Personal writing – Imagine Jumping into a movie…

Personal writing – Imagine Jumping into a movie…

The imaginative idea of jumping to a movie and taking part in the adventures it beholds has always been a hope of mine. However, my desires only go so far as an adventure. The ideal movie that I would like to jump into would be The Hunger Games. Initially, you may be confused about my choice, but I have always been inspired to fight for a cause of betterment. A reason to fight is the basis of hunger games. The idea of bringing change is a right that every human being should have. In my eyes, I think that if there is not a right to protest for change, there should always be a rebellion if the people chose. If I were to select a character to be in the movies, I would select Haymitch. Haymitch is a character that previously won the games and spent all his money and time drinking and sleeping. His role in the plot is to guide the main character, Katniss Everdeen, to greatness. I am very attracted to the idea of relaxing and not giving a single sense of thought to what’s happening around him. However, Haymitch’s way of relaxing is too extreme as he drowns himself in alcohol and his vomit.


Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins – IRJE 2

Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins – IRJE 2

In the post-apocalyptic country Panem, there are 12 districts. Each district has to produce two tributes, a boy and a girl, to fight to the death as the punishment of rebelling against the capital 74 years ago every year. This punishment is called the hunger games, where only a lone victor can arise. On top of that, each district has to produce minerals for the capitol, taxes. Of the 74th hunger games, the main characters sparked a revolution throughout the districts by defying the capitol by creating two lone victors.

“Your hair looks, lovely darling. When did you start wearing it like that?” asked Snow.

“Everyone at school wears their hair like this now, Grandpa,” she replied. (p164)

To create a sense of this quote, we need to understand who are the people, and why is this important to the book. Snow, from the quote, is the President of Panem, and the person replying to him is the President’s Snow’s granddaughter. Katniss Everdeen relates to this quote because she rebelled against the capitol and wore her hair how Snow’s granddaughter was wearing it. This is significant because Katniss Everdeen is the symbol of the revolution, and if the symbol has reached the capitol, it proves to be a substantial problem. This is a vital part of the story because it shows how the revolution is going to happen.


Quality land

Quality land is a novel published on the 22nd of September 2017 by Marc-Uwe Kling a Songwriter, Author and Entertainer. The book tells us the story about  the frightening future, in which humans loose the control over the machines because they are so realistic that they have characteristics like being shy, afraid of heights or depressed.

In this future all the countries of the world have been transformed into one “QUALITY LAND”. And of course with this kind of Geographic change there are also some changes in the community. For example are baby’s second names the current jobs of their parents which creates names like Paul teacher or Sarah singer. This new country is so important that they even have a new time system quality time which started when Qualityland was started. But the most important change  is without doubt the human ratings. Each individual in Qualityland becomes a rating from 1-100, depending on your rating your life will be influenced. If your level is beneath 10 you are a so called useless and will be treated like one from everyone, but if your level is high enough you get certain benefits like presents, faster shipping of items etc.

This is where we meet our protagonist “Peter homeless” he is a level 11 scrapper who absolutely hates this new world and faced the troubles and problems of it.


PW: Oct. 7 (Sybil- Shadir’s Fall)

The faint glow of dawn slowly formed on a horizon Sybil had never seen before. Fearful, he cringed as the light invaded his vision, disturbing the pure oblivion that usually served as the unobtrusive background to his life.

His chains clanked against the cold featureless ground as he backed away, trying to stay inside the comforting darkness that seemed to be slowly retreating from the unfamiliar light.

Anxiety claimed him as his chains pulled taut. He could not go any farther. The darkness was leaving him behind; it was leaving him to be claimed by the ever-brightening luminescence.

He had never understood the concept of change that those who wandered through his endless solitary occasionally spoke of, but as he stood there, waiting, he knew soon nothing would be the same.

Before long, the invasive glow illuminated his marbled grey-and-red skin. He looked down, perplexity briefly prevailing over fear. What was that on him? Colour, he realized. The answer seemed to appear in his mind as if someone had placed it there for him to find.

Below the hand he had been examining, more of the strange not-black began creeping across the ground. His gaze shifted to it as what had been stark, unadorned darkness transformed into soft, swaying grass of green. This, he recognized, was not light that simply revealed surroundings- it was Solrel, divine light of creation.

There was barely enough time for panic to reclaim him as he realized what was happening. The forces of Solreun had finally taken the last stronghold of Shadir. He glimpsed a host of divine soldiers in shining armour marching on the horizon, heralding the light onwards, before he collapsed, his Shaden mind urged into unconsciousness by Solrel.


IDRJ Sapiens A brief history of Humankind

Sapiens A brief history of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari is a nonfiction book. This quote is about the rise of farming and agriculture. And the effect that the increase in population had on crops. At this point only small improvements where paradoxically being made. Tiny enhancements to make life easier, which all eventually added up to milestones. In this case, substantial miscalculations where made because people could not fathom the possibilities of consequences from there poor decision-making skills. A small mistake, like deciding to hoe the fields instead of scattering the seeds, had catastrophic effects on their lives and history itself. It was assumed that if they worked harder, it would lead to a more substantial reward and cause them to prosper more significantly in the future. In this particular case, the opposite happened there, increasing the amount of wheat and population led to a mass weekend immune system. Not only this, but the result of the enhanced crops led to an increased number of thieves, causing walls to be built and more enemy’s to be made.

“The pursuit of an easier life resulted in much hardship, and not for the last time. It happens to us today. How many young college graduates have taken demanding jobs in high-powered firms, vowing that they will work hard to earn money that will enable them to retire and pursue their real interests when they are thirty-five? But by the time they reach that age, they have large mortgages, children to school, houses in the suburbs that necessitate at least two cars per family, and a sense that life is not worth living without really good wine and expensive holidays abroad. What are they supposed to do, go back to digging up roots? No, they double their efforts and keep slaving away”. – p.87

I chose this quote because it demonstrates precisely what I enjoy about this book. It takes a topic such as overcrop inflation in the agricultural evolution and relates it to my everyday life. So I can fully understand what I’m learning about and why. I also believe this statement holds great truth. We have turned life into somewhat of a production and consumtion cycle.



Behind Enemy Lines-Carl Matas

Sam Fredrickson is still being held prisoner but has gotten off that old boxcar with the other hundreds of other prisoners and were being held in a quarantine camp. When they first arrived at the camp they were asked they’re age, name and service number then put into lines and to wait. At the front of these two lines was a chair and at this chair was a barber, This barber was not very friendly though, she would shave each prisoner’ss head bald but it was more like ripping the hair out of its roots instead. Afterward, they were all sent to go sleep on the ground outside in a somewhat courtyard. the ground was very rough and had many rocks and was incredibly uncomfortable.

We were handed out blankets but there was only one every three men. I lay down but there was no way to get comfortable. the ground was made up of hard, lumpy rock and stones. It was a warm night at least I hoped we wouldn’t be here in a month through the fall and winter weather, it would be impossible to be outside.

Thus quote shows how rough and brutal the conditions were in some of these camps that they held prisoners at during world war 2 in Germany.  It also shows how rough and gruesome the prisoners were treated by the guards.


If you were invisible for a day, where would you go and what would you do?

If I was invisible for a whole day, I think that would be a really interesting and fun adventure.

The fact of being at any place where people don’t know you are just beside them and hearing what they’re saying about you or about somebody else, it’s a really tentative thing to do. The issue here is that you don’t know what to expect to hear from other people. If they are saying things when they think you are not around, it’s of course for a reason.

One of the things I would do, would  be pranking on my friends. I would love to see their reactions and then making fun of them.

Another thing that I would totally do, would be hopping on an airplane and traveling to all of the places I can get to, as fast as I can on 1 day.

If there’s a big test coming up, I would definitely go and take the answers from the teacher. (Sorry not sorry) It would be really helpful.

Finally, I would go free shopping! I would literally grab 5 items of each store at the entire mall.

Being invisible for a whole day can be really fun and an enjoyable thing to do, but only if it is done correctly.






I am very excited for the Christmas holidays, I want to see my family, friends and my city. I miss my life a lot, I want to be on my way home. These 2 months will be eternal for me, this experience in Canada has been very difficult, new friends, new school, a new life, and different from what I used to. I have to get used to it, it will be something difficult but not impossible. It’s hard for me to be away from my family and live without them.It is not the first time that I am going away from home, I have already traveled to more distant places, but only on vacation with friends, the most I went was a month, and now it will be like 9 months of being out of my country with the people I love. I hope this experience serves me a lot in the future, and all thanks to my family.


PW : Hotel Arabella pt2

“I thought you would be highly interested to interview this man. Not a very fortunate man I’d say, but that’s the life for all artists. Sad, but talented. Talented enough, but very broke and sad.”

Adrian Wilson, well-off and famous, abused his times in the substances after the massive success of his gallery, which attracted thousands.

He settled in a shabby town where rain visits daily, however he disliked the rain very much. But rain is an especially helpful accomplice for stripping away the memories of the town. Adrian must have experienced pouring rain, for which people withdrew from him in such a quick manner, till one day where there was no one for him to remember and no one to remember him. He awoke from his dream of fame but by then he had already missed the train and was separated from the rest of the world, unwillingly drowning in liquor and the cheap beddings of unfamiliar furniture.

His room at Hotel Arabella was small and awkward, as I made an effort on not tripping over canvases and cans of opened paint. I never had a chance to interview him myself, for which he passed away a few weeks ago. But I was fortunate to see his young grandson, jailed in this rotten room, sick and talented as he could be, just like his grandfather.

It truly wasn’t surprising for him to be abandoned. For he was an absolute nuisance, to his mother and everyone else. This was Aurelius. At a very young age thrown to his grandpa like a burden too annoying to bear. True, that is the pair, Adrian and Aurelius, had a vast collection of similarities, especially for their common gifts on the arts and of their irresponsible nature. He was the culprit of creating a crazy scandal, a substance, grim and powerful, that had beaten me up and booked me a ride driving straight into the flames. I am willingly doomed and shall again pray someday, but with nothing, in particular, to regret.



PW – Take a risk

Do you ever feel too embarrassed to take a chance? Too self-conscious to step outside of your comfort zone?  Too overwhelmed to appreciate everything you have in life? These decisions that we choose not to make, may benefit us in the short term, because they could potentially save us from some embarrassment. However, one day, when we’re looking back at our teenage years, I guarantee that we’re going to regret the risks we decided not to take.

We’re only teenagers for 2190 days. After that, it’s all over. Every problem that we’ve faced, every decision that we’ve made, or any stresses we’ve had, start to feel irrelevant; even minuscule compared to the problems we will encounter as adults. Now is the time to make mistakes or take risks, because you never know what will happen, which means you need to try.

Thinking back to everything you’ve wanted to do, but have never had the courage to go through with can be overwhelming. It might provoke a realization of all the opportunities that you’ve missed out on. However, dwelling on regrets is counterproductive. It’s time to take the leap, and do things you wouldn’t usually find yourself doing; or put yourself in situations that may be slightly outside of your comfort zone.

Now, just to be clear, I’m not saying to go jump off of a cliff. Take the figurative leap. Go do that thing that you’ve secretly been wanting to do for some time; talk to that person you’ve never had the bravery to talk to; or simply ask yourself, “What would I be doing if fear wasn’t an issue?” Why? Because now’s the time for us to live, and we can’t keep taking advantage of that.


My Summer Trip To Pender Island

This summer I went on a trip with my family to pender island in august for a family reunion. The first day we got there we unpacked everything that we had and got settled in, then we visited with family and I got to hang out with my cousins from Vancouver, this was very short lasted though because I had to work the next day all the way back in mill bay at 3 in the afternoon so me and my mom had to take the ferry back to victoria the next morning and drive all the way back home. we stayed the night at home then went back to pender island the next morning to meet back up with my Dad, cousins and everyone else that was there. Once we got back to pender it was mid-afternoon and we all went kayaking to this rock that sticks out of the ocean in the bay and is called seal rock because many seals live on it. There were two baby seals on it but quickly went into the water because we startled them by getting to close. On the third day, we didn’t do anything but sitg around and wait for something to happen. when the fourth day came along we did a couple things, the first being we went and played golf with my uncle and holy crap I suck, whenever I would hit the ball I could hit it super far but I could not hit it straight. every time it would just go 1000000 feet to the right. after sucking at golf we went out for dinner at this restraint by the shore it was very pretty but I have forgotten the name of that restaurant. On the last day, we went paddle boarding which was a first for my mom and she loved it! we did that for about am hour then had to go catch our ferry to go back home.



William Dolan Personal Writing

The Sand Globe 

My family and I entered the Floyd and Dikes store. We were looking for a special globe to go with the rest of our collection Halloween globes. In the Munchkin family, collecting spooky globes every Halloween is our tradition. I am not sure when this all started, but I really enjoy it and we have been doing it for as long as I can remember.

“Hey Kevin!” Mom said. “Take a look at this one.” I walked towards her to find she was pointing to a globe which contained a green witch with yellow eyes.

“I am not sure if I like that one,” I said. It was boring. Anyone can buy a globe with a witch inside. Then, I felt this spirit posses me, and I started walking to the back of the store. I was not myself! 

I walked to this dusty shelf, and saw a yellow, black, and red sand globe. It was almost as big as my head. Inside, there was a monster with big grey horns, and red eyes. It looked similar to the monsters from ‘Where The Wild Things Are.’ Its eyes were red and yellow, and it had red and grey fur. The creature was frightening, even though it was fake, and the spirit was still possessing me. I picked up the globe, and brought it back to my Mom, who was chatting with Dad.

“Hey Mom, look what I found!” I could feel the spirit slowly lifting from my insides.

“What did you find?” said Mom.

“I found a sand globe.” My voice did not sound the same as normal. It was deeper, and I started wondering if I was going through a sudden growth spurt. After all, I was 15 years old.

“That is a pretty creepy globe you got there,” said my 17 year old sister, Maria. My sister is my best friend. When Mom and Dad aren’t always around, I can always count on my sister to help me out.

“Yeah it is,” I said. My voice was finally going back to its natural pitch. “Do you guys think it is creepy enough to go on the mantle above the fire place?”

“Absolutely,” said Dad. “That is the creepiest globe we’ve found by far,”  he said. “How much does it cost?”

I forgot to look. I turned over the globe and looked at the price. It said it was free. I was quite surprised. A globe almost as big as a fifteen year olds head that is free, is unheard of.

“It’s free,” I said.

“What! That’s impossible,” said Mom. “Let me take it to the counter and confirm.”

And with that, she took the globe, and brought it to a nerdy looking cashier. 

“It is totally free,” he said. “Seems you are the lucky family of today. Happy Halloween!” And he took the globe, wrapped it in parchment, put it in a bag, and handed it to my mother.

We were headed to our brown Buick Enclave, when the globe fell out of the plastic bag and fell to the concrete. Luckily, it did not break. 

“That was weird,” said Maria. And she bent down to grab the globe, but it jumped away, and the parchment ripped off of it.  Then suddenly, the globe got bigger and bigger, and so did the monster inside. Passerbye’s stopped, stared and even screamed. Then, the giant monster started banging on the glass to try and get out. 

After the third bang, I could see cracks forming in the glass. And that moment, everyone started running away. My Dad fumbled with the keys to the SUV, and we all dashed to the car and got in. By that time, the monster had broken free, and started sprinting toward our car. It started yelling these words:

“Kevin, you and your family are gonna be dinner tonight!!!!”

Dad started the car and drove away as fast as he could. It was getting dark now. We got home ten minutes later, and sprinted to the front door. Little did we know, the monster beat us to our house and was waiting on the other side of the door….

The End.


Adidas, a german company

I am an enthusiastic athlete. No matter if I play soccer or basketball or volleyball. I always wear sportswear of Adidas. Adidas was founded in 1949 by Adi Dassler.  At the beginning they produced only shoes with the three stripes. The success of the company was accellerated by the miracle in Bern. In the 1954 world cup final the german national soccer team faced the hungarians and won so much more than just a trophy. This made Adidas and it’s founder a household name on soccer pitches everywhere. 1967 the company produced the Franz Beckenbauer’s tracksuit which was the first ever of appearal from Adidas. Since 1970 Adidas has produced the official matchball to every fifa worldcup that followed. In 1978 the three stripes company has become a true multy sport specialist. Adi Dassler died on Sep 6 in 1978 shortly before his 78 birthday. After the death Adi’s wife and his son Horst became the company manager. This area stopped in 1989 because Horst Dassler died in 1987, 2 years after his mother passed away. In 1989 Adidas became a stock cooperation. After a record loss in 1992 the company got a new CEO Robert Luis Dryfus. He changed the giant from a sales to a marketing driven company and steered Adidas back on the growth path. Now the time of new innovations started for example with the brand predator soccer boot. In 1997 Adidas made the acquisition of the salomon group.  As the new century started there were made new divisions and the success started over the following years.


My Summer Trip to Toronto

Over the summer I did numerous things such as working on my Personal Project, helping my Mother at her fabric shop and spending time with my family. One of the more exciting things I had done was going to Toronto for a week. Before the trip though, my cousin came from Australia and stayed with me and my family for a week. After the enjoyable week we had in Victoria, the two of us went on a plane ride to Toronto. The plane ride was very boring, sleep-depriving, and long. We had taken a direct plane to Toronto, which was around a four-hour flight. Once we had arrived in Toronto, we were picked up by one of my cousins there and he brought us to his house to stay for the next few days. On the first day we spent most of our time at my cousin’s home, but later in the day, we went to watch a movie called “Chal Mera Putt”, which was very funny and enjoyable. After the movie, we went to an Indian restaurant called King Tandoor, we had arrived there at around 10 pm and left there at 1:30 am. The food was of high quality and it was a very enjoyable night for everyone.

On the second day, we went to Downtown Toronto. While in Downtown we went to see the CN Tower and we also went to Ripleys Aquarium. The next several days consisted of us spending time with family, going to Niagra Falls to see the fireworks, and going back to Downtown to see the Kingston market as well as the underground mall. On our last day in Toronto, we spent a couple of hours getting ready for our trip back to Victoria. We left the house early for the flight and made it on time. Another tedious flight and we landed back in Victoria. I then said goodbye to my cousin and he left for his flight back to Australia and I headed back home with my Father.


The City of Ember (2)

The city of Ember has had numerous problems. The citizens of Ember are running out of savings. Lina was required to deliver a message to the mayor in the Gathering Hall. There she sat in a suspicious room, reading a few lines from the open book on the desk ‘The City of Ember’.

The citizens of Ember may not have luxuries, but the foresight of the Builders, who filled the storerooms at the beginning of time, has ensured that they will always have enough, and enough is all that a person of wisdom needs.

This quote has various comparable meanings and describes a lot about humanity in general. Some people might not have luxuries but they never asked for more. The people wanted only how much they thought was enough. In the world, we live in today, the greed and demands of an individual have increased tremendously. It is hard to find a truly humble and generous being. A person of wisdom will always have the virtue of benevolence.



IRJE: Oct. 1 (Queen of Shadows)

In Queen of Shadows, book four of the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas, Manon, heir to the Blackbeaks, one of the three witch clans of the Ironteeth Alliance, is renowned for her brutality and discipline, and recognized by her wearing of a red cloak, the same type that all Crochan witches, sworn enemy of the Ironteeth witches, boast. When Manon’s red cloak is torn, her grandmother, matron of the Blackbeaks, gifts her a Crochan so that she may slay it and take it’s cloak as a replacement for her own. Months later, Manon is still bothered by the words the Crochan spoke to her before being killed.

Made, made made.

That was what the Crochan had said before Manon slit her through. You were made into monsters.

She tried to forget it- tried to tell herself that the Crochan had been a fanatic and a preachy twat, but… She ran a finger down the deep red of her cloak.

The thoughts opened up like a precipice before her, so many all at once that she stepped back. Turned away.

Made, made, made.

Manon climbed into the saddle and was glad to lose herself in the sky. (p. 170)

In this passage, Manon is troubled by the word made- the idea that Ironteeth witches were not born heartless, but made so. I think this concept will likely be an extremely important turning point for Manon, as if she begins to think of her malevolence as a choice rather than an inherited trait, it could lead to her to realize it is possible for her to be less cruel, and maybe even to let herself begin caring about things.

This idea in general is really quite interesting- nature versus nurture, born to be or influenced to be. It is my belief that no one is born evil, or born really anything. We learn what is right or wrong, and our personalities are determined by our environment. If we are constantly praised for cruelty, as the Ironteeth are, likely we will grow up to believe that that is what is right. I believe that subscribing to the mentality of no one being born a certain way is a good thing for us as a race, as it encourages the idea that everyone can change- the idea that there is no unalterable set way of being we are born with.


The Catcher in the Rye

In the book The Catcher in the Rye, written by J. D. Salinger, Holden Returns to his sister’s room after getting some cigarettes and explains to his sister why he fails his classes and hates school. His sister responds by saying that he hates everything and challenges to him name one thing he likes. The only thing he can think of is Allie which is dead. She then asks him what he wants to do with his life, and Holden said his dream is to be “the catcher in the rye”.

“You don’t like a million things. You don’t.

[…] Name one thing.”


“I like Allie.”

“Allie’s dead – You always say that! If somebody’s dead and everything, and in Heaven, then it isn’t really–”

“I know he’s dead! Don’t you think I know that? I can still like him, though, can’t I? Just because somebody’s dead, you don’t just stop liking them, for God’s sake – especially if they were about a thousand times nicer than the people you know that’re alive and all.” (22.22-38)

I really like this quote, because this quote shows a lot of things about Holden and his dead brother, we don’t know if Allie was a great person or not, but Holden, even with all the bad things going around him, he can still idealize his brother, as it gives him all the values he is missing from reality. But this only drives him more into isolation as he hates all the people around him.


Handle with Care

In Handle by Care by Helena Hunting, after Lincoln’s dad passes away, he is now known as Mr. Moorehead, CEO of Moorehead Media. Having that kind of position will bring lots of work and meetings which Lincoln is not happy about it.

In the other hand, there’s Armstrong (Lincoln’s brother) who would’ve killed himself for being CEO, but his father left a legacy were Lincoln was named for be the one running the business, not him.

Wren’s job at Moorehead Media is being an independent PR consultant and also being in charge of overhauling both brothers image. None of the brothers are happy about Wren’s work. Armstrong thinks he is being babysitted and Lincoln doesn’t feels comfortable because he realizes that Wren was the woman he met at a bar and felt he had a connection with her.

As I openly stare- I don’t even look away when she lifts those mesmerizing gray eyes and catches me fragments of last night filter through my brain in a disjointed, foggy mess. (p. 31)

I find this quote a mix of romance and confusion. Lincoln is describing Wren’s eyes in a quite nice and angelic way, which means he hasn’t stopped staring at her all day. There’s something about her stare that makes Lincoln want to remember the night they met, but it’s just too hard for him remembering everything.

Though Lincoln’s memories aren’t quite sure, there’s one thing he is certain of. He knows from the first moment they spoke, there was sort of a connection between them.