Personal Writing Feb 7th

Inventing a new holiday or celebration.

I believe it would pretty awesome inventing a whole new holiday or celebration. The fact of creating your own “rules” about it, it’s something really fun to think of.

I would call it ThanksChristIt’sWeen. I took the words Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween, and created a new different word.

I chose these holidays because they’ve been my favorites since I was a little kid. What I love the most about them is definitely the food. At Christmas, we get to eat: gingerbread cookies, hot chocolate, pudding, etc.  Thanksgiving dinner is the best for me, there’s just so many options from where to eat. For example turkey with or without gravy, stuffing/dressing, mashed potatoes, corn, candied yams, pumpkin or apple pie, etc. Last but not least, Halloween. This holiday is best for eating candy and sweets. The best part is that people take a dessert and turn it into a spooky confection. There are pumpkin rice Krispie treats, candy corn cakes, worms in dirt, monster apple caramel bites, Halloween popcorn balls, ghost cupcakes, etc.

My new celebration would happen on March 18 till March 25. It would be the same date every year.



Independent Reading Feb 1st

The CATCHER in the Rye by J.D Salinger

Robert Burns is a famous poet who create a poem named  “Comin’ Thro the Rye”. It can be explained that this is intended to be a symbol for Holden Caulfield; the main character of the novel.  What Holden desires is longing to preserve the innocence of childhood.

The novel narrates two days of Holden’s life after he has been expelled from prep school. Different emotions are going through his head like confusion and disillusion. Caulfield will search for the truth against the adult world falseness.

Throughout the novel, it can be noticed that Holden always describes his sibling as a nice, responsible, smart kid. This is actually giving the reader a reason to believe Holden’s obsession with preserving his innocence. He sees innocence through his siblings.

In chapter 5, Holden describes his dead young brother, as “fifty times as intelligent” (p.38) than him. He exaggerates that Allies is so smart. Why would he do that?


IRJE: The Silent Patient

Theo goes to the Grove, located in the oldest part of Edgware hospital and meets Yuri, the head psychiatric nurse. He also met another woman, Stephanie Clarke, manager of the Grove. After meeting the people, he goes into a community meet with around 30 people. In the middle of the meeting, a large Turkish comes in and hurls 2 spears towards the people. Elif was angry because the pool cues broke a week ago and wasn’t fixed yet.

It was a pool cue, snapped in two. The massive patient, a dark-haired Turkish woman in her forties, shouted, “Pisses me off. Pool cue’s been broke a week and you still ain’t f***ing replaced it.”

Theo calmed Elif down by talking to her, proving his psychiatric skills. After that, he heads over to Professor Diomede’s office. The room was filled with instruments like piano, violins, etc. Theo learns the people abandoned therapeutic work on Alicia, because she refuses to speak. The professor agrees to arrange a meeting between Theo and Alicia and see if he could help her. Alicia gives no emotions at all, and doesn’t reply when people talk to her. For the rest of the time, they both sat in silence.


PW Jan 21

I enjoyed my weekend with my family for Chinese New Year. I got to take a day off school and go back to Vancouver and celebrate Chinese New Year. We celebrated by eating hot pot and barbecue. Besides going back to eat, I also bought snacks for my friends and I. In Chinese tradition, you buy new clothes to represent a new year, a new start, and I did just that. I went and bought a couple of jeans, and also some t-shirts. The best part of the trip was the red envelopes I got from my relatives. I’m not sure what I’ll spend the money on yet, so I’ll probably save it up for the future. The trip back was horrible, because I got on at the wrong time and had to wait for 2 hours. On top of that, we had to wait for other people to come, which took even more time. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I was told we have to go to the airport for another person. In total, the trip from Vancouver to the school took me 8 hours. In the future, I’ll probably just take a taxi instead of taking the brookes transportation.


PW Kung fury

Kung fury is a movie out of the 1990s written and directed by David Sandberg. It is about a cop who gets struck by a lighting and gets bitten by a cobra, which turns him into the best Kung Fu master in history. He is basically  an unconventional cop with super human abilities. He is about to quit his job, because his boss is not happy with his way of handling things and he is forced to work with someone, Tricera cop when a stranger fires bullets In his own phone injuring multiple police officers.(The gun shots were fired into his phone and come out of the phone of the police) The for the cops still unknown Hitlerwanted to kill Kung fury because he wants to become the greatest Kung Fu master himself

That’s when he meets a harder opponent that usual. Hackerman wants to help him try to find the unknown murderer and it is Hitler, who returned. Hackerman finds a way to hack kung fury back in time to defeat the self named Kung führer before he becomes a threat in the future. But something goes wrong, the cop gets hacked bak into the Viking times and immediately gets attacked by laser raptors. Luckily two feminin Vikings Save him and give him a T-Rex ride to Thor, who then helps him to get into Nazi germany. Landing there he seems to actually get close to Hitler but after defeating good 30 germans Hitler shoots him with a Machine gun and the protagonist falls to the ground. But luckily Thor arrives and with him he brings, Tricera cop, Hackerman, the two Viking ladies and the T-Rex. They kill all the remaining Nazis, but then see the Kung Fu cop on the floor and soon realise he is dead. And even with the help of a giant golden eagle of Hitler they easily win with the T-Rex throwing him into a corner.

We get an inside view of his head where he meets his spiritual animal telling him he is dead. He wants to arrest the cobra, but while jumping towards him Hackerman hacks him alive. Now the crews attention goes to the remaining Hitler pathetically trying to convert Kung Fury to the German side. Thor has enough and slams his Hammer onto the pure evil, the eagle jumps over his leader trying to protect him before the Hammer slams them both into the ground. He lifts the Hammer and finds both the eagle and Hitler completely gone. They don’t think twice about it and decide that that’s better than nothing and assume Hitler is dead.

The final shot is in the future. The eagle lands in Kung Furys city embracing the still living Hitler gently, and then flying the devilish laughing Führer into the sky.


PW: Top 3 Common Phobias

Phobias are the most common and persistent fear about an animal, object, place, etc. These phobias are treated with psychotherapy called exposure. One of the most common phobias is acrophobia. This is the fear of heights, it affects 5% of the whole population and it is treated with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

Another really common phobia is arachnophobia, this is clearly a fear to spiders, as well as some insects with the same body. This phobia affects 6.1% of the whole population in the world, this phobia can also be treated with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) but an easier way will be meditating.

Last but not least Hemophobia, the fear of blood. This phobia can be more commonly seen in kids from 10-13 years old and it affects 4% worldwide. This phobia will be treated with tension which is a method that applies tension into muscles so people don’t faint.


IRJE One of us is lying

The book, One of us, from Karen McManus is about a highschool with expecially much drama and an app to update the entire school about the news. One day in detention a student collapses and later dies in the hospital, the 4 teenagers who were in the school simultaneously are all suspects. The fact that every single one of them has something to hide makes every one suspicious.

A sex tape. A pregnancy scare. Two cheating scandals. And that’s just this weeks update. If all you knew of Bayview high was Simon kellerhers gossip app, you would wonder how anyone found time to go to class.

This is the firs sentence of the book, and it perfectly sets the scene to get into. Not only does it provide the first hint of a lot of drama, it also lays the foundation, for me at least, of a high school atmosphere.


IRJE Hunger Games

Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins. At training, Katniss watches the other tributes. Almost all are bigger than her, though many are clearly underfed. The tributes from the wealthier districts are all healthy. Some of them, called Career Tributes, train all their lives to compete in the Games.

When I was younger, I scared my mother to death, the things I would blurt out about District 12, about the people who rule our country, Panem, from the far-off city called the Capitol. Eventually, I understood this would only lead us to more trouble. So I learned to hold my tongue and to turn my features into an indifferent mask so that no one could ever read my thoughts.

This entry describes a couple of Katniss’ attributes that are key to her excursion through the novel. To begin with, they delineate that she has an inborn comprehension of the treacheries sustained by the Capitol, just as an innate progressive sparkle. In any case, she has learned in her life that reasonability recommends a stoical standpoint, which she embraces so as to not cause to notice herself. Her “unconcerned veil” encourages her to accommodate her family. This constrained frame of mind is one that she will challenge all through the experience so as to rediscover who she is where it counts: a progressive with a profound feeling of compassion for those tormented by foul play.



What do you see as the biggest problem facing people your age today?

Social media, politics, and difference of opinions continue to divide the human race as “people continue to argue with their mouths open and their minds closed.” I believe effective communication and the willingness to make a change to be one of the most substantial issues facing my generation. We have the resources and ideas to make necessary changes; we lack the willingness to make small fundamental changes within ourselves for the bigger picture. We consider a simple change such as vegetarianism or reusable water bottles to be such an interruption of our routines that they are not worth it. Our egotistic manners stand in the way of making necessary changes. Well, this is not entirely the individual’s fault, and more society’s as a whole. It is astounding that we face life and its problems with such a pessimistic view and still ignore the possibility to make a change. If we put aside our disagreements and self-pride, we would have a much higher chance of solving or at least agreeing upon critical challenges and topics.  We all hold the right to our own opinions we also should have the respect to at least hear others. There is such variation among people; we should be able to share differences and explore new global ideas.


PW: Jan. 21 (Renn- Tusken Arrival)

Renn’s bitter attitude upon arriving in Tusken was only worsened by the drunken crowds that met him. Of course, by some of the worst luck ever bestowed upon him, the end of his long journey had coincided exactly with the rowdiest night of Seundrin, a three day festival held each year during Sovvead. Renn had always suspected the event’s only real purpose was getting the villagers drunk. Really drunk. Conveniently, too drunk to notice that the nobility were spending all of the town’s money on throwing, and heating, the series of extremely lavish balls that always occurred during Sovvead. While the workers of Tusken laboured harder than ever during the snowy season, the poor conditions discouraged the wealthy from doing much besides sitting in too-comfortable lounge chairs, gossiping or playing cards. This, of course, eventually bored them. Thus, without fail, by the second month of Sovvead, ball season had begun.

Almost as soon as Renn stepped through the gates, a strong compulsion to immediately and rapidly leave consumed him. He knew he had already put off his return for too long though. He had spent an entire half month in Myrwille, pursuing an Elvish girl, whom he had promptly lost interest in after finally winning over. However, his relationship with her had not been a complete loss– it had given him the opportunity to tag along with her brother when he ran away to join a caravan of travelling performers. In the month that followed, he had become quite adept at playing the cittern, and had almost forgotten that he was supposed to have been back in Tusken for two months already.


PW, January, 21st

People are willing to buy just about anything at this point depending on what it is. Nowadays we have countless overpriced products that are made for cheap and sold for 10 times the price. Or the product will be pointless and not satisfy any needs other than saying that you have it.  

For example, some people every year will buy the newest iPhone when the existing one they own works fine. Now, why is the reason for this? Well, the fact is there is no reason in my eyes. It’s just the fact that the product is the latest and greatest, and the fact that your friends will not have it, so you can spend your time flexing on them with your new 1000$ phone. This same thing goes for clothes, cars, and just about anything that a person maybe passionate about. And I’m not saying that having a passion is bad, but I do think that people do get swept up with the materialistic items and will just buy whatever it is instead of choosing.  

Although all of this is not our fault. We are always seeing some type of add from some company trying to convince us to buy their product. It’s like we are animals being told to sit and roll over on demand.  

I find that this problem is an interesting one because having a passion is what makes people happy and that’s important so we should not limit them. Although we should be aware of what we are spending our money on.  



Personal Writing – January 21st

Why is there such an extreme amount of pressure put on youth today? Amongst homework, family life, friendship drama, extra-curriculars, social media, societal standards, employment, future paths, and so many other meticulous details to worry about, where do we have the time to breathe? Oh right… I forgot… We don’t have any time to breath. We’re living in some of the most stressful times for youth, and it’s time that we get a grasp on this issue.

The amount of pressure put on our developing adolescent minds is becoming much too overwhelming. In an age where A.I. is rapidly progressing, we’re treated people too much like robots, rather than what we truly are: human. We’re all human. Simply with less experience and more hormones. According to, 1 in 3 teenagers from ages 13-18 today are facing a variation of an anxiety disorder. What can we blame this on? School? Friends? Overall stress? Is there anyway we can lower this statistic?

As population increases, standards rise, and by extension, pressure increases. And yet, I can’t think of a single solution to this rising adversity. We can’t decrease the amount of homework, we can eliminate friend related stress, we can’t avoid family problems, we can’t force society to accept us, and we can’t hide from our futures. What we can do, however, is to learn to cope with this overwhelming world. Whether it be through talking to parents, friends, teachers, counsellors, or through other coping methods, we can hopefully find a way to deal with this stress, for those who need it.


IRJE- The Cather in The Rye

The Catcher In The Rye, by J.D. Salinger, is a novel that explores what it’s like to grow up, through the viewpoint of the protagonist and narrator, Holden Caulfield. Holden is a mature, well-read, 17-year old. He has strong views on most things, and readers easily observe them. The only things that seem to be written in a more subtle and less blunt matter are Holdens more profound thoughts. For instance, the quotation…

The best thing, though, in that museum was that everything always stayed right where it was. Nobody’d move. (p.121).

I believe what Holdens trying to express is that he wants to freeze in time. In many situations, Holden seems to prevent himself from entirely going through with experiences. This quote represents his want to protect others innocence, along with his own. He doesn’t like being a teenager necessarily, but he fears to be an adult. Growing up seems to be Holdens most significant concern. He does not want to be a “phonine”, hypocrite like most adults he knows. The poor representation of adults he’s had in his life has not only made him defy their instruction but fear that that is what he will become.


The American Sports Cars / Personal Writing

American Sports Cars:

A sports vehicle is a car planned more for execution than for conveying travelers or gear. Sports vehicles are known for their lightweight, speed, deft taking care of, and appearance. They include extraordinary hardware, and with scarcely any special cases, producers make just restricted quantities of them. Accordingly, pound for pound they cost more than most different vehicles. Well known games vehicles incorporate the Chevrolet Corvette of the US, the Alfa – Romeo, and Ferrari of Italy, the Panther XK-E, MGB, and Triumph TR-7 of the Assembled Realm, the Porsche 911 and Mercedes 300 SL of Germany, and the Mazda Miata and Nissan 370ZX of Japan.

Qualities. Most games autos are two-seaters with low ground leeway and streamlined structures that empower them to slice through the air effectively. With for the most part great capacity to weight proportions, these vehicles frequently quicken more rapidly than different autos do. Sports vehicles have execution tires and propelled suspension frameworks. Sports autos frequently fill in as methods for testing new car innovation before it gets ordinary in regular vehicles. For instance, automakers have utilized games autos to show the efficiencies of multi-valve, overhead cam motor plans, rack and pinion guiding, and four-wheel circle brakes before they were consolidated in cheap traveler vehicles.

Cars started to be driven as wearing vehicles in the late 1800s. Around then, rich aficionados began dashing each other on open streets from town to town. The principal officially sorted outrace that occurred in France in 1895. This race and others like it supported the improvement of the car, and soon exceptional vehicles were being worked for hustling. Vehicles in the US in the mid-1900s were light, rough, and incredible. Surely understood models of the time incorporated the Hayes-Apperson “Rabbit,” Chadwick Incredible Six, the Lozier Briarcliff, the Mercer Type 35 Raceabout, and the Stutz Bearcat. As time passed by, be that as it may, the size of cars expanded. By the 1930s, the main sports cars made in the US were the Reddish, Line, and Duesenberg, and a similar organization made every one of the three.

By the 1940s, open-haggle vehicle hustling had become the most mainstream motorsport in the US. However, in the late 1940s and mid-1950s, there was a recovery of enthusiasm for light, snappy vehicles. Various little, brief organizations jumped up to create sports vehicles—among them the Kaiser Darrin and the Crosley Superstar. In the interim, sports vehicle creation was genuinely solid in Europe when World War II (1939-1945). Among the most significant games autos fabricated in the Assembled Realm were the MG, Austin-Healey, and Triumph. Starting in the late 1940s, such names as Puma of the Assembled Realm, Ferrari and Alfa Romeo of Italy, and Porsche of Germany turned out to be outstanding for dashing and sports vehicles. These autos were found by American G.I.s positioned in Europe after the war and took back to the US. Before long neighborhood sports vehicle clubs were set up, and autos were hustled on a couple of street courses like Watkins Glen in New York and on previous air terminals, such as Sebring in Florida.


PW/ The Amazon Story

Amazon Company History
It all began in 1994 with an idea and one year later with a handful of customers. Almost 20 years later, the company has around 25 million customers in 160 countries around the world. The founder, Jeff Bezos, was voted “Man of the Year” by the news magazine “Time” in 1999. We’re talking about the US company, which, according to its own statements, is the market leader in Internet trading and offers the largest selection of books, videos and CDs in the world – with the product range still being continually expanded today., Inc. was founded in 1994 in the US state of Washington by the computer scientist Jeff Bezos, born on 12 January 1964, as an online bookstore. He had previously developed the idea for an electronic bookstore with David E. Shaw, in whose financial company Bezos was employed as a vice president until shortly before the founding of Amazon. The naming of Jeff Bezos’ new online company was based on
the strongly ramified South American Amazon godfather, which is considered the most water-rich river on earth and was intended to symbolize the company’s aspired supremacy. It was also important to Bezos that his new company began with an “A”, the first letter of the alphabet.
In July 1995, Jeff Bezos invited some 300 friends and acquaintances to test his new “online baby”. In its first month, sold books to customers in all US states and an additional 45 countries worldwide. By the second month Amazon was already turning over about $20,000 per week. After these surprisingly rapid initial successes, Amazon subsequently opened up to the general public. In 1996, the young company’s sales had already risen to 15.7 million US dollars, and in 1997, after the company went public, they continued to grow to 147.8 million US dollars. Around 35 percent of the shares remained in the family ownership of the founder.
In 1998 Amazon founded the first country-specific websites worldwide, including in Germany. In April 1998, the US company had acquired the then leading German Internet mail order bookseller, ABC-Bücherdienst GmbH, which operated the successful website through its subsidiary Telebook, Inc. and had branches in Spain, the USA and Namibia. In October 1998 was renamed
The book division was quickly followed by other product segments. With the integrated sales platforms “Marketplace” and the “z-Shops” an almost unlimited portfolio was soon available. Over time, Amazon’s own brands, such as the eBook brand “Kindle” (2007), the furniture brand “Strathwood” or the home textiles brand “Pinzon” supplemented the portfolio, and in 2009 the company acquired the shoe mail order company Zappos. In 2011, Amazon sold more electronic than printed books for the first time and in 2012 took over the book-on-demand provider The company also invested continuously in the further development of customer-friendly Internet technologies: Among other things, it patented the 1-Click ordering process and developed the “Recommandation Engine”.
By the end of 1999, sales had already reached around one billion US dollars. However, Amazon’s losses were still 300 million dollars. It was not until 2002 that the company made its first profits. But when the bubble burst at the beginning of the new millennium, things became extremely tight for Amazon as well. For investors, this meant that after the initial ups and downs, they now fell into a deep black hole for a long time. The price fluctuations expressed in figures: in 1998 the value of a share was around 100 US dollars, in mid-1999 the value fell to 50 US dollars, only to rise again to over 100 US dollars at the end of 1999. By 2006, the value had fallen to just 20 US dollars. It was not until 2009 that the share price began to rise continuously again. In 2012, the turnover was 61.1 billion US dollars and the value of an Amazon share was over 200 US dollars in August 2013.
But over the years Amazon also made negative headlines more and more frequently. Primarily because of dubious working conditions. The most important points of criticism: temporary

Working conditions, unpaid “induction training” and the inhumane accommodation of temporary workers, as well as warnings in the event of non-compliance with targets, as a means of employee pressure. In 2013, Amazon went on strike in Germany for the first time, as the company was classified as a “wage pusher” by the Ver.di trade union. In addition, the company’s working hours were denounced.
In 2013, it also became known that Amazon had gained competitive advantages over small bookstores through an extreme linking with German libraries, and that it was taking advantage of considerable tax advantages with legal booking tricks, for example, and was reducing its tax payments in Germany to a minimum. Practices that were increasingly met with displeasure, especially because the group had initially received substantial subsidies as part of its economic development in Germany, but now taxed its profits in Luxembourg.
The company’s portfolio also came under constant criticism: For example, constitutional protectors of the state of Brandenburg had already discovered in 2009 that the NPD was selling right-wing extremist propaganda material via Amazon. It had previously become known that Amazon had already distributed inciting and anti-Semitic writings in the USA. At the same time, erotic and homosexual topics were removed from the internal bestseller lists. Data protectionists criticised the possible passing on of customer data and consumer protectionists criticised the sale of food via Amazon – to name just a few of the critical issues.
Amazon had expanded so much over the years that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos was able to buy Washington, D.C.’s largest daily newspaper, “The Washington Post”, on August 5, 2013.



PW: 2020

If I took a sharp turn in 2019, then 2020 might not be the best direction I’m heading towards. It has been a weird start for me.

It is the first year that I will celebrate Chinese New Year without my family. I wasn’t a big fan of the Chinese New Year’s TV program, but something about sitting with my father (my mom refuses to participate) and eating sunflower seeds arise a zest in me. My mom would write antithetical couplets and paste them on the doors using rice. Other than that, there is nothing exceptional about the Chinese New Year. Especially with the active virus in Wuhan this year, my family isn’t in the mood for celebrating. I didn’t even visit my grandma’s grave! I loved her grave. Next to her grave was a pre-ordered one for my grandpa. He is old now. I can’t remember his exact age. I don’t know anyone’s age in my family. Occasionally, I feel a bit detached from their lives.


WDolan_Personal_Writing “Transportation to Earth 362”

‘Transportation to Earth 362’


It has been three years since World War Three. People have been constantly talking about WW3 since WW2 ended. No one would have imagined that there would be a world war in the year 3000. No one thought the world or humans would exist any more. In 2990, the world divided into three sections. the Americas, the Central Earth, and the Eastern Earth. Each division had its own leader, who was hungry for power, and wanted to rule the nations. In the world today, it is not illegal to travel to another division, but it is dangerous. People will attack you, as they are taught to see you as the enemy. One day, someone from the Americas, went to Eastern Earth, and was killed. This sparked a mass war between the divisions leaders. The war lasted seven years. Many died, and resources were scarce.

To make matter worse, the sun was transitioning into its red giant phase within the next three years, which meant all life on earth perishes. To avoid this catastrophe, scientists came up with a machine, that will transport all citizens to a safer planet. We live on earth #618, but we are to be transported to earth #362, which is currently living in the year 2020. There we will be safe, and live in peace. In 144 days, we will begin our journey to the other earth. Those who are too old will be left behind. And all politicians have agreed to stay with those who are staying behind, as an act of kindness.

To be honest, I am nervous. I have studied the planet we are transporting to, and I must say that their technological materials, are not nearly as advanced the technology I use today. They still use materials that pollute the environment, and we were way passed environmental challenges, centuries ago.


New York

If I could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Since I was 10, I have always wanted to go to New York, at least once. I have a crazy obsession with the city. I have posters of New York all over my bedroom, my computer wallpaper is the New York bridge, I even have jewellery that says, “I love New York.” This obsession began when I started watching the T.V show F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I mainly want to visit it because it has great shopping centers, amazingly delicious food and the city would look beautiful from a rooftop at night time. Since I am a huge fan of chocolate, and the city has The M&M Chocolate World and Hershey’s Chocolate World, is another reason why I wish to visit it.


Personal Writing

“Imagine a future in which we each have a personalized robot servant. What would yours be like? What would it do? ” 

My robot would have arms that would move in every angle and they would enlarge for reaching stuff. It wouldn’t have legs, its surface would be flat and would float. It would move by itself. It would also have hands for making things so much easier. It would be 5’2 ft approximately. It would be rose gold, no mouth nor nose, just two eyes. It would definitely speak. The voice would be a woman who speaks English and Spanish.

Sensing its a really important thing the robot needs to have. It needs to be able to sense its surroundings so it doesn’t crash.

It’ll be electrically powered and it would power by itself. The moment the robot is running out of battery, it would automatically charge again.

My robot would be designed mainly for cooking anything. There would be a big recipe book installed in its software that would cook anything that I ask for. It would also help cleaning, doing my homework, etc.





IRJE: Paper Towns

Paper Towns written by John Green, is a book about high school seniors and is primarily based upon the character Quentin Jacobsen, also referred to as “Q.” Quentin is romanticizing about a girl Margo Roth Spiegelman, his cool next-door neighbour, who is known for being mysterious. In the prologue of the book, Quentin mentions;

If I had a nervous breakdown everytime something awful happened in the world, I’d be crazier than a shithouse rat. (pg.6.)

Someone close to Margo died, Quentin understands that it is quite dramatic and upsetting, but he wasn’t upset because he didn’t know the guy. He explains how awful things keep happening to people around the world, all the time. This does not mean that someone is supposed to have a nervous breakdown every time something happened. He compares this to being crazier than a shithouse rat. If one has empathy for everything and everyone, it is most likely that they are going to be constantly depressed. Whereas, it is different if someone has empathy for their loved ones.


IRJ, The Catcher And The Rye by J. D. Salinger

The Catcher In The Rye by J. D. Salinger, A boy named Holden Crawford is going to school at Pencey preparatory school and is failing. On his last day before he leaves the school, he goes to say goodbye to one of his teacher’s old spencer.

But I just couldn’t hang around there for any longer, the way we were on opposite sides of the pole,and the way he kept missing the bed whenever he chucked something at it and his ad old bathrobe with his chest showing, and that grippy smell of Vicks Nose Drops all over the place.

During this scene, Old Spencer is trying to help holden by giving him some advice. This is hard for Holden to listen to because of how both of them have very different views about the school and life in general. Holden describes Spencer as very sarcastic for his age. Holden seems to be very easily angered by this and leaves after bearing it while talking to him.


I am Algonquin Part 2 – IRJE

In I AM ALGONQUIN, by Rick Revelle, Wagosh and Makwa were cutting down trees to make food for their dogs and friends. They were part of a hunting group, who went out regularly to hunt animals for food. They had recently killed a large moose and were gradually bringing it home to their family’s. But as they traveled ever so closer to their home, one of their dogs had begun to growl, and in front of the dog was their worst fear.

“Sound carries a long distance in the wintertime, and I was wary that the echoes of this kill would bring unwanted attention.” . . .   (p. 19)

The quote above was spoken by a character named Mahingan. I find it important because it tells us how even the slightest amount of sound could bring unwanted attention to Mahingan and his fellow hunters. They needed the moose they had killed to feed their families, and without it, there would only be a small number of rations to eat. It had taken them quite some time to find the moose and successfully kill it, this was because of the bad weather. If they were to lose their kill to another predator much stronger than them, who knew how long it would take for them to find more food?



IRJE: The Catcher in the Rye – January 15th

Within seconds of reading, The Catcher in the Rye, by J.D. Salinger, we discover the relatability of the main character, Holden Caulfield. Holden is struggling through a time of alienation, a sense of failure, and depression. Throughout the novel, he’s retelling the story from a mental hospital, which enlightens us on the root to all of his struggles. A common question surrounding Holden’s character, is what made him this teenager full of angst, separation, and a complete disregard for his own wellbeing? We’re first introduced to this source of unhappiness and trauma, when he mentions his brother, Allie, who died of leukemia. Holden is asked by his roommate from his former school, Stradlater, to write a descriptive essay of an object, where he chooses Allie’s baseball glove. However, we soon realize that he ends up describing much more than just the glove.

He’s dead now. He got leukemia and died when we were up in Maine, on July 18, 1946. You’d have liked him. He was two years younger than I was, but he was about fifty times as intelligent. He was terrifically intelligent. His teachers were always writing letters to my mother, telling her what a pleasure it was having a boy like Allie in their class. And they weren’t just shooting the crap. (p.43)

This passage demonstrates how much Holden valued his brother. It really forces us to sympathize with his character, because of the pain he’s going through, due to his brother’s death. Holden is forced to cope in a situation of deep heartbreak, that not many can understand. When people wonder why Holden seems so unmotivated and careless, this is why. He’s broken. Holden has gone through a loss that has sent him in a downwards spiral, all due to his grief. However, it’s hard to realize that through the minds of others, because all they see are his surface level emotions, rather than the ones that have taken control of his life. Holden suffers from forms of PTSD and depression, due to this tragic death. It’s so upsetting to imagine that so many teenagers are going through what he is today, and how much it truly affects their lives, as we can see with Holden.


The Catcher In the Rye: Jan 15 IRJE

In the book the Catcher in the Rye, written by J.D. Salinger, Sally is 10 minutes late with her black coat and matching beret looking terrific. She is really excited to seeing Lunts and is really impressed by the performance. But Holden is less thrilled, firstly the performance on stage and also Sally’s performance. He also dislikes the way Sally talks to George, a student from Andover. Then after the show, they go ice skating at Radio City. Holden then tries to talk to Sally about things that are important to him. He then asks her to run off to Massachusetts and Vermont with him. Unfortunately, the date ends badly, and he walks out.

“Boy, do I hate it,” I said. “But it isn’t just that. It’s everything. I hate living in New York and all. Taxicabs, and Madison avenue buses, with the drivers and all always yelling at you to get out at the rear door, and being introduced to phony guys that call the Lunts angels, and going up and down in elevators when you just want to go outside, and guys fitting your pants all the time at Brooks, and people always–”

“Don’t shout, please,” old Sally said. Which was very funny, because I wasn’t even shouting.”


“Why not? Why the hell not?”

“Stop screaming at me, please,” she said. Which was crap, because I wasn’t even screaming at her.” (17.41-55)

I think that this part of the book is really weird, because of how subtle it is, Sally tells Holden to stop screaming twice, and he keeps insisting that he is not, but we won’t believe him. The shouting/mumbling thing sounds really crazy to me.


WDolan_IRJE_”Heaven Is For Real”

Heaven is For Real, is a non-fiction novel that tells the story of a three and a half year old boy named Colton, that journey’s to heaven during his appendectomy. When the surgery is over, Colton retells the details and experiences he went through during the surgery. He tells his parents of his encounters with God, Jesus, dead family members.He also astonishes his parents when he tells them exactly what they were doing while he was on the operating table. His descriptions of heaven, (according to his dad that is a pastor) matched the bible perfectly, and he hadn’t started to read yet! He tells his parents that  when people enter heaven, they become young again, and everything about them is perfect. Those who have disabilities on earth, are made perfect once they enter into heaven.

In the quote below, Ali (a friend of Colton’s parents) was listening to Colton talk about his dead sister. His mother, years before, had a miscarriage. He was crying while explaining that he missed his sister. Ali was believing what he was saying, but also had doubts, as a six year old explaining something so vividly such as death, is unheard of. The quote is explaining how we may follow a certain religion, but still have doubts about what we are practicing.


“Ali had grown up in a Christian home but had entertained the same doubts as so many of us do: for example, how did we know any one religion is different from any other?” (pg. 130)


I like this quote as it shows that it is human nature to have doubts about topics such as religion. Even if you follow a certain faith, it is still okay to have questions. Just because you have doubts, that doesn’t mean the higher power you believe in will be disappointed in you.