PW – April 7th – Dreams

Nearly every night, right as my head hits my pillow, I remember my dreams from the previous night. As if something’s clicking in my brain, or that the association is exactly what I needed. Even if I couldn’t remember in the morning or throughout the day, that familiarity sparks something within my memory.

This stimulated my curiosity. Is everyone like this? Can everyone remember their dreams? I asked my friends and family, and I was surprised to find out that many of them couldn’t ever remember their dreams.

Dreams are a place where I can escape. I can be somebody I’m not, do things I’m too scared to do, and experience something I couldn’t even imagine in real life. I can fly above the Swiss alps, wander a foreign city at midnight, and jump off a mountain without any of the inconvenient consequences. Even though the possibilities are limitless, I often find myself dreaming about much smaller experiences. In a way, I actually prefer doing so. I can revisit and correct a conversation that had a negative outcome, experience new memories with people I don’t get the chance to see on a regular basis, and meet people I haven’t actually met. This allows me to learn more about myself, in a way that wouldn’t be possible in a conscious state.

My mind deals with problems in ways that I find fascinating. During this pandemic, I dreamt that our city had a flood. These correlations that our subconsciouses are able to make are incredible. Although they can be so odd and obscure at times, I love my dreams, nightmares and all.


PW: Mar. 21 (Yagen- The Yaughrrinn Peaks [Brief History])

A history written for my newest DnD character, and thus also, for a change, written in the first person. It is also heavily biased, and not an accurate portrayal of Enlyan history.

Long ago, the dwarven society in the Yaughrrinn peaks thrived upon the earnings of metal working. Located in the mountains just without the borders of a major Enlyan trading hub, we made more than a tidy profit off of selling plate mail and iron swords to unversed eager adventurers. This, though, was only the very base of our work. What we truly prided ourselves on, what we cared for and loved, were the metallic artworks we created. Each blade, helm, and breastplate we crafted shone with the vibrancy of our hearty dwarven forge. The metal works that came down from the Yaughrrinn peaks were more than tools– they were entire histories inscribed into steel. We embodied the ideal dwarven society, and our kinsmen looked up to us as much as dwarven kinsmen can.

I was born far after this time though. Good things never last long. Enlyera’s worldly king renounced the throne, leaving a brash elven nobleman to succeed him. The elves have always thought themselves superior to us– to everyone. They believe their fey blood gives them the right to act as if they are gods. They aren’t though. No, they aren’t anything damned near to gods. The elf boy, Reluin, forced us into our mountains, imprisoning those who ventured down into the cities to trade.  We lost dozens of our clan to the tyrant, and never will we forget it. Even ensuing the end of his reign, our people were too afraid to face the outside world. Too long had we been locked away for even our dwarven resilience to preserve our pride and determination. For a society that values the bonds of kinship so highly, the losses we suffered became a wound in us that may never heal.



Which scientific discovery or invention has changed the world the most, in your opinion? Explain why.

Humans discovered technology. Everyone imagined its purpose was to change the way of life at its best. Some people won’t realize this, but technology is changing our’s lives every second.

I believe these are some examples of technology “devices” that have been a great global impact.

  • Digital media
  • Personal devices ( phones, tablets, computers, video games)
  • Robots and artificial intelligence

Technology plays an important role in society today. It has positive and negative effects on the world and it impacts daily lives.

It has made impacts by making life easier for lots of people.  It has facilitated the resources of education and tools needed to live a better life. Such impacts have greatly affected agriculture, transportation, communication, within societies globally.

The negative side of technology is that it can be addicting and it can hurt communication skills. Extended screen time can result in health issues like insomnia. In severe cases, it can increase anxiety and depression.

No one knows what to expect from technology anymore. It is gaining lots of power every day and it is advancing so much in every aspect.


IRJE: Ruin of Stars By: Linsey Miller

The main character lost her family due to five Erlend nobles. North Star, Deadfall, Riparian, Caldera, and Winter destroyed Nacea. The Queen named her Opal and trained her to become an assassin to help take out the Erlend nobles. Opal wanted to kill Caldera’s daughter first, then kill him, but decided against it because Caldera’s daughter was innocent. After that, she goes into Caldera’s room and talks to him, trying to get some information out of him. He tries to yell for help and escape but fails miserably. After getting the information she needed, she went ahead and stabbed a knife through his chest and ended his life.

I tucked the blanket back around Caldera’s daughter and left. I could comprehend killing his kid to get at him, but I wasn’t him. Caldera’s daughter was no more at fault for her father’s deeds than Elise was for hers, and only Caldera was dying tonight. -Pg 4

I think this quote is important because it shows how angry Opal feels after Caldera murdered her parents. Even though she is filled with hatred, she still kept her conscious and refrained from doing what he did. If someone hurts my family, I would probably not be able to stop myself from hurting that person’s loved ones too.


Pw-April 7th-Customs & Culture in Bavaria

Conventional and present day: Encounter Bavaria’s captivating blend of exuberant urban city life, traditions, authentic celebrations and social treasures. Bavaria captivates with its energizing differentiate between convention and innovation – from extravagant buildings and chronicled landmarks to modern craftsmanship and hip celebrations. On your social visit you may involvement Bavaria at its best: for illustration, take a walk through the beautiful ancient town of Regensburg or visit the Bamberg Cathedral. Both cities are UNESCO World Legacy Destinations since of their well-preserved verifiable townscape. The 45 state royal residences, castles and homes in Bavaria combine magnificent engineering with history: visit the radiant buildings of Ruler Ludwig II and his tall tale castle Neuschwanstein or take a visit of the world’s longest castle complex in Burghausen. Another fascination are the twelve state galleries of craftsmanship and social history in Bavaria. They are among the foremost imperative within the world – just like the Modern and Ancient Pinakothek.


1st April: IJRE / Stormbreaker

In chapter 13 THE SCHOOL BULLY of Alex Rider Strombreaker the spy Alex was caught and interrogated by Mr Sayle. Alex told that he is from the MI6 and also all the other things that he already knew about Mr Sayle`s stormbreaker. He had to tell the truth about all, because he was threatened by Mr Grin with flying knives. When Alex asked for the reasons for his Stormbreaker attack Mr Sayle said:

… I was mocked and bullied. Because of my size. Because of my dark skin. Because I couldn’t speak English well. Because I wasn’t one of them. (p 183.)

But there was one who was worse than any of them. (p 184)

He grew up to be the bliddy prime minister! (p185)

These statements show how somebody can be angry aggressive and frustrated after he was mobbed in his childhood.

Therefore I think it is important to stop mobbing at all time!


PW- March 7th

Why is it that most drug dealers end up serving longer sentences than rapists in the United States?

Over the last five years in the USA, the average drug time served for possession of drugs was 16months to five years, depending on the drug and offenders background. The average time served for drug dealers in the past five years in the US was 5.9 years. The average time served in the US in the last five years for all rape cases ranging from a severe fine, to 30 years (this is only if the victim dies) was 5.4 years. Drug dealers in the US commonly serve 0.5 more years than rapists.

80% of convicted drug cases are against a black or Latino, while 57% of trialed rapists are white. The fact is the system is set up to fail people of colour. People of colour are discriminated against at every stage of the criminal justice system.

The reason it’s easier to convict drug dealers then rapists is that rape trials are about who is more convincing, not who’s telling the truth. You can claim someone is “playing the victim” or claim someone raped you without evidence or fact. Whereas if you get caught with drugs, it is pretty black and white. The three main reasons I think drug dealers’ sentences are more extended than rapists are, one, because discrimination in the justice system, the likelihood of imprisonment for a black man is 1 in 3, where for a white man it is 1 in 9. Two, the debate ability and he said she said ness of rape trials. Claiming it was consensual, claiming you were raped cause you are ashamed, the involvement of drugs and alcohol affecting individuals’ opinions and reliability, and shaming the victim for their clothing and behavior choices. Out of every 1000 sexual assaults, 995 predators will walk free. Lastly, A drug dealer is taking tax money away from the government, while rapists are ruining people’s lives, and I’m sure you can guess what the current American government thinks is more important, and who deserves more time. That’s why I believe rapists go to prison for shorter sentences than drug dealers.



IRJE-April 1st

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck is a novel about two working men, George, who’s a sharp man in every way, and Lennie who’s a simple-minded man. They have just arrived at a ranch in central California, where they’ll be working for the next while. They are unpacking their stuff when Slim, walks into the bunkhouse; he’s the leader of the grain team the two will be working on. When getting to know the two new men, Slim asks if they travel around together and then says most of the other men choose to go about alone, but he doesn’t know why. He ponders the idea, saying…

Maybe ever’ body … is scared of each other. (p.36).

This quotation demonstrates the distinction between George and Lennie’s unique relationship and the lonely lives of the other ranch workers. Though George fronts as though he would rather be without Lennie and says he only helps him because he promised Lennie’s aunt Clara that he would protect him, you can still tell they have a deep, complicated friendship, and George enjoys the company when they travel from ranch to ranch looking for work. Slim considers fear of each other to be one reason the other ranch workers choose isolation over companionship. This situation of self-isolation applies to today’s individuals; we accept being lonely and not opening up to others over rejection. We are scared of being judged because of who we are, so, if we self-isolate and choose not to overshare, we can’t be outcasted, but this comes at the cost of friendship and trust.


February 15th IRJE: Divergent

Veronica Roth, suddenly someone screams, and when the lights are turned on, Edward, who was ranked first, has a butter knife sticking out of his eye.

“‘We believe in ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another.'”

Tris was calm in the room when she heard a scream, she ran out and so Edward with a knife in his eye, sh suddenly calms him and they realized that Peter and Christian are missing. Tris and Four believe it was Peter but they think is better to tell anyone until tomorrow in the cafeteria. The next day 4 people left the dauntless to avoid them getting cut by them, since that’s what they are here for, they don’t let anyone win the first place. Tris recapitulates and she goes to confront Peter when someone opened the door.


March 1st IRJE: Divergent.

Veronica Roth, the game of capture the flag gives Tris a chance to show her true strengths. By climbing the Ferris wheel, she doesn’t just appear fearless: she also gains a real tactical advantage over the other team.

“Then I realize what it is. It’s him. Something about him makes me feel like I am about to fall. Or turn to liquid. Or burst into flames.”

Tris and Four are fighting for the team’s victory, they are both helping each other and they are starting to have a deeper connection between each other that leads into their minds. This ability helped them to gain the flag while coming back they encounter the best player in the Dauntless. They fastly developed other integrities that led them to the victory and made them go back to their base.



I have come to the conclusion that’s Holden is the most stubborn human being on earth. I have said it before but, all holden has been doing is complaining about others and how much he hates them. He does this while he is socializing with these same people and probably being more of a nuisance to them then they are to him.  I find this incredibly immature and ignorant. Why be an incredibly grumpy person with a rude attitude and then complain about others, it makes no sense. this quote from “page 44\45” shows this perfectly.

He said it again. “Holden. If I letcha, up willya keep your mouth shut?” Yes. He got up off me, I got up too. My chest urt like hell from his dirty knee’s, “your’re a stupid sonuvabitch moron”, I told him. That got him really mad. he shook his stupid big finger in my face. “Holden God damit I’m warning you now. for the last time. If your not gonna keep your yap shut I’m gonna-” “why should I?” I said- I was practically yelling. “That’s just the problem with all you morons. You never want to disguss anything. thats the way you can alway’s tell a moron. They never want to disguess anything intelling-” Then he really let one at me, and the next thing I knew, I was on the od damn floor again.

This quote shows perfectly how much of a bad fiend Holden is. I understand how feeling can get the best of you, and how you can end up doing some pretty ridiculous things. But all I see coming out of this quote is Holden being the definition of a hypocrite. people are allowed to be mad at others but when you’re doing the same thing they’re doing to you straight back even worse then they did, you can’t complain.  Holden keeps on teasing Straldlater even after he warns Holden to stop. All Holden is doing for himself is digging himself into a deeper and deeper hole constantly.



April 1st IRJE: Divergent.

Veronica Roth, When Four asks her name, she shortens it to “Tris.” The change reveals that despite her newfound independence, she’s still vulnerable to social pressure. Although she has joined Dauntless because it best represents her individual self, she chooses a name that conforms to the norms of her new faction.

“A new place, a new name. I can be remade here. ‘Tris,’ I say firmly.”

At this moment, not only does Tris adopt her new name, but she adopts a new her. By hating her plain Abnegation name, Tris shows her desire to make a change in her life and start back again. If she had not taken this decision she would have had trouble with the Dauntless. In order to fully prepare herself, she has to completely differentiate herself from the person she was once told to be and from the family that named her. This is yet another of her choices, a choice that changes her identity entirely.



The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

In The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, by Kate DiCamillo, Edward the china rabbit disregards the very idea of love, we can see he does this throughout the story. He lives amongst the Tulane family who loves him, they treated him as another member of the family, not just as a china doll.

“In the evening, Edward sat at the dining-room table with the other members of the Tulane family: Abilene; her mother and father; and Abilene’s grandmother, who was called Pellagrina. True, Edward’s ears barely cleared the tabletop, and true also, he spent the duration of the meal staring straight ahead at nothing but the bright and blinding white of the tablecloth. But he was there, a rabbit at the table.” . . .

“Abilene’s parents found it charming that Abilene considered Edward real, and that she sometimes requested that a phrase or story be repeated because Edward had not heard it.” . . .

“Abilene’s father would then turn in the direction of Edward’s ears and speak slowly, repeating what he had just said for the benefit of the china rabbit. Edward pretended, out of courtesy to Abilene, to listen. But, in truth, he was not very interested in what people had to say. And also he did not care for Abilene’s parents and their condescending manner toward him. All adults, in fact, condescended to him.” (pp. 6-7)

The quotes above show how much the Tulane family cared for Edward. They loved him and treated him with the utmost care. The person who loved him most was Abilene. She treated Edward like a king, dressing him up in fancy clothes and making sure he was always included. Nothing in the world was as important to her as Edward. But Edward Tulane never felt the same way with Abilene and her family. He appreciated Abilene for caring for him, but Edward did not love her or anyone else.

One night Abilene’s grandmother Pellegrina decided to tell Abilene and Edward a story. As Pellegrina spoke, she stared into Edward’s eyes and once the story had ended, it left Abilene in disbelief with Edward next to her.

“The end.” . . .

“But it can’t be.” . . .

“Why can’t it be?” . . .

“Because it ended too quickly. Because no one is living happily ever after, that’s why.” . . .

“Pellegrina nodded. She was quiet for a moment. But answer me this: how can a story end happily if there is no love?” (p. 33)

When Pelegrina said this last line she intended it towards Edward. Leaning ever closer to him as she spoke gently in his ear: “You disappoint me” (p. 33). I believe that the story was mostly a lesson for Edward, Pellegrina could, in some way, tell that Edward had no love in his china body, which is why she was disappointed in him. The moral of the story was that for you to be truly loved, you must be able to feel and to be able to feel, you must be able to accept the love that those around you share.


IRJE: Apr. 1 (The Hero of Ages)

In the Hero of Ages, book three of the Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson, there are two gods which rule over Scadrial, the world in which the series takes place. The first god, Preservation, seeks to create stability and eliminate chaos and change. Her counterpart, Ruin, strives for the opposite: complete destruction and disorder. For millennia, the two were locked in stalemate, with neither able to achieve their extreme goals.

On one hand, each knew that only by working together could they create. On the other hand, both knew that they would never have complete satisfaction in what they created. Preservation would not be able to keep things perfect and unchanging, and Ruin would not be able to destroy completely. (pp. 472-473).

In the series, especially in book three, Ruin acts as the primary antagonist. Considering this, it might be easy to mistake Ruin for a god of evil. This, however, isn’t true, and that’s something I find very interesting. Despite being a cause of great distress for the world of Scadrial and the heroes in it, Ruin cannot be fully destroyed– he does not represent evil, but rather change. Without him, Preservation would just as easily destroy the world as it was. The only difference is that where Ruin would dissolve Scadrial into a state of chaos, Preservation would keep it captive in a state of everlasting perpetuity. Truly, neither extreme is a good option– the world needs a balance of change and stability. The Hero of Ages takes place at a time in which Ruin has gained more power than Preservation, and thus he is who the heroes must fight against, and as mutual enemies of Ruin, they naturally become allied with Preservation. It is important to recognize, though, that the circumstances have made one god into an ally and the other into an enemy. The roles could easily be reversed, with the heroes of Scadrial fighting to not be caught in a world where no change can be inflicted. Though it is still more interesting to have villains with more complexity than seeking an absolute, the concept of chaos and stability being the absolutes rather than evil and good is still at least somewhat more compelling.