I have never played soccer in my life and I don’t know the rule neither. I heard that we had world cup this week from my friend who likes soccer very much. At that time, I just didn’t care about it because I’m not  into it. However, I checked the result of the game Japan versus Germany with just curious. There was an unbelievable result that Japan won against Germany. Everyone was surprised at this as well as me. On tiktok, everyone was talking about Japanese soccer cartoon called “blue lock” after this news broke because one of the member of soccer team in Japan played similar to the character of blue lock. This cartoon is one of my favorite Japanese cartoons so I was so glad that blue lock became popular in the world. Though I’ve never been interested in the actual game before, I paid money for watching World Cup yesterday. I hope that Japan can prove that the game against Germany was not a fluke by winning against Spain.

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