at the time. My dad shot even par, which was a decent round for him also. I do greatly wish that I can play there again some time in the future. It was the nicest golf course I ever played, and it was also the happiest I have ever been on a golf course.

Personal Writing #3

I am bored, so very bored,

Because for days I have been sick.

I sat down at the piano to learn a new chord,

But that didn’t do the trick.


I found a new show,

In hopes to make things less dull,

But that only took an hour or so.

Instead, I looked outside and saw a gull.


The tissues I hoard,

My head feels thick.

I am bored, so very bored,

Because for days I have been sick.






Personal Writing #3: ECUAD

“Okay, guys, let’s take a break for lunch. Make sure to clean up your brushes and scrape off your palates. See you back at 1”.

I look over at Maddy. Her hands are covered in charcoal and she’s staring intently at a black smudge on her, otherwise, white shorts. I can almost hear her thoughts. She desperately wants to brush the charcoal dust off her shorts, but can’t figure out a way to do it without making more of a mess. Oh, Maddy. She’s using her elbow.

In front of me is my canvas. I’ve sketched out long delicate aloe leaves. They look smooth, and at the same time spiky. They way aloe plants are. I pack up my paint tubes and head towards my locker. I spin the dial clockwise, counter clockwise and clockwise again. I give the lock a sharp yank, and it pops open. I notice Leah looking towards me. She’s helped me open my locker the last two days in a row when I couldn’t figure out the combination. I give her a triumphant grin and she laughs.

Heading down the stairs, I see the doors leading to the foyer. I swear, those doors are the bane of my existence. Push, or pull? It’s a fifty-fifty situation. I can never remember which way. I pull. Nope. Push. No one’s around, but I do a quick check to make sure.

I’m munching on my croissant sandwich and the tomatoes keep plopping out the bottom. My fingers are stained with ink. There is paint caked under my nails. Viridian 195. Maddy is standing on the periphery of the lunch hall. With both hands she holds her metal bento box style lunch container. She is just standing there. I wave her over and she looks relieved. Over lunch, Analiese tells us she wants to shave her head and get it tattooed like the Avatar.

It is week two at the Emily Carr Junior Art Intensive. Everyone here is an art nerd.

I love it.

Personal Writing #3

Every so often when I’m bored, I walk around the storage room in my house. I’ve found rather interesting things in my explorations to that cluttered room. In this text, I’ll list, and describe some personal favorites. My absolute favorite is our hat trunk. I’m not quite sure if trunk is the right word to use, because it looks closer to an oversized toolbox than what most people would consider a trunk. I have always known this existed, but it seems that every time I look in it something new appears, which is rather confusing as we have not added to it in roughly three years. There’s those ear-headband things, light-up hats, santa hats, viking helmets and a pilot hat (still confused as to why we bought that one), just to name a few. I’ve also discovered multiple instruments, including a twelve-string guitar, which wouldn’t be too odd, but I am very sure no one in our house has ever played it. We also have a mass amount of baby toys (and a highchair), even though my brother is eleven years old. Though now I have a little cousin so they do come in handy. Alongside all this there is our twelve sleeping bags and boxes of other assorted camping gear.

The rest I can’t really describe, so ill just list them off; about 20 buckets of paint, golf clubs (that I’m pretty sure haven’t been touched since the Industrial Revolution), cotton “snowballs”, an oven that heats up to a few hundred degrees celsius, a closet door, random pieces of assorted wood and little characters from the Minions version of the board game “Trouble”. I deeply hope that I come across more entertaining pieces of clutter in my future visits.

Nyah Sharratt – 11/24

I’ll Stay Home

Oh, the people outside are frightful

But my bed is so delightful

And since I’ve no place to go

I’ll stay home, I’ll stay home, I’ll stay home.


The traffic doesn’t show signs of stopping

And I’ve got me some YouTube for watching

The blinds are shut tightly closed, so

I’ll stay home, I’ll stay home, I’ll stay home.


When I finally overcome my fright

How I’ll hate going out with a moan

But if I it really wraps me tight

Every day I’ll feel at home!


And the stores are slowly closing

But, my dear, I’ll still be avoiding

All the public bathrooms so

I’ll stay home, I’ll stay home, I’ll stay home.

Personal Writing #3


Every Sunday for the past seven weeks I have had basketball training with The Grind, a basketball organization with elite teams. I have one more week left of the training camp. My goal is to show myself and my skill to the coaches, so I have a better chance in tryouts. I will be writing about my last week’s performance. Getting through the drills is always the hard part because it requires critical thinking and understanding. The coaches do not explain the drill much.

“If you don’t know, go to the back of the line and watch!” Is what the coach tells us. Since it was the seventh week, I felt confident enough with the drills. Once they were over, we played scrimmage. I used my strengths which is mainly rebounding, defense, and layups. My best play of the game was when I got the defensive rebound dribbled all the way down the court like a point guard and finished with a spin move layup through two guys. Overall, it was one of my best practices. Unfortunately, it was also the one practice where the head coach wasn’t there.

Singapore school (PW #1)

Before i migrated to Canada, i lived in Singapore for my whole life. I was in the Singapore Sports School for 2 years before i joined Brookes Westshore. I specialised in the 10 meter air pistol category while i was in the Singapore Sports School. My Mother represented Singapore for the National team for shooting also when she was in her late teens and early twenties, so i had gotten introduced to shooting from a young age as i would be in the stands right behind watching her as she shot. I attended shooting lessons twice a week since i was 11 coached by a ranked 7 in Asia, he was a true professional and i had learnt so much and gained wisdom through the hundreds of lessons he taught me. When i was 12, i attended my first Singapore cup, i had gotten the details mixed and only started my first shot thirty minutes later then everyone, this meant that i only had forty-five minutes remaining in my first competition. The anxiety was overwhelming, but this aided to my adrenaline to help me focus better than the average shooter, i thrived on my anxiety and had won my first Singapore cup ( open category ) at twelve years old. I had achieved a score of 536 out of 600, this was an average score of a  proficient high school athlete. My coaches were as shocked as the older shooters i had scored higher than. Many great coaches had noticed me in that competition, including the coach at the Sports School. This helped me greatly in applications and it was an effortless enrolment into the prestigious ranked 2 School in Singapore.

IRJE #2: Handmaid’s Tale

The book that i am reading now is titled “The Handmaids Tale” I have finished the first chapter of this book and i have found the book interesting to read.

The book is about Offred, the narrator of the story whom describes sleeping on army cots in a gymnasium with other women. Aunt Sara and Aunt Elizabeth patrol with electric cattle prods slung around their waists, and the women are forbidden from speaking aloud, whisper to avoid drawing attention. The women walk in the former football field twice a day, which is surrounded by a chain-link fence topped with barbed wire. Angels, armed guards, patrol the perimeter. The Angels stand outside the fence with their backs to the women while the women go for their walks. The women yearn for the Angels to notice them. They believe that if the men look at them or talk to them, they will be able to use their bodies to make a statement.

I like that the book is nicely paced with words that i find slightly challenging but i learn new words from it.


This summer I went to Whistler. I don’t usually go to Whistler in the summer, I usually go in the winter to go skiing. But, when I went with my dad after coming from my golf tournament in Prince George, it was super hot. We got there, got our hotel room, which I believe was the Four Seasons. And when we were checking in, the reception guy that helped us, told us there was a shooting, and two people died. Most of the restaurant’s were closed because of it. So, for dinner me and my dad had to go to one of the only places open by the time we started walking to the town square, which was a Japanese Restaurant. It was actually really good.

The reason for the shooting was apparently a couple people that came up from Surrey, Vancouver, and tried to take money from a store, and held two people at gunpoint, and continued to kill them.

It was kind of scary to hear, knowing that I was going to stay in that place for the next 2 days. Anyways, the next day we went for breakfast, which was. amazing, and we went on the gondola that took us to the peak to peak at the top of the ski hill.

Other then the first day, it was a good trip, and I love staying at Whistler, it was just very different then from being there in winter when its snowing and cold.

Personal Writing #3 Aidan Bisgrove

On Monday, Nov 21st I went to Tim Hortons again with Armando and Dyan this time and we left at 12:00 sharp and we walked which took us 8 ish minutes because we ran there and when we got there I bought them both ice caps, and me a donut. I only bought them stuff because we made a bet and I lost the bet so after we got food we start walking back. When we come to the opening of the thrifty a truck came up and we were about to cross Dylan and I let the truck go through but Armando had other plans so instead of just lifting his hand up in a thank you gesture he stood in front of the truck and put his hand up almost like he was commanding the truck to stop and while he had his hand up he started getting lower and lower to the ground and at the once he passed and so did we he had almost fell onto the ground and on the way back we were laughing so hard because of how stupid he looked whilst doing whatever he was trying to do.


The novel Picnic at Hanging Rock By Joan Lindsay is about a group of female students at an Australian Boarding school. they vanish at Hanging Rock while on a Valentines Day picnic. Their disappearance has  intense effects  on the on the school and the local community. Two things that stood out to me was how Lindsay presents the ideas of freedom and control in different manners, exploring the motivation behind control, and its consequences. Control is portrayed as futile, as the strict regime at Appleyard college and societal pressure at the Fizhubert manor only exacerbates the character’s desire for freedom and exploration, rather than repress it. Freedom is presented as an inevitability. The more a character is controlled and made to conform to a certain set of behaviours, the stronger their desire to escape said control becomes.

One way Lindsay presents ideas of freedom and control is through the portrayed futility of control, ultimately resulting in freedom. This notion is depicted through the change of behaviour in Micheal and the three girls, and the consequent disappearance of the girls – excessive control and restriction being  being the catalyst for this. Mrs Appleyard’s instructions to the girls before the picnic depicts the stern control the girls faced daily.

I have instructed Mademoiselle that as the day is likely to be warm, you may remove your gloves… Once again let me remind you that the Rock itself is extremely dangerous and you are therefore forbidden to engage in any tomboy foolishness in the matter of exploration

This furthers the idea that control is futile, because the girls ignore Mrs Appleyard’s warnings and proceed to explore the rock, leading to their disappearance. Mrs Appleyards meticulous control backfires, as it only exacerbates the curiosity of the curiosity of the girls, from a very traditional, very wealthy English family.

IRJE #3 “loveless”

I’m currently reading a book called “loveless” by Alice Oceman. This book is about a teenage girl who hasn’t experienced being in love with someone and that makes her feel different from the other teenagers. The book tells us what she is been through to discover who she is and why she feels that way.



I came back to the words until they felt real in my mind, at least. Maybe they wouldn’t be real in most people’s minds. But I could make them real in mine, I could do whatever I wanted.

I’m not sure when I realized that I was no longer feeling melancholic distress about my sexuality. The woe is me, I’m loveless. (p. 297)

This quotation is important because here is where she fouds out why she felt that way. The moment of realization is important because now she can focus on discovering more about herself and know she is not alone.